Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair: Which type should I choose?

If you are interested in selling hair extensions, which type of hair to sell may be the first thing you need to consider. When doing some research, you can find Brazilian hair is so well-known in the hair market and Vietnamese hair also stirs up the market with high-quality products.

So, you’re going to make a comparison of Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair to choose one for your business. In this article, Jen Hair will provide the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 types of hair in detail, so that you can make your own decision.

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Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair: What’s the similarities?

If you are not an expert or are well-prepared, it is quite challenging for you to distinguish Vietnamese hair from Brazilian hair. Both of them are good quality hair on the market, they have many similarities in color, texture and flexibility.

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair. Photo: VQ Hair

The natural color of their hair is the same. It can be seen that both of them have dark colors of natural hair, which are black, middle black, jet black…  

The second similarity is that they usually come with a thick texture and feature a natural luster cum shine. They all have a thick cuticle texture, which provides strong, thick hairs with a dense density, creating a natural look for users when wearing hair extensions. You can also easily create many hairstyles with both Vietnamese and Brazilian hair because they withstand heat well even when curling, straightening and dyeing. Therefore, they conquer even the most demanding customers in the world.

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair: What’s the difference?

1. Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair: The origin

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair. Photo: Hair Vietnam
  • The origin of Vietnamese hair: Vietnamese hair is called one of the best hair in the world because of its quality. The hair is collected from women in rural areas in the country’s highlands. These Vietnamese women eat high-fiber food and live outside in the clean air, which maintains their scalps strong and their hair brighter and glossy. After being collected, the real hair is gone through Vietnam hair factories for processing and sold to the market. 
  • The origin of Brazilian hair: Unlike Vietnamese, the majority of Brazilians are religious and do not grow their hair to sell. There are very few real Brazilian hairs for sale, which are mostly virgin hair. So Brazilian merchants import Chinese hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair… to process hair extensions and sell them to the market.

2. Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair: The quality

When mentioning native Brazilian hair, you will find most Brazilian hairstyles with light curls, wavy curls to curls. Sometimes they are straight. Because of their soft, silky and thick texture, they hold up very well and do not require much maintenance as other hair types. However, it turns out to be a different story when your Brazilian hair is from China. The hair has been silicone and put on chemical ingredients to make its appearance the same as Brazilian hair. Then, the quality of the hair is quite low. Due to the quality, the lifespan of hair can only offer you only 1,5 years.

Back to Vietnamese hair, traditional women are always proud of their long and smooth hair. They take care of their hair in different ways to make it as shiny as possible (wash with grapefruit essential oil, coconut oil…). Therefore, Vietnamese hair is difficult to keep if curly or styled, sometimes the hair is a bit tangled. Because of the well-cared, Vietnamese hair can last up to 3-5 years.

3. Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair: The price

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair. Photo: Layla Hair

Brazilian hair prices typically range from $2.5 – $4.5 per bundle on the low end whereas Vietnamese hair is fixed at about $8 – $9 per bundle. The reason why Vietnamese hair is more costly is due to its rarity and higher quality.

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair: Which hair to choose?

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair. Photo: Vietnam Remy Hair

As a business person, you should choose the target customer group to understand their needs and buying trends. Thus, you can optimize profits and business success.

Brazilian hair will be a good choice if your customers care a lot about the variety of products and use them in a short time. If your customers are people who always learn about products and prioritize high-quality product segments, choose Vietnamese hair for business. Then, our products provide you with the most complete and up-to-date information on Vietnamese hair products!

Note: if you invest a little more money, you can also sell both types of hair to increase the variety of your store and increase the choice for customers.

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Final thoughts

When you are just starting out in the hair extension business, you will definitely have a hard time which type of hair to trade. Jen Hair understands that and offers you a comparison between Vietnamese and Brazilian hair, the two most prominent hair types on the market today.

Hope this article gives you a lot of useful information. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends if you find it useful!

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