Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: Which one is for you?

Time goes and the demand for hair beauty has risen as well. Since hair extensions have been a potential field. So, you have decided to sell hair extensions but kinda getting stuck on which type of hair is suitable. Among many kinds, Asian has been mentioned as the most attractive one, including Vietnamese hair and Indian hair. 

Then, the case is Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. In this article, Jen Hair will not only provide a deep understanding of how to distinguish 2 types of hair but also suggest which hair type is better for your business.

Curious? Let’s explore together!

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: What’s the similarities?

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. Photo: LaylaHair

Both countries are in Asia, so they offer hair products with Asian hair characteristics.

Firstly, both of them have dark colors: from natural black, middle black… to dark brown. This makes both types of hair popular with customers because they give a natural look like real hair when customers put in hair extensions.

The second similarity is that they are long, quite thick and smooth but also very light. While Vietnamese women regularly wash and care for their hair with natural products, Indian women also take care of their hair with herbs (coconut oil) and the famous shikakai (“fruit for hair” – use herbs to wash hair). Therefore, Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair are both healthy hair types, less chemically, and are high-quality products on the hair market.

Because both of them are well-cared and healthy hair, they have great flexibility. Vietnamese hair and Indian hair can be dyed, curled, … or styled in many different ways. 

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: What’s the difference?

1. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The origin

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. Photo: K-hair
  • The origin of Indian hair: Unlike Vietnamese, Indian women believe that if they volunteer their hair at temples to show their respect to the gods, they will be blessed. After that, the hair will be sold by the monks at the temples to small traders and processed.
  • The origin of Vietnamese hair: Vietnamese hair is taken from real hair grafted into bundles from small villages in the mountainous rural of Vietnam. Ethnic women nurture their hair from a young age and take care of with natural products, so most of the hair will be very straight and long.

2. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The quality

Vietnames hair vs Indian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. Photo: AZ Hair

Indian hair is very light and soft. You can easily see an Indian girl with her hair braided or pulled back at the nape of her neck. Therefore, Indian hair tends to be curly and a bit thick. They are also very easy to style with heat or processing because of their inherent versatility.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese hair has big, thick and bouncy hair. They are usually straight and smooth, giving them the most natural look possible. However, because of their large strand texture with thick cuticles, they are prone to tangles and styling also takes a bit more time.

3. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The price

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair
Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. Photo: Pulse Nigeria

Vietnamese hair has a fixed price of 7-8 USD/bundle. Meanwhile, Indian hair ranges from 3-7 USD/bundle. The cause of this difference lies in the origin of the hair.

As mentioned above, Vietnamese hair is purchased and processed by women in mountainous areas. They raise their hair to sell, so the hair will be well cared for and raised for a long time, requiring the company that buys the hair to pay a higher price. 

Indian hair comes from many different sources, mostly voluntary hair. Therefore, there will exist strong, beautiful hair and also short and weak hair, creating instability in price.

The lifespan of hair also causes the difference in price. Vietnamese hair can last up to 3-5 years, while Indian hair can survive only 1-3 years.

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: Which hair to choose?

Each hair type has its own pros and cons. You can choose the hair type based on your needs.

Choose Indian hair if you want a cheap price, moderate use time, and easy styling.

Choose Vietnamese hair if your target customers are favored by long-time hair to increase their confidence in their appearances. You can check out Jen Hair products because we always guarantee the quality and origin of the product.

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Final thoughts

We have provided specific comparisons between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair. Hope the article helps you to distinguish them and choose a satisfactory hairstyle for your business.

Don’t forget to contact us if you want to purchase Vietnamese hair for your business!

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