1. Time for return and exchange

Items shipped from Jenhair Vietnam can be returned and exchanged within 10 days of receipt of shipment.

2. Conditions for return and exchange

Goods are unprocessed, unused
Goods have manufacturing errors
Goods are returned exactly at the location provided by the Jenhair Vietnam within the allotted time.
Return shipping cost:
+ Jenhair Vietnam will pay for the return shipping cost when the goods were wrongly sent or have manufacturing errors.
+ Customers will pay for the return shipping cost when the goods are defective or damaged by customers.

3. Refund

With items match the conditions for return and exchange, Jenhair Vietnam will issue a refund by Paypal or Vietnamese bank account.


1. The price includes:

– The lower price  for customers who buy 3kg or more
– The higher price is for the customers who buy less than 3kg
–  The exception:
• Apply the wholesale prices (the lower prices) to new models at any volume.
• Apply the wholesale prices (the lower prices) to new markets at any volume, but must be clearly noted for customers
• Apply the wholesale price (the lower price) when having a mistake about sending goods to customers

2. Discount

• 1-month retail customers who buy over 3kg of goods: At the final invoice, customers will get $ 40 off
NOTE: In the customers’final voucher, the relevant documents must be clearly stated to receive the discount
• Wholesale customers discount on orders
+ Buy over 10kg discount 5$/kg
+ Buy over 30kg discount 10$/kg
+ For customers who come to the company to buy, they will receive the discount above and additional discount 3$/kg

3.  Discount programs

• Discount for customer according to the company’s specific program (not including discount above)
• Time to calculate discount: calculated by the time receiving a deposit from the customer

4 . The other discount:

• In accordance with the provisions on freight risk.
• Regulations on product defects.



1 / UPS or DHL

• Zone 5: 2-3 days (particularly some remote areas of the US, or Canada, Mexico will be about 4-6 days)

• Zone 6: 2-3 days

• Zone 7: 2-3 days

• Zone 8: 3-5 days

• Zone 9: 3-5 days

2 / RUSSIA ROUTE: delivery to shipping company, after arriving at MOS will have the bill of lading

• 1 month with 7-8 shipments, send goods before shipping 1 day

• Goods from Vietnam to Moscow: 1-2 days will have inland bill

• Russia inland transportation depends on the shipment


•    1 week


• 3-4 days to Guangzhou

• Other provinces: 4-5 days

• If there is a problem, the carrier will send notifications

5 / Ho Chi Minh City

•    1 day

• Send express before 10 am

6 / Ho Chi Minh City shipping agency

• Shipping to Nigeria on every Saturday, packed at 11am, must receive their goods before 10am

• Shipping fees and time from Ho Chi Minh City to Nigeria, customers will contact the carrier to ask again

7 / China shipping agency

• Shipping to Nigeria from China every day

• 1-2 days to Nigeria usually

• If the customer does not have a shipping agent, recommend he/she one of very good carriers

• Give customers a phone number to contact, if they have their own China shipping agency, then send the goods directly to their agency




1 . Definition

• Normal deposit transactions: transactions minus fees, and easy to hold money

• Transactions to friends: transactions without deduction, and customers hardly hold money

2 . Regulations on paypal payment

• a / Do not accept regular paypal transactions ≥ 1000 $

• b / Don’t accept friend paypal transactions ≥ $ 2000

• c / All transactions on paypal over $ 200 must send goods to the paypal address

• d / Do not accept paypal to customers having precedent with holding paypal money

• e / The fastidious customer should not be allowed to pay paypal

• f / Countries with difficult customs clearance of goods: Asia, Brazil, Mexico,

• Paypal friends fee: 3.5%

• Ordinary paypal fee: 7%

3 . Guarantee for customers

• Guaranteed cases

a / Normal transactions do not exceed $ 2000

b / Friends do not exceed $ 3,000

c / All transactions on paypal over $ 1000 must send the goods to the address on paypal

d / Countries with difficult customs clearance of goods

• Guarantee principle

• Saler will take full responsibility if there is a problem with the money. From talking to the customer and dealing with paypal to get the money back

• The average gross salary of the sale must be more than 50% of the payment value

• Approved by management