Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair: Which one is more attractive?

In recent years, the demand for Asian hair has really proliferated thanks to its high quality and flexibility. When doing business, it is necessary for you to understand customers’ needs and decide which type of hair is your main product. Then, Vietnamese hair and Filipino hair are potential spots. There are misconceptions that they are the same in many ways, however, the truth is not.

In this article, Jen Hair will help you make a comparison of Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair so that you can make your own decision.

Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair: What’s the similarities?

Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair
Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair. Photo: K-hair

First, both of them share the same story of their origin. In rural areas, Vietnamese women nurture their hair for sale. Most of them eat vegetables in a daily routine and have a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to thick, soft, and healthy hair strands. 

In addition, Filipino hair is ethically collected from human women donors. Women here make use of natural products to care for their hair such as aloe vera, coconut oil or guga bark, which makes their hair dense of density. However, long straight Filipino hair is quite rare due to Filipina women tend to love short hair styled these days.

When first seeing these two types of hair, it’s easier to spot that their colors tend to be the same – natural black. They also have round and thick fibers and a high level of black melanin, which provides them with high durability and flexibility. They all survive the heat well, so it doesn’t matter how many hairstyles you do with them. 

So, the fantastic news for your customers is that Vietnamese hair and Filipino hair both have high longevity. In fact, their lifespan is more than 3 years if being through good maintenance.

Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair: What’s the difference?

1. Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair: The quality

Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair
Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair. Photo: Linda Ezemedolu

Filipino hair is thick but smoother than Vietnamese hair. It often has a straight, slightly curly, or wavy texture that is easy to hold without tangling. In addition, they are coarse and lighter in color than Vietnamese hair. In spite of the same Asia origin, it is suggested that Filipino hair is for African-American women, making it a wonderful wavy.

Contrary to many people’s ideas, Vietnamese hair is very smooth and silky. The strands are so thick that they look like to have a shine to them, even if they are not straightened or dyed. So, it adds an extra volume boost, which will be perfect for people who love to wear their hair down. 

In terms of the cuticle, which is the outer layer of the hair strand gives color and appearance to the hair. In Vietnamese hair, these layers are aligned vertically to see them when you look down at your head. Meanwhile, these layers are aligned horizontally in Filipino hair, which helps them appear flat to the top.

2. Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair: The price

Compared to the cost of Vietnamese hair, Filipino hair is more affordable. Vietnamese hair is sold for 80$ per 14-inch bundle whereas it costs you 65$ if you buy the same one but Filipino hair. 

Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair: Which hair to choose?

Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair
Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair. Photo: Gruda Hair Factory

The most intriguing part of this post is right here. It can be seen that each hair has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is suitable for different business targets.

 Filipino hair is perfect if you want good quality hair at an affordable price. However, the production technology and hair market here is not as famous as in other Asian countries, you need to wait a long time if you want to buy in bulk.

Although with a slightly higher price, Vietnamese hair has always asserted its position as the number 1 attraction for hair businesses because of its quality products. Moreover, in Vietnam, there are many large and reputable hair suppliers. Jen Hair is also ready to provide you with the best Vietnamese hair models in the world with a variety of designs. If you have any questions about Vietnamese hair, please check out here: our product and contact us!

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Final thoughts

From the information above, Jen Hair has guided you in comparing Vietnamese hair vs Filipino hair and concluded by answering which type is suitable for your salon. Hopefully, the information in this post can help you toward the best hair extension for you.

And don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to buy Vietnamese hair at an affordable price but also guaranteed the best hair quality!

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