What are clip in hair extensions and how to style?

Hair extensions are the perfect way to change up your hairstyle. You may want thicker or longer hair, or you may simply want to change the color of your hair without having to bleach too much. For some of you, this desire is only immediate for a short time, and you do not want to stick with this change for too long. We strongly recommend you use clip-in hair extensions. It is really easy to implement and can be quickly removed.

For more detail, right now we will show you what are clip in hair extensions. This article will be really helpful for those of you who are intending to learn about them.

What are clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are the most popular type of hair extension and are loved by many beauty gurus. It is applied to the hair very quickly and also does not have any long-term commitment to your hair. You can take it on and off easily. This is a big plus that is highly appreciated by experts.

In addition, clip in hair extensions are often chosen for special events such as weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, coming-of-age ceremonies, etc. When girls need to be gorgeous in a short time, etc. immediately during the day, the clip-in is definitely the number one priority choice. For this reason, they always appear at every event in the entertainment world and fashion shows. 

How do clip in hair extensions work?

Clip-in is a type of woven hair extension linked with small clips. The bond between real hair and hair extensions is the pulling force of these pins, which helps users install them more easily. These clips assure that the hair extensions stay put in our real hair even when you move constantly throughout the day. Without them, there is nothing to connect the strong bond between hair extensions and real hair.

If you only need to add volume and longer hair for a special occasion, clip-in hair extensions are your best choice. All you have to do to apply clip-in hair extensions is separate your hair at your natural crown and clip-in the wefts. Although clip-in extensions cannot be worn overnight, they are more versatile than permanent and semi-permanent options. With clip-in hair extensions, you can change your appearance every day.

Clip in hair extensions before and after. Source: Behindthechair

Types of clip in hair extensions

Based on how clip-in hair extensions work, there will usually be two types:

One piece

One-piece systems may include the individual bonding of multiple printed clip pieces. Each piece is a clamp. It does not boost your hair at the sides because the sole purpose of this volumizer is to boost volume and length at the back.

One piece clip-ins come in different lengths and sizes to match the natural hair you want to add. This type is highly recommended for newbies. You can easily adjust the amount or weight of hair extensions applied. As the one piece set is engineered with only one weft, it will low-cost than the multiple pieces clip-in hair extensions.

Multiple pieces

If one piece of clip-in only boosts your hair at the back, the coverage of the multiple pieces of clip-in is larger. It goes all the way around your head, adding volume and length.

The extended clamping system can simply be understood as consisting of 2 to 10 single clamps. The pin bands distribute from the top of the safety to the nape of your neck. Similar to the 1-piece type, it is also very easy to use. However, you should consider the appropriate type to avoid putting a heavy weight on your head.

In general, one piece clip-in hair extensions are a great way for those with finer, wispier hair to get the desired thickness, or length and thickness at the back, without the damage. Otherwise, if you want full, glossy, voluminous hair just like celebrities, you should invest in multiple pieces of clip-ins. It can make your fine hair look fuller, more vibrant, and more beautiful. Whether to choose multiple pieces clip-ins or one piece clip-ins hair extensions may depend on the thickness of your hair and your preferences.

Apply clip in hair extensions.
Apply clip in hair extensions. Source: Bestwigoutlet

Clip in hair extensions: Pros and cons

Now that we have synthesized and classified information about clips in hair extensions, let’s move on to the pros and cons of this method: 

The pros of clip in hair extensions

  • Since clip in hair extensions are easy for you to apply quickly to your hair, hair experts recommend for newbies who start to use hair extensions for the first time.
  • Clip-in hair extensions can essentially allow your natural hair to continue to strengthen and grow while concealing a bad haircut.
  • Clip in hair extensions can be easily removed when not needed. Because its mechanism of action is to link with natural hair through a clamping system.
  • Clip in hair extensions can create many gorgeous hairstyles, you can achieve your desired hairstyle without worrying that your hair is not long or thick enough.
  • Clip-in extensions can last anywhere from 3 months to a year with proper application and care.
  • Clip-in extensions are way more affordable than other extension methods, you can get the fullness you want while saving money too

The cons of clip in hair extensions

  • Clip in hair extensions should be cared for at the hair salon after a period of use. When the bonds between bobby pins and hair extensions come loose, you should seek professional help.
  • Using too many clip in hair extensions might pull down and damage the natural hair
  • Clip in hair extensions can’t be worn for long periods of time and need to be removed before sleeping.
  • Clip in hair extensions can become tangled and of poor quality without proper care
Clip in hair extensions can create many gorgeous hairstyles. Source: Shein

FAQs on clip in hair extensions

1. How long do clip in hair extensions last? 

As mentioned, clip-in extensions can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months with proper application and care. Premium types can last up to one year. This time is only approximate because it depends greatly on how you take care of your hair extensions and how often you use them. Therefore, the lifespan of clip-in hair extensions depends on how the owner maintains them.

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Clip-in extensions can last from 3 to 6 months with proper application. Source: Kriyya

2. How much do clip in hair extensions cost?

Clip in hair extensions are usually made from two basic materials, 100% human hair or synthetic fibers. Depending on the raw input dose and each manufacturer, you will see a different price. Their prices will range from $200 to $1700.

In addition, as we said above, clip in hair extensions for partial hair will have a lower cost than the one-piece set.

For hair extensions that require a princess-like twist and bounce or for events, they will have a higher price tag as they need thick and long hair.

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Clip-in for partial hair will have a lower cost than the one-piece set.
Clip-in for partial hair will have a lower cost than the one-piece set. Source: Etsy

3. Do clip in hair extensions cause hair damage?

It’s the fact that clip-in hair extensions are the least damaging type of hair extension because they’re easy to install and remove, and they don’t affect your lifestyle or your hair as much as permanent extensions.

In addition, clip-in hair bonds to your hair through small clips, so the force on the hair will spread evenly on the scalp surface. They do not affect your hair as much as other types, so you can safely use them without worrying about adversely affecting your hair. However, if the clip in hair extensions you choose are a large set with many pins, their weight can also easily make you uncomfortable.

Use the right amount of hair extensions so as not to damage real hair. Source: Pumps & Iron

4. Can I style it with clip in hair extensions?

Clip-in is a type of hair extension that will surely satisfy your creativity. Clip in hair extensions are very simple to style, you can make your hair straight, wavy, or curly, which is very convenient. If you invest in a clip-in hair set made from 100% human hair, bleaching and dyeing are amazing beauty treatments for this hair extension.

To have a fabulous hairstyle, you can maintain clip-in hair extensions and style them before wearing them. We encourage you to take them to a hair salon so that the color of your extensions blends with your real hair color. The more natural your clip-in hair extensions are, the more perfect your look is.

Clip-in is a type of hair extension that will surely satisfy your creativity. Source: Xingchi Hair

5. Should I go to bed with clip in hair extensions?

Though there are many instructions on how to sleep with hair extensions. However, Jen Hair recommends taking clip-in hair extensions off before bed for good hair health. Furthermore, removing clips in hair extensions before sleeping helps prolong the lifespan of the hair extension.

The biggest advantage of clip-in hair extensions is that they are easy to put on and take off, which makes them so popular. In simple terms, we can imagine them as fast-food hair extensions. Before going to bed, it is a good idea to remove all your hair accessories to have peace of mind while you slumber.

It’s obvious that sleeping with hair extensions will not make you sick, but they do leave your scalp exposed and damage your hair. Last but not least, clip-in extensions are a fun way to change your look, so it’s best to look after them properly.

Removing clip-in before sleeping helps prolong their lifespan. Source: Cutegirlshairstyles

Final thought

In conclusion, clip-in hair extensions are an excellent way to experiment with different hairstyles without committing to them. They’re simple to install and maintain, as well as put on comfortably by yourself. With the incredible variety of clip-in hair extensions, you’ll find the perfect one!

We hope you have received useful information on the topic what are clip in hair extensions. They are convenient hair extensions you should not miss, for all of you. The article outlines the information you should know to make the best buying decision.

If you have any questions regarding the features of clip in hair extensions, please contact us via the hotline or leave a comment below the content of this article.

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