How to install clip in hair extensions without damaging hair?

For those who are trying to decide whether they should install clip in hair extensions or not, safety and protection may be the biggest concern. There’s no denying that long, abundant hair makes you boujee and glamorous. That being said, taking care of all that much hair requires a great deal of effort and challenges.

If you want long, dense hair below your shoulders but still don’t want to do anything directly to your hair, clip-in extensions may be the best choice. Clip-in hair extensions is one of the most well-known extensions due to their simplicity to clip in and take off. In this article, Jen Hair will delve deep to tell you everything about how to install clip in hair extensions without damaging hair.

Do clip in extensions damage your hair?

The answer is No. Clip-in extensions do not ruin your natural locks as long as you invest in high-quality extensions, care for them like your natural hair, and apply them correctly. 

To relieve any fears you might have, let’s examine a list of the most frequently asked questions about clip-in hair extensions:

1. Will clip-in hair extensions make me lose hair?

Clip-in hair extensions may cause some hair loss when you remove the hair extensions. However, as long as you affix them properly and don’t wear them for very long, these will less damage your hair. Moreover, another factor you should consider in order to avoid hair loss is the weight of hair extensions and your hair condition.

Do clip in extensions damage your hair?
Make sure not to choose overly heavy clip in hair extensions to avoid hair loss. Source: Women’s era

2. Will clip-in hair extensions cause traction alopecia?

Talking about clip-in extensions, most people must have thought of traction alopecia (a kind of hair loss due to repetitive tension on the scalp hair). However, it is clear that clip-in extensions won’t cause damage to your hair this much if you take care of your extensions properly and do not put them in for a long time.

Clip in hair extensions will not cause any damage to your hair if you choose suitable ones. Source: The Hair Shop

3. Will clip-in hair extensions break up my natural hair growth?

When considering how to install clip in hair extensions without damaging hair, many of you may wonder if the weight of extensions will slow your hair growth. It’s understandable for you to come up with this concern. Having said that, it is true that clip-ins won’t stop your hair from developing.

There is little likelihood of that happening if you fully destroy your hair and fail to take care of it correctly. The rest of the time, though, clip-in hair extensions are harmless and won’t impact your hair growth.

In order to answer those concerns, there are a myriad of simple and easy ways for you to make sure your hair is still strong and healthy before, during, and after your extension-wearing. Now, are you ready to note down some useful tips up your sleeve?

How to install clip in hair extensions without damaging hair?

Clip-ins are by far one of the the most popular extensions as they are very easy to install on original hair. Below is the simple guide to apply these wefts without damaging your hair.

Step 1: Start by horizontally separating your hair a few inches above your nape of the neck with your fingers or a tail comb, and then clip the remaining hair up top with an alligator clip.

Step 2: Select the desired length clip-in hair extension and press open the clips.

Step 3: Place the weft directly over the separated hair, then insert the clips as closely as possible to the roots of your hair and squeeze them tight.

Step 4: Release a portion of your already clipped hair and add another layer of extensions by repeat step 3. 

Step 5: Continue until you get the desired style.

Tips for installing clip in hair extensions without damaging hair

1. Before you install clip-in extensions

Make sure you choose the right extensions for your hair

As mentioned above, the additional weight on your hair may lead to several unwanted effects such as hair loss or traction alopecia, especially when you wear it daily. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a type of clip-in hair extension that is suitable to your hair’s nature and strength. It is suggested that you opt for semi-permanent extensions solutions that are tailored for people who use it for a long time.

The ideal weight for people with thin and sparse hair is less than 180g of weight. If you clip in single-piece hair extensions like ponytails or fringes, a 50-80g extension is recommended.

How to install clip in hair extensions without damaging hair
Make sure you choose the suitable clip in to your hair. Source: Hair Extensions Bar

Clean your natural hair

You should not wash your hair once you wear clip-in hair extensions. Therefore, don’t forget to wash them carefully and massage your scalp to remove excess oil before you apply them on your head. Besides, try to withstand the impulse to pop in clip-ins or scratch your head which has been heavily treated with dry shampoo and other chemicals.

Washing your hair before wearing clip in hair extensions. Source: HAIRFLEEK – Instagram

Section off your hair

From now on, you may need some tools such as hairspray, a rat tail comb, and a mirror. Gently section of your hair in a line using the rear end of the rat tail comb, tease at the root, and lightly spray the hairspray on top. Doing this will help form a cushion between the roots of your hair and the extensions, thus reducing the tension.

2. During you install clip-in extensions

Clip in carefully

You may cause some damage to your hair if you put in or take out so strongly. Make everything as gentle as possible during the time you put in and finally brush through the top section after you let down all hair.

Brush clip in extensions carefully. Source: Expert reviews

Don’t wear your hair extensions to bed

Sometimes, people are too lazy and tired to take hair extensions out especially before bedtime, and I got you here. However, it is essential to remove and detangle them every night. This will ensure the longevity of your extensions and give your hair some time to breathe. Keeping extensions day after day can constrict your blood flow to your scalp, too. Therefore, remember to take them off somewhere where you can just style them and clip them back in when you are ready to use them.

Note: If you still want to sleep with your extensions, you should check this post on How to sleep with your extensions the right way.

3. After you install clip-in extensions

After wearing clip in extensions, your hair tends to be vulnerable and prone to breakage. Therefore, it is recommended that you should use some reparative hair treatments that help to strengthen your hair. 

Final thoughts

Hope a few tips above may help you know how to install clip in hair extensions without damaging hair. Having a good grasp of correct ways before, during and after clipping them as well as shopping for high-quality products from reliable producers such as Jen Hair will help you prevent your hair from unnecessary damage. Believe me, once you nail it, you will definitely look dripping!

If you’re still searching for clip-in hair extensions in Vietnam, feel free to check out Jen Hair. Jen Hair is proud to say we are supplying the best quality clip-in hair extensions with excellent customer service in Vietnam. Check out our products today!

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