3 Least damaging hair extensions you should know

Notwithstanding the type of natural hair you have, long and thick hair is available for you with the help of hair extensions. It is frequently heard that hair extensions can damage natural hair because of the strain and the process of fusion. Please let Jenhair’s article clarify the trueness of the opinion and what the least damaging hair extensions are for fine hair.

The article is a summary of experienced specialists in the industry. With the true and clear information, we hope that girls with thin hair shall choose the right hair extension and get comfort.

Do hair extensions damage your hair? The truth

If you have concerns about the feedback on hair extensions, for at least one, you read the feedback about how hair extensions destroy natural hair and the fee and effort to restore it from damage. However, the facts of the story shared on the internet are not censored. It is a controversial topic. Fortunately, we can go into details of related facts to open the knot.

Do hair extensions damage your hair?
Damaged hair extensions are nightmares of a girl. Source: SimplyHair

1. Damages come from inconsonant set of hair extensions

There are various types of hair extensions. For producing the best proper set of hair extensions for girls, the thick and shaped hair extensions were classified based on ethnicity. Generally, there are four types, as mentioned below.

Virgin Slavic hair extensions: the design is proper to the natural hair that is undyed, thin, and soft. If you are looking for the safest extensions for hair, Virgin Slavic hair extensions are what you want. It shall impress you with its premium quality, long lifespan, and ultimate comfort.

Russian hair extensions: It is a bit denser compared to Virgin Slavic hair extensions with a set of colored boards of hair color. Russian hair extensions have diversity in shades and textures. Whether you want long, short, wavy, curly, or straight hair, it is all available. Besides the above strength, the price of hair is affordable. To now, it is loved widely among hair beauty specialists.

There are two other types: European hair and Asian remy hair. They are dense and long. With this nature, it is suitable for dense and coarse hair. 

2. Natural hair is strained because of the weight of hair extensions 

In some aspects, hair extensions are too heavy to wear. It not only weakens the follicles but also causes the fall of some hair. Even so, some girls reported having a headache due to wearing them. 

However, it is only one face of a coin. This issue rarely exists with girls having professional hair attachments. They know how much hair extension is suitable for you. With the proper amount of hair extensions, the natural hair will not get strained, whether you use tape-ins, sew-ins, or another type.

There is a note that if your hair is thin, it is better to get away from synthetic hair. It is always heavy and not friendly with the hair’s roots. So, do not use synthetic hair for your hair extensions. It can seriously weaken the roots or even lead to hair loss. (If your hair is thin and you want to choose a suitable type of extensions for your hair, you should check this post: How to choose the best extensions for thin hair?)

The 3 least damaging hair extensions for fine hair

Which hair extensions don’t damage hair is the question of all girls. It is Jenhair’s honor to help girls with the concerns of this article. Below are five types of least damaging hair extensions for fine hair.

1. Clip in hair extensions

Clip in - the least damaging hair extensions
Clip-in hair extensions. Source: Expert Reviews

Clip in hair extensions are worth being the safest extensions for hair. This type of hair extension is easy to attach and fast to remove. With the fusion, you shall need small clips as a conjunction between the hair extensions and natural hair. When you want to change your outlook for an important event, wearing clip-ins can deal with this.

As you see, the fusion of hair extensions does not need the high-temperature technique or adhesives. Your natural hair will not catch any harmful source.

However, the other side of one coin is that this type of hair extension is not permanent. It is easy to fall out with the usual hairstyle. If you want to wear it for a long time, try hand-tied wefts or fusions are the proper recommendations. 

Recommendation: How to install clip in hair extensions without damaging hair?

2. Sew in hair extensions

Sew-in hair extensions. Source: Mhot Hair

Sew-in hair extensions are the 2nd runner on the list of hair extensions that don’t damage hair. The hair extensions attach to natural hair thanks to the hand-tied weft. Sew-in hair extensions are a handmade product. Hence, it is flawless for your hair. Differing from clips in hair extensions, it is a type of permanent hair extension. 

Sew-in hair extension is ideal for girls having curly or coarse hair. The attachment of sew-in hair extensions needs help from a professional hairdresser. With the appropriate technique, the braiding of your hair will be not too tight or uncomfortable. 

Furthermore, proper maintenance can minimize the damages effectively. Don’t leave your hair dirty and smelly. It can be the premise of the nightmare about hair loss.

3. Keratin fusion hair extensions

Keratin fusion hair extensions. Source: Hair By Russians

If you want a type of hair extension that can bring the adorable look of celebrities, Keratin fusion hair extensions are a great deal. Keratin fusion hair extensions are in the micro size that is very light. Hence, your natural hair will never get strained as other types of hair extensions. 

Wearing keratin fusion hair extensions gives the girl a nice comfort. Furthermore, compared to clip-in hair extensions, the keratin type has stronger connections. The hair extensions can be permanent on your hair from two to three months. 

FAQs on least damaging hair extensions

1. Do hair extensions stop your hair from growing?

It is a common concern for girls. For girls who want to change their outlook regularly, fortunately, hair extensions will not hinder the growth of hair. Moreover, hair extensions seem to be a protection that helps prevent hair from the heat of the sun and environmental stresses.

2. Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

Hair gets lost. Source: Laylahair

With hair extensions, your short hair can come long only after a few minutes. However, there is a fact that hair extensions can cause hair loss. And the level of loss shall depend on the type of hair extensions. Choosing lightweight hair extensions can prevent the hair from pulling off the hair follicle from the scalp. Moreover, the professional technique of hairdressers can prevent hair strain. 

Final thoughts

The above are the three least damaging hair extensions for fine hair. We hope that the guide is useful for you and you can choose a proper set. If you want to understand more about a specific style of hair extensions, it is Jenhair’s honor to assist you. 

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