Can you bleach hair extensions? The exact answer

Finding the right hair extension color can be difficult, especially if your current hair color is too dark. That’s why many people often think about hair extensions bleaching methods.

However, many people will wonder whether bleaching hair is possible? Is there any harm and how to bleach the hair. Therefore, the following article by Jen Hair will give you the exact and detailed answer to the question: Can you bleach hair extensions?

Can you bleach hair extensions?

The good news is that you can bleach hair extensions, in fact. But only if they’re made with human hair, synthetic hair extensions won’t work with bleach, so it’s best to avoid trying. Here are 2 common questions and our detailed explanation of hair extensions bleaching

can you bleach hair extensions
You can totally bleach hair extensions at home. Photo: Beauty Epic

1. Can you bleach human hair extensions?

The answer is yes. Human hair extensions are the only hair extensions that you can bleach. However, you should still be aware that bleaching can cause damage and it will affect the elasticity and moisture content of your extensions. Here are some detailed notes:

  • Keep in mind that these don’t have a natural source of oils, these extensions can dry out much faster, so you’ll need to take care to moisturize properly.
  • Bleaching can also affect the lifespan of your extensions.
  • If your extension has glue, it may prevent the bleach from working. You can use shampoo to clean them.
can you bleach hair extensions
It’s possible to bleach human hair extensions. Photo: Loved By Curls

2. Can you bleach synthetic hair extensions?

As we mentioned, you cannot bleach synthetic hair extensions. If you do, they will most likely be a different color than you want, and may even bleed or warp from the bleach. Here are some reasons why:

  • Bleaching is an intensive chemical process, often containing an oxidizing agent and ammonia or peroxide.
  • When this interacts with the synthetic fibers of the hair extensions, they can cause them to deform.
  • Hair dyes are made for human hair, so they won’t work with synthetic hair extensions.

How to bleach hair extensions at home?

There are many ways to bleach hair extensions at home. You can follow these instructions to know how to bleach your extensions:

Step 1: Wash the hair extensions

Use a chemical-free cleansing shampoo to wash your hair. This will remove any product accumulated and will make the bleaching process easier.

Remember to let your extensions dry in the air and place them on a towel to get them ready to bleach.

Step 2: Get your bleach kit ready

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing bleach. Rates are important, so make sure to take the instructions seriously.

It is helpful to do this in a glass bowl so you can see the proportions of the product you are mixing.

Opening a window can also help make sure you don’t get a headache from the smell of bleach. Remember to wear gloves – this is essential to avoid chemical burns.

Step 3:  Apply bleach

Apply bleach on the extension. Make sure you apply it to both sides of the extension and go in one direction. This ensures the bleach is evenly distributed and helps prevent the bleach from looking patchy. Start at the top of the extensions and work down to the bottom.

Avoid letting your brush upwards, as this will damage the extensions and possibly frizz, tangle, or break.

Step 4:  Wrap extensions in foil

Begin wrapping each extension with foil and make sure all extensions are covered by foil. This is because bleach works best in warm and humid environments.

Step 5: Check the bleaching progress

Every 10 minutes, you should check how the bleach is working. Remember, a quality product will bleach faster.

Tips: when you’re bleaching your hair, using foil is great – but if you want to make it easier, you can use food wrap. Since it’s transparent, it’s easier to check the bleaching process.

With foil, you have to open a small section frequently to see how the bleach works, but the transparency of food wrap doesn’t have to be.

Step 6: Wash your extensions

This is an important step after bleaching, as it will prevent the bleach from further processing your hair, which could lead to severe dryness of the extension.

Choose a shampoo with a neutral pH and remember to remove all bleach.

Step 7: Care for your extensions

How to bleach hair extensions
Caring for your extensions after bleaching is necessary. Photo: Medusa Hair Extension

Bleach will strip the hair of its moisture, so use a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture.

You can incubate your hair extensions with oils like coconut, argan, or olive oil to take care of your hair extensions.

Things to be careful of when bleaching hair extensions

Don’t try to apply more layers

If you’re trying to further bleach your extensions to cover up the mistake you made in bleaching them, you should stop that.

Adding more layers of bleach and color will only dehydrate your hair extensions and you will ruin them completely.

Avoid using products with sulfate or alcohol

Chemicals like sulfates, alcohol, phthalates, and parabens, which are commonly found in hair care products, strip moisture off your hair extensions.

If you’re bleaching your extensions, it’s best to avoid any products with these ingredients in them.

Remember to moisturize

Use deep conditioning therapy to restore and nourish your extensions after the bleaching process. Products like coconut and olive oil are great, as they will moisturize the hair extensions

It’s best to use a temporary bleach

If you’re looking to bleach your extensions, temporary bleach products will transform your look without taking too long and they won’t do much damage either.

Final thought

Hope the above article has helped you find the complete answer to the question: Can you bleach hair extensions? The most important thing is that you should follow each step carefully and follow notes before bleaching your hair extensions correctly to avoid damaging your extensions.

Don’t forget to read useful articles on our website about tips and knowledge for hair extensions!

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