Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair: Which type is better?

Having been suggested that choosing either Vietnamese hair or Peruvian hair is a wise choice when doing hair business but wonder which one is better? While knowing that they are both high-quality products in the hair market, It must be more challenging for you ultimately. 

So, in order to help you make an informed decision, Jen Hair will help you solve the case of Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair by comparing them in detail.

Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair: What’s the similarities?

At first sight, it is clear that both of them are known for their thick and silky texture. This is the reason why they are favored to add volume and density to the hair. The natural color of hair is often dark and black as well, creating a natural-looking for your fancy. 

Vietnamese hair and Peruvian hair also share a stunning story of origin, which makes them ideal candidates for dyeing, bleaching, and other hairstyle techniques.

  • The origin of Vietnamese hair: Vietnamese hair extensions are often made from 100% real hair collected from young mountainous women. Thanks to their healthy lifestyles, their hair is truly strong and resilient.
  • The origin of Peruvian hair: Same to Vietnam, Peruvian hair is collected from the virgin hair of women living in rural areas. Being nurtured for sale, they are protected by natural products without any chemicals attached to the healthy eating habits of women here, Peruvian hair is long-lasting and flexible.

In terms of scale production, both countries do not have a high population, which is related to the scarcity of real hair when you need to order a large amount.

Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair: What’s the difference?

1. Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair: The quality

Let’s see how different it is when considering the quality of Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair!

Peruvian hair will be a perfect choice for thin hair or fine hair because they have much thinner hair strands than Vietnamese hair, which are super lightweight and soft, thus retaining their natural shine and smoothness. Thanks to this feature, you are no longer worried about wearing long and thick extensions that cause heavy feelings in your head. In addition, the natural hair shape is wavy and maintains a medium-lasting curl. They are even tangled and shed-resistant.

Vietnamese hair has thick but rather smooth straight hair. Hair fibers have a thick cuticle and a vertical hair texture instead of a cross-section like other hair types, they are quite tangled but have good heat resistance, so they stay in place for a long time. Among all types of hair extensions, straight Vietnamese hair is thought to be one of the simplest to style. A few other forms of virgin hair from Vietnam are naturally curly, however, they aren’t very curly. Vietnamese hair can complement both European and African American women’s hair textures. Customers favor Vietnamese hair due to its high quality.

2. Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair: The price

The cost of hair is another factor contributing to the difference between them. In the hair market, Vietnamese hair is a bit more expensive than Peruvian hair, with $8 per bundle and $6 per bundle, respectively. 

Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair: Which one to choose?

Both Vietnamese hair and Peruvian hair come with amazing features.

Peruvian is the perfect option if your target customers love to have a neat, polished, and natural look. One more plus is you can order the hair at a more affordable price than Vietnamese hair. 

However, Vietnamese hair also has outstanding features that maintain its leading position in the hair market. With a lifespan lasting up to 3-5 years and high-quality products, its allure is undeniable. If you choose Vietnamese hair, please check out Jen Hair’s product. We are looking forward to being your first choice for Vietnamese hair!

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Final thoughts

In short, we support your decision by making a comparison of Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair. By learning all the similarities and differences above, we hope that you can make up your mind on one suitable type of hair for your salon. 

Finally, Jen Hair always loves to supply the best Vietnamese hair for you. So do not hesitate to contact us!

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