How long do cornrows last and best ways to keep

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Cornrows on hair can last from 2 to 6 weeks. Most of us want the cornrows to last at least a month or so, but in reality, the endurance of cornrows depends on several things such as your hair type, your maintenance routine, and the tightness of the braids. 

You should consult a hair care professional for personalized advice. There are some tips you can learn to take care of your cornrows so that they can last a little bit longer. This article provides you some detailed information about how long do cornrows last.

What are cornrows?

Cornrows also known as “canerows” are a type of flat plait originating from Africa and the Caribbean. They get their name from their appearance, resembling rows of corn or cane. This hairstyle involves braiding the hair close to the scalp using an underhand, upward motion for a continuous raised look. 

Cornrows are a unique and beautiful hairstyle and serve as a protective style, promoting hair growth. They can be easily taken out when needed, making them a versatile choice for showcasing African and Caribbean heritage through modern braiding techniques.

How long do cornrows last
Cornrows are a one of protective hairstyles (Source: Baamboozle)

How long do cornrows last?

The longevity of cornrows varies depending on the hair type:

How long do cornrows last on natural hair 

The texture and thickness of natural hair can hold cornrows longer than caucasian hair. As your hair grows, the cornrows may start to appear looser, and the style may lose its initial neatness. Some individuals choose to retouch or redo their cornrows as needed. On average, cornrows can last about four weeks on natural hair. 

How long do cornrows last on caucasian hair

While cornrows are more commonly associated with African and African-American hair, individuals with Caucasian hair can also enjoy this style. Caucasian hair typically has a different texture compared to African or African-American hair. It tends to be finer and straighter. 

As a result, cornrows on caucasian hair may not hold as long as they do on natural hair types. With proper hair care and maintenance, you can enjoy the style for about two weeks. 

how long do cornrows last

Do you know how long do cornrows last? (Source: Gemmaetc)

How long do cornrows last with weave

The longevity of cornrows with a weave depends on the quality of the weave and the type of hair. High-quality, natural hair extensions tend to last longer than synthetic ones. You need to moisturize hair, care for the scalp, and avoid excessive tension when styling and securing the weave. Cornrows can last with weave for about 6 weeks. 

5 easy tips to maintain your cornrows to last longer

Choose a good stylist

In order to have long-lasting cornrows, you need to start with the right stylist. Select a professional with expertise in cornrow styling to ensure that they are braided evenly and without excessive tension. Properly braided cornrows are less likely to unravel prematurely.

Protect the edge with hair cover

To maintain the neatness of your cornrows, invest in a silk or satin hair cover or scarf. These gentle materials safeguard your edges and prevent friction that can cause frizz and unraveling.

Don’t forget oil for tension

How long do cornrows last depends on how you protect your hair. Combat tension and discomfort by applying a lightweight hair oil or serum to your scalp. Massaging this oil along the hairline helps alleviate tension and keeps the hair shafts lubricated.

Moisturizing is necessary

Hydrated hair is essential for prolonging the life of your cornrows. Use a water-based moisturizer to prevent dryness, itching, and flaking. Apply it directly to the scalp and along the length of the braids for optimal results.

Wash only if needed

While maintaining a clean scalp is important, avoid overwashing your cornrows. Excessive washing can lead to premature unraveling. Instead, use a dry shampoo or a diluted, sulfate-free cleansing solution to refresh your scalp between washes.

how long do cornrows last
You can make your cornrows last longer by some tips (Source: Therighthairstyles)

How do I braid cornrows?

Braiding a cornrows hairstyle can be a bit challenging, especially the first time you do the process. There are some fundamental steps for you:

Preparing the Hair

Start preparing your hair with clean, detangled, and well-moisturized. If you’re using extensions, have them ready. Then you can divide the hair into sections. The size and pattern of the sections depend on your desired cornrow style. 


You can select a small section at the front or wherever you want to begin, then divide this section into three equal parts. The skinner sections make the smaller cornrows. Cross the left section over the new middle section which was the right section. When crossing the left section over the middle, add a small amount of hair from the section you’re braiding. 

If you’re using extensions, include a strand of extension hair here. Keep repeating the process by crossing the right over the middle, then the left over the new middle, and add hair if necessary. Continue braiding close to the scalp.

Securing the end

When you reach the end of the section or where you want the cornrow to stop, finish with a regular braid without adding hair. You can use a hair tie or clip to secure the end.


Style your cornrows as desired. You can leave them straight or curve them into various patterns. If you want to maintain your cornrows, you may need to re-braid them as they start to loosen due to hair growth.

how long do cornrows last
Unlocking the secrets about how long do cornrows last (Source: Style Seat)

Unlocking the secrets about how long do cornrows last (Source: Style Seat)


Can I do Cornrows on short hair?

It is possible to get cornrows with short hair but it depends on how short the hair is. To sport cornrows, your hair should measure at least three inches in length. If your natural hair falls short of this requirement, then you shouldn’t try this style. However, you still have some options to incorporate hair extensions and then make cornrows beautifully. 

Do cornrows grow your hair?

Cornrows are known as one of the best protective hairstyles. This hairstyle can protect your hair’s end, mitigating damage and preventing hair loss. Cornrows can promote hair growth and help maintain your hair’s length. This versatile hairstyle suits all hair types, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of individuals.

Can cornrows damage my hair?

Cornrows, when done correctly and with proper care, are generally considered a protective hairstyle that can help prevent hair damage. However, if not done or maintained properly, cornrows can potentially lead to hair damage and tension. 


In conclusion, the longevity of cornrows can vary widely based on several factors, including hair type, maintenance, and individual preferences. A protective hairstyle lasts for a short time. I hope that this article from Jen Hair has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of how long do cornrows last and some tips to maintain your cornrows to last longer.