Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: Which one to choose?

Currently, more and more countries produce and export hair to the market with a variety of designs and colors that satisfies customers’ interests. The new introduction of Asian hair has stirred up the environment a bit, with Cambodian and Vietnamese hair extensions being extremely popular.

When users are unable to distinguish between Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair, the fight between them begins. In this article, Jen Hair will give you an overview of these 2 types of hair, so you can find the solution yourself and know how to choose between Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: An overview

The name of the hair is related to its particular place of origin. While Cambodian hair extensions are created from natural hair gathered from Cambodian women by raw Cambodian hair vendors, Vietnamese hair extensions are made from natural hair collected from Vietnamese women. (Further reading: Vietnamese hair review: Is Vietnam hair worth buying?)

Although Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair both have typical characteristics of Southeast Asian hair, they still have some differences because of the differences between the two countries in terms of environment, climate, and women’s hair care habits.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: What’s the similarities?

Both Vietnamese and Cambodian hair come in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured.  Vietnamese or Cambodian Hair will be a good choice if you are looking for a kind of virgin, natural and no-processing hair.

One more thing in common is that the hair from Vietnam or Cambodia is collected from women who often own traditional hair and it will last long so.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: What’s the difference?

Vietnamese hair has a distinct origin from Cambodian hair. Each of the two nations’ distinctive hair traits can be attributed to its unique climatic and environmental circumstances. Here are some comparisons of the texture, quality, and differences between Vietnamese hair vs Cambodian hair.

1. Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: The texture

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair
Cambodian Hair vs Vietnamese Hair. Photo: Premium Hair Extensions
  • The texture of Cambodian hair: Because Cambodia’s climate is divided into two seasons, the long rainy season and the long dry season, Cambodian hair has a coarse texture, a thick cuticle, slightly curly, and moderate softness. Cambodian hair also has a straight form and is easy to style, like curly or ruffled, depending on the preference of the user.
  • The texture of Vietnamese hair: When comparing Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair, Vietnamese hair is softer and smoother, and the hair fiber and cuticle are thinner and not coarse. Due to its straight hair structure, it is not easy to puzzle. Vietnamese hair strands are shiny and stronger, so styling like curling or straightening will not affect your real hair, causing tangles or breakage.

2. Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: The quality

In terms of quality, Vietnamese hair is better than Cambodian hair.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair
Quality of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair. Photo: Lewigs
  • Cambodian hair: Average hair quality, smooth hair but still rough and coarse, tangled during use or heat use such as drying or styling many times.
  • Vietnamese hair: Regarding the quality of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair, Vietnamese hair has better quality, when placed in the hand also feels the softness and shine of Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hair is the ideal hairstyle to process with the best effect, in addition, the hair is used by Vietnamese mountainous women to use locusts, grapefruit, lemongrass, or other shampoos with other natural ingredients. hair has a certain elasticity and durability.

3. Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: The price

The cost of hair in Cambodia is more expensive than the cost of hair in Vietnam, which is the general difference between the two types of hair. Prices for hair in Cambodia and Vietnam are both in the global average price range.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair
Cambodian Hair vs Vietnamese hair. Photo: VQ Hair

Some factors affecting the difference in prices of  Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair:

  • Raw material prices: With a population of only 1/6 of Vietnam’s population, Cambodia’s raw hair supply is much less than in Vietnam, so the price of raw hair in Cambodia will be higher, leading to higher product costs.
  • Length: The price of the hair product from wholesale hair vendors varies by length. The longer the hair, the higher the price. Cambodian hair is usually 10 to 22 inches long and Vietnamese hair is 6 to 34 inches long.

4. Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: The maintenance

When it comes to hair maintenance, is quite a daunting task. If you purchase hair extensions or full lace wigs made of either Vietnamese or Cambodian hair, you need to give it some right care. Vietnamese hair requires gentle hair shampoos with natural ingredients. On the other hand, Cambodian hair needs an oil-based formula to fight frizz.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: Which hair to choose?

You can choose the hair type that best suits your preferences based on the characteristics of your hair.

For instance, purchasing Cambodian hair will provide you with the desired thickness if you prefer thick hair. Of course, double-drawn Vietnamese hair can accomplish the same result. Curly hairdos look great on Cambodian hair. The rough, coarse hair can withstand intense heat and hold exquisite curls. Additionally, coloring hair is simple.

Vietnamese hair ought to be the greatest option for individuals who enjoy a silky texture. Straight black hair extensions can be beautifully obtained from this sort of hair.

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Final thoughts

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair, the battle seems never to cease. Now that you know the similarities and differences between Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair, you can widen your choice when it comes to hair extensions. We hope that after reading this article, you now can make up your mind about the hair type you want to try.

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