The 7 best wholesale hair vendors in India of 2023

There is no denying that hair extensions have emerged as the newest style in recent years. Obviously, a lot of people start their businesses related to this trend. Then, what is the best place to find these products? If you are interested in hair with beautiful shine and texture, wholesale hair vendors in India will be a good choice. 

Are you wondering how great the products of Indian hair vendors can supply you? 

In this article, we will help you discover some important points such as an overview of wholesale hair vendors in India, methods to find a good one, and top vendors in India.

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Wholesale hair vendors in India – An overview

India is unlike any other country in the world because instead of importing hair, Indian women have been the main supplier of these trendy items for years. Thus, they are known for having the most gorgeous sheen and structure to their hair. Customers were not disturbed by the suppliers of Indian hair, whether it was raw or virgin.

One fact you should know about wholesale hair vendors in India is that they collect hair from donors in temples and salons. In Indian culture, people value hair and their offering will please their Gods. Due to this, countless people flock to temples to pray. Obviously, hair vendors have a huge source of hair besides salons.

If you are concerned about the price of these products, it just wastes your time. Wholesale hair vendors in India still employ outdated techniques. Almost all the processes are carried out by hand. It is obvious that their productivity and quality are not too high. However, it is also their strength because Indian hair at low prices can be easily exported to a variety of countries.

This type of hair is quite different from other types of hair such as Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair, … (For the details, you should read this comparison between Vietnamese and Indian hair)

wholesale hair vendors in india
Hair worshiped from temples in India is a major supply. Source: Pulse

How to find a good wholesale hair vendor in India?

Although India has a significant hair market, there are also many dishonest wholesale hair dealers there. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid being scammed. Here are some tips for you to seek an excellent wholesale hair vendor in India.

Check the information on the Internet

In the technological era, many hair vendors take advantage of the Internet to attract more customers. Therefore, you can locate the best Indian wholesale hair suppliers by using search engines and social networking sites. Reliable hair vendors will supply all the necessary information that is transparent and clear.

Compare your numerous options

When you have a list of wholesale hair vendors in India, you should examine their offerings and costs to select the top one. A smart suggestion is to read customers’ evaluations of hair suppliers. After that, you can narrow down the number of reliable hair vendors in India.

Don’t focus on the cheapest one because the best-quality source is the matter. You must set yourself apart from the competition if you want your firm to succeed in the competitive fashion field.

Request samples from wholesale hair suppliers in India

It is your right to request samples from wholesale hair suppliers in India. It aids you in examining the product’s quality, especially when you buy in bulk.

Samples are a great way to assess the caliber of a product. If you like the sample items, you might want to consider making a small purchase. If the quality is as good as the sample, you’ll have more confidence in making a large buy in the future.

The 7 best wholesale hair vendors in India

1. SGI Hair

SGI Hair is one of India’s well-known manufacturers of high-quality hair. Being a reliable source of high-quality hair for nearly 12 years, SGI Hair has elevated its status as one of the most well-known brands in the world. They are well known for exporting low-cost yet high-quality hair products.

Its goal as a business is to innovate with an unrivaled passion in the area of human hair extensions. The business intends to produce its own line of hair items, including wigs and hair extensions, as part of its strategic objective. Notwithstanding the difficulty of the work, the company is leading by example for other Indian hair suppliers and hair producers around the world.

wholesale hair vendors in india
SGI won’t let you down with quality products. Source: SGI

2. Chennai Hair Factory

Another well-known name among the top Indian hair suppliers in India is Chennai Hair Factory with ten years of experience. They always provide a large number of hair products that exceed customers’ expectations at a very reasonable price.

If you’re looking for premium Indian hair or an Indian hair supplier, look through the inventory at Chennai Hair Factory. Their selections of virgin hair, remy hair, and other hair extension types that complement your hair and the styles you want are extensive. As the main supplier of human hair in India, their objective is to increase their clients’ self-assurance. Due to their natural appearance, vibrant colors, and diverse range of textures, their hair extensions have a very strong reputation.

wholesale hair vendors in india
Chennai with a variety of hair products. Source: TourByLocals

3. Jaipur Hair

Jaipur Hair has been one of the oldest Indian hair suppliers for more than 20 years. Although their costs are greater than those of competitors. But in return, women and hair vendors around the world are quite pleased with the customer service offered here.

It takes great pleasure in its virgin hair extensions. It is praised as one of the biggest distributors and producers of lace front wigs and premium virgin Indian human hair extensions, among other goods. Additionally, it directly exports and distributes internationally.

If you are worried about the shipping process, it doesn’t matter. Shipping typically takes three to five business days. Within 7 days of purchase, you can return any items for a full refund if hair products have any problems.

wholesale hair vendors in india
Jaipur hair is an ideal destination for hair vendors. Source: Jaipur Hair

4. Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory

Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory is another prominent supplier and manufacturer of human hair in India. They supply a variety of goods to all Indian hair retailers around the world.

Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory is surely committed to providing high-quality hair to its customers. As mentioned above, due to the source of Indian hair, the quality will not be so high. It is also more difficult to maintain the hair’s quality before shipping. However, Dhwarak Indian Hair combines traditional methods and quite modern ways to keep the natural sheen and structure of the hair. It succeeds in giving the hair bundles an incredibly full, healthy, and bright appearance.

Dwarak Indian Hair Factory is one of the most reliable wholesale hair vendors in India you can choose to work with. They won’t let you down.

wholesale hair vendors in india
Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory with high-quality products. Source: Dhwarak Indian Hair

5. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is the top supplier of raw Indian hair in India. They offer high-quality goods at reasonable costs. They mostly offer human hair wigs made with hair that is obtained from Indian temples.

You can clearly tell Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions apart from other Indian hair items because of a distinctive feature. To make sure that its customers’ use of long-lasting hair extensions results in a natural-looking finish, the company combines creativity and technology to securely stitch the hair with a clean finish.

Additionally, Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions are also well known for selling a variety of wigs such as closure wigs, full lace wigs, silk top wigs, and so on.

wholesale hair vendors in india
Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions will satisfy all your demands. Source: Twitter

6. Adorable Hair Suppliers

Adorable Hair Suppliers is one of the leading providers of human Indian hair because of its expertise in offering hair extensions in large quantities. As the top producer of human hair in India, they use their internet portals to distribute products all over the nation.

Adorable Hair Supplier takes pride in its ability to provide customers with natural, virgin, raw, full-cuticle, 100% authentic Indian human hair from a single donor. The business values quality over quantity. This indicates that their products support a wider range of hairstyles and more adaptability in natural-looking hair. The majority of clients have positive feedback about those. 

wholesale hair vendors in india
Adorable Hair Suppliers is an excellent option. Source: Adorable Hair Suppliers

7. Beauty She India

Beauty She India is an ideal destination for your business. With years of experience, this Indian hair supplier has earned a stellar reputation.

Beauty She India is a well-known wholesale hair supplier in India that export a wide variety of high-quality goods, especially raw hair. You can select anything from their wholesale supplies unit to suit your demands at affordable prices from a variety of possibilities.

Most consumers throughout the world trust their hair products, giving them a strong position in the domestic and worldwide hair market. Additionally, they have a thorough and organized method for producing raw Indian hair. Especially, they can make hair extensions specifically tailored to the requirements and preferences of their clients.

wholesale hair vendors in india
Beauty She India will fascinate you. Source: Beautysheindia

What is the alternative for wholesale hair vendors in India?

If you are really into the quality of hair products from wholesale hair vendors, Vietnamese hair is also an excellent choice when you aim for longevity. One of the most well-known hair suppliers in Vietnam at a reasonable cost is Jen Hair.

Jen Hair consistently ranks at the top of the largest hair suppliers in Vietnam that distribute a wide range of products such as human hair weave bundles, bulk hair, closure, frontal, and so on. It is also a plus to attract numerous cooperators around the world including South America and Africa. 

Jen Hair Vietnam has been in the hair business since its establishment in 2017. Although we are a start-up in this competitive market, we always prioritize customers’ demands for quality. Thanks to a cutting-edge chain of production and skilled employees, our products are appreciated by hair vendors around the world.

In terms of our goods, our hair products made in Vietnam are considered to be better quality, more durable, and more adaptable than those from other countries around the world. We have made investments in cutting-edge types of equipment to enhance the quality of the hair products we offer. As a result, our products are in a variety of colors and lengths to meet the needs of customers around the world.

wholesale hair vendors in india
Jen Hair Vietnam is a perfect choice for your business. Source: Jen Hair

Moreover, Jen Hair also provides high-quality customer service. It means that whenever you encounter any problems related to purchases or products, we will immediately take measures to assure your rights. 

If your concern is about the price, it wastes your time. We have adopted modern technology in the chain of production so the cost is lessened while we can produce a large number of products in a particular period. Meanwhile, our products’ quality is always updated all the time to follow the trends. It is sure that Jen Hair Vietnam is rising more and more to provide excellent products and services to users.

To conclude, with our superior goods and services, Jen Hair is predicted to continue expanding. Our products will fascinate you a lot. Why don’t you have a try?


1. How to deal with hair wholesalers in India?

Before deciding to choose hair wholesalers in India, you should care a lot about the quality and the cost. You can resolve those problems by calling directly to hair vendors in India. Before dealing with hair wholesalers in India, you should search on the Internet about the price in the market to avoid being treated. Moreover, reading reviews and feedback from numerous networking sites is also helpful when you wonder which vendors you should choose. 

2. How to avoid being scammed by Indian hair wholesalers?

When dealing with Indian hair wholesalers, we hope that you can be aware of being scammed. Then, here are some warning signs of wholesale vendor scams you can consider:

  • The lack of contact information on websites or social networking sites is a warning sign. Fake hair wholesalers can make it easy to steal your money.
  • The cost from your wholesaler is ludicrously low. These are some low-cost psychological tricks that manufacturers of wholesale hair from India can employ. As a result, you should exercise caution while purchasing wholesale hair from India or any other hair factory.
  • When they refuse to provide samples, it may mean that they don’t want you to realize that the quality is low. They will constantly make you believe that you can assure them about their products with a lot of psychological tricks.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have indicated to you a lot of important information related to wholesale hair vendors in India. 

We hope that you have got enough information including some suggestions and pieces of advice about Indian hair suppliers to help you make the final decisions for your business. 

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