Top 3 wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia (2023)

If you are looking to launch or expand your Philadelphia hair business, partnering with wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia is a smart move.

However, we understand how challenging it is to locate a trustworthy Pennsylvania-based human hair distributor to purchase hair extensions.

To help you find the best vendors that are “3 in 1”: Offer excellent services – high product quality – low costs, here is a list of the top 3 wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia that we have pulled the Internet up to get.

What you need to know about wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia

The wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia are well-known for having a good supply of human hair extensions. As a result, the hair industry in Philadelphia is becoming the top market for high-using demand for almost all women worldwide.

Philadelphia’s wholesale hair suppliers are renowned for having a strong base of technical technologies for creating hair extensions. Most of the hair extension goods in this market are imported for resale at a higher price after remanufacturing.

  • Superb quality: This market always understands how to pick, from quality sources to product package design, to supply Philadelphia’s high-end markets.
  • Affordable costs: With low and competitive prices, this market caters to customers from various backgrounds and locations.
  • Countless choices: Philadelphia’s wholesale hair merchants have a wide variety of hair products, so there’s plenty of room to pick and choose.
  • Depending on foreign suppliers: The Philadelphia wholesale hair industry often relies on imported suppliers might make it difficult for some vendors to maintain effective management of their operations.
wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia
Hair products in Philadelphia are in a variety of styles. Source: BrazilianHair

3 Best wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia

DD Hair Experience Beauty Supply

DD Hair Experience Beauty Supply will be your great choice if you want to experience something unique related to Philadelphia. Its vibe is sure to make it different from other conventional beauty supply stores.

DD Hair Experience Beauty Supply set its heart on creating a distinctive vibe. Therefore, it is not hard to realize its products among thousands of goods.

wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia
Best experience with DD Hair. Source:DD Hair Experience Beauty Supply

In the first stage, DD Hair Experience Beauty Supply specializes in creating new styles of wigs. Gradually, the founder extended the extent of business by purchasing a wide range of products, namely wigs, hair extensions, accessories and much more.

If you would like to visit this, you will immerse in these large quantities of hair products and have difficulty seeking suitable ones. However, don’t worry too much. Because customer services in DD Hair Experience Beauty Supply will offer you a lot of assistance.

AOK Hair Company

In Philadelphia, AOK Hair Company is certainly an ideal spot for people who love to become more unique with new hairstyles. With a 10-year of experience, AOK Company is bound to bring valuable services to countless customers around the world.

wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia
AOK Hair Company is an ideal spot for women. Source:AOK Hair Company

AOK Company develops itself in a wide range of products from 100% virgin human hair namely hair extensions, hair bundles, all types of wigs and much more. Thanks to its diversity as well as high quality, AOK Company is called a specialist in providing top service related to hair.

If you are concerned about its cost, it is necessary for you to calm down. Because they offer raw virgin hair extensions at a very reasonable price thanks to the assistance of technology.

HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair

With the goal of making women more beautiful and confident, HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair is more than just a hair company. Moreover, their passion for a community that values the unique beauty of each other is a plus to attract a lot of customers.

wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia
HookesOnBundles is more than a hair company. Source: Facebook

HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair provides a wide range of products that are in an array of styles, colors and lengths.

With HookedOnBundles Virgin Hair, women can enhance their beauty and unleash their inner confidence. It is undeniable that they provide customers with top-quality, real virgin human hair that is created to fit any style and be adaptable.

When it comes to having any problems with the products, customers are able to contact the customer service department to take assistance right away. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of compromising if you encounter any issues.

What’s the other choice for Philadelphia hair vendors?

wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia
Jen Hair – top 1 hair factory in Vietnam. Source:Facebook

Previously, we mentioned that Philadelphia hair wholesalers have become more globalized and people are now willing to travel further distances to find quality products. Commonly, they would import hair from Asian countries, including Vietnam, China, India, and so on.

If you are looking for a hair manufacturer that offers good wholesale prices, high-quality Vietnamese hair and low shipping cost, Jen Hair is the best choice!

Founded in 2017 and used to be considered as a newcomer to the hair industry, then becoming the largest hair factory in Vietnam in just 5-year time, Jen Hair has constantly been growing, providing customers with superb Vietnamese hair extensions.

Our Vietnamese-produced hair products are of higher quality, last far longer, and are much more flexible. With that said, Jen Hair is expected to keep growing with its first-rate products and service. Furthermore, we invest in state-of-the-art machinery to improve the quality of hair offerings in a wide range of colours and lengths to suit Philadelphia customer needs.

In 2023, Jen Hair is increasing its presence in Philadelphia and many states in the United States to meet the rising demand for human hair wigs. With that said, Philadelphia hair wholesalers shall be more confident to provide excellent products and services to the end users.


In this article, we hope that you have learned more about the American hair market and locate a reliable one among many wholesale hair vendors in Philadelphia. To that end, we really hope you enjoy and find value in this post. Join our mailing list so you can stay abreast of our latest posts.

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