Wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria: The truth you may not know

Thanks to the solid economic development and youthful population, the demand for hair beauty in Nigeria is still increasing. The hair market here is depicted as “a promised land” so several hair extension brands have popped up. You may desire to start a hair business but tons of wholesale hair vendors here make you confused about which one to trust? 

In this article, Jen Hair will provide an in-depth review of wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria as well as some helpful information related to the topic of building a hair business here. 

Let’s explore together!

Wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria – An overview

The wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria have gained a reputation for their amazing product diversity but only at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the quality of the hair is also appreciated.

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
Overview of wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. Photo: Thietkesanvuon

Now, let’s take a look at some characteristics of hair from Nigerian wholesale hair distributors!

    1. The origin of the hair

The fact you may miss is that there is No Hair Factory in Nigeria. This phenomenon is due to a lack of skillful workers, local resources, and strict customs policies preventing importing of outsourced chemicals to process hair.

Therefore, wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria collect hair from 2 main sources: a small number of raw virgin hair from native Nigerian black women and imported hair internationally (often imported from Vietnam, China, and India) on a large scale.

    2. The quality of the hair

Since the hair from wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria shares different origins, it leads to the difference in the hair quality. 

  • The native hair: in low quality, which is extremely dry, coarse, short, and in black color due to the Nigerian women’s natural hair characteristics.
  • The imported hair: in high quality, which is thick, full, long-lasting, and flexible to be styled or dyed in any color. It can be explained by the strong strands and healthy hair exported from big Vietnam hair factories, China,… in which countries women nurture hair for sale through natural products.
wholesale hair vendors in Nigera
The quality of hair from wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. Photo: Alibaba

    3. The diversity of the hair

Wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria offer great product diversity to cater to different orders from customers. Indeed, there are many types of hair, including clip-in, sew-in, and tape-in extensions from virgin human hair, remy hair, and colored hair in many styles. Therefore, it is easy to change your hair look if you are bored with your present hair.

    4. The cost of the hair

Fortunately, wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria provide hair at a reasonable price, which is relevant to the quality of the hair. This means that imported hair will have a higher cost than local hair. The average price is ranging from $10 to $25 per clip-in extension.

Should I cooperate with a wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria?

We all know that starting a hair business in Nigeria is profitable, so the first thing you must do is to know your onions about the product and the customers. Then, the question is Should I work with a wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria?

Let’s jump on both the pros and cons when collaborating with a wholesale hair distributor here!

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
Wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. Photo: Quora

    1. The pros 

  • Product diversity: The imported hair has different origins, from Vietnam, China, Peru, and India. It can be said that there are various types of hair to meet customers’ desires at any budget!
  • Always in stock: Wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria import international hair on a large scale so hair bundles are always available for customers. It will save you time waiting for your items.
  • Easy contact: Most wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria provide a website with a phone number, an address, and a supporting Whatsapp chatbot in English to answer and guide customers step by step through the buying process. Therefore, when you want to purchase your products, all you need is to contact the sellers!

     2. The cons

  • Poor selections: The hair is imported from many countries, ranging from virgin hair, straight, curly hair to colored hair on a large scale. The selections are quite simple, so it is hard to have a stable source that provides the good-quality of hair.
  • Higher price: Most extensions are imported, so wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria have to pay for extra costs such as delivery and tax payments. Therefore, the price is more expensive while the hair is just sold by retailers in foreign countries.

How to find a reliable wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria?

Finding a reliable source of hair is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Since we all know that the hair industry is lucrative, it is necessary to avoid fraud in wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria to save time and money. The tips are doing research and making a plan. 

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
How to find a reliable wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria.
Photo: Nigeria Business Directory

Find trusted wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria on Google

It can be really simple but really helpful. Search for the keyword “reliable wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria” and pay attention to the brands at the top of the results. Then, narrow down your favorite and read other related blogs, and do not forget the comments.

The next step is to check the vendor’s website and social media as well. A trustworthy brand will have a clear website link, product categories, an address, and a contact at the bottom. 

Find wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria through e-commerce websites

The vendors’ e-commerce websites should not be ignored when finding a reliable source of hair. Please check out the number of followers, the number of sales, and the reviews about their products to have a realistic point of view.

The 6 best wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

The next question is: Where can I buy from? It might be tough for a newbie who has just started a business here. Don’t worry, we have a list of the 6 best wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria below so that you can make your decision!

    1. HAIR.COM.NG

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
HAIR.COM.NG, Nigeria. Photo: Hair.com.ng

HAIR.COM.NG has been one of the most outstanding online wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria for years. It provides a wide range of products that meets any customer’s needs, ranging from 100% human hair weave, wigs, and lace closure from Peru, Malaysia, Brazil, and Vietnam.  

Furthermore, its easy return and exchange policy is also a plus. Small retailers can also achieve free shipping and discount vouchers while ordering a large amount of hair. 

    2. Lareina Hair

Lareina Hair, Nigeria. Photo: Lareina Hairs

Founded in 2018, Lareina Hair has experience in the hair industry for 5 years. In Nigeria, it is considered a luxury hair brand with strictly one donor and 100% virgin hair at different grades (9A-12A), which are up to 10 years guaranteed. 

Thanks to its top-notch quality products, it has helped to embrace the elegance and confidence with the hair of more than 10 000 thousand women from all over the world: Canada, the United States, and Ghana.

Moreover, there is a flash sale on hair at the end of the year so small businesses and retailers should not miss this chance!

    3.  Success Hairmpire

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
Success Hairmpire, Nigeria. Photo: Facebook

Success Hairmpire is one of the top trustworthy online wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. With a strict importing policy, the brand is confident to offer customers the finest human hair, raw virgin hair, curly hair, and super double hair. 

Its extensive presence is known for the high quality of products and fast worldwide shipping. However, the vendor does not have a website and the products are only sold through Instagram.

    4.  Beth Hair

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
Beth Hairs, Nigeria. Photo: Facebook

Beth Hairs is the ideal wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria for anyone seeking good hair quality at average prices. The brand is chosen by lots of famous customers all over the world. 

Besides Mongolian curls, fringe wigging, and Indian wavy, Beth Hairs also provide the latest arrivals of hair care products and accessories in the market, which are often sold out.

    5. Orahcover Hair

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
Orahcover Hair, Nigeria. Photo: Orahcover Hair

Orahcover Hair stands out in the hair extension industry with its Malaysian bundles and Magic Bounce bundles, which are favored by thousands of customers. Straight and curly hair is the primary product here.

The best thing about the vendor is its customer-centric policies to make sure that you look gorgeous with less and have the utmost satisfaction buying experience. 

    6. Queen Hair

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
Queen Hair, Nigeria. Photo: AliExpress

Queen Hair is one of the main Vietnamese hair suppliers located in Nigeria. The business has been run since 2010 with the goal to be the best wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria by providing high-quality hair just at factory prices.

The brand commits to bringing the best buying experience for customers with supportive and well-qualified sales teams. They will consult you on the types of products and ensure that your experience is trouble-free.

What is the alternative for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria?

If you are still looking for a trustable hair source in Nigeria for your business, it is worth importing hair from Vietnam. Although Vietnamese hair entered the extension industry quite late, wholesale hair vendors here make their own reputation for their high-quality products.

Compared to hair from other countries, Vietnamese hair is believed to bring the top hair quality in the hair market with its unique texture, including a long lifespan (often 3-5 years), and large hair strands with density and thickness. Moreover, the hair is rarely tangled, making it easy to style and take off the extensions.

Furthermore, Jen Hair is proud to be the top 1 Vietnamese hair supplier having the best offer to your business. 

wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria
Jen Hair, a dominant wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria.

Having experience in the hair industry for 5 years, Jen Hair has become one of the leading hair exports in Vietnam adored by global customers. We supply only the best Vietnamese human hair, including weft hair, bulk hair, curly extensions (and many more) at affordable prices!

Wonder why we are the best? Here are some key gains you will get when choosing Jen Hair for your business:

  • Excellent hair quality: We supply hair that is 100% human hair originated by Vietnamese women, whose tresses are typically straight, thick fibers with a high level of black melanin. With its amazing hair quality, you should not have any worry to have the extensions styled or dyed in any color you want.
  • Scale: Jen Hair owns the biggest hair factory in Vietnam and more than 10 sub-factory throughout the country. All of them are facilitated by up-to-date technology and more than 200 skillful workers. The local hair resource is also abundant making it possible for us to manufacture hair on a large scale simultaneously. We are always ready to make hair extensions on a pre-order basis to ensure that the hair is always fresh and new in order to gain the utmost trust from our customers.
  • Affordable price: Compared to other wholesale prices, the price of hair from Jen Hair is affordable and varies on the length, grade, and style of the hair.
  • Fast shipping: Our clients are diverse from all over the world, ranging from the United States, India, and some African countries, especially Nigeria. Thus, Jen Hair is honored to cooperate with all the largest shipping companies to achieve the fastest shipping speed, which is just 2-4 days delivery.


    1. Where do Nigerian hair sellers buy from?

Nigerian hair sellers often choose to buy from reliable local wholesale hair distributors and Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors, which are the best partners of wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. 

    2. Where to find a Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria?

It can be quite heartbreaking that there is still No Vietnam Hair Factory in Nigeria. Most wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria import hair directly from Vietnamese hair suppliers to achieve the best factory prices. 

Final thoughts

Nigerian hair extension brands are becoming more competitive these days. Therefore, it is quite hard to have an overview of wholesale hair vendors here if you are just a newbie to the hair industry.

From the information above, we hope that you can have a deeper understanding of wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria so that you can make a plan for your business to ensure your first try as smoothly as possible. Do not forget to follow us to be informed of the latest related news!

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