Top 5 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors in New York

Welcome to the epicenter of top 5 Wholesale Hair Vendors in New York! In the bustling hub of the Big Apple, finding the finest wholesale hair vendors is a game-changer for quality and style. Our guide unveils the top 5 wholesale hair vendors, each a gem in New York’s vibrant hair industry.

These vendors aren’t just about selling hair; they’re trendsetters, curators of the latest styles, textures, and colors. Whether you seek premium extensions, wigs, or raw hair straight from the source, these vendors have you covered. From uptown luxury to downtown chic, each vendor offers a distinct flavor, catering to diverse preferences and clientele.

Navigate through our guide to discover the essence of these wholesale hair vendors in New York. Explore their specialties, from exquisite collections to exceptional customer service, ensuring that your hair needs are not just met but exceeded. Join us on a journey through the quintessence of hair excellence in the city that never sleeps!

An overall picture of wholesale hair vendors in New York

Many people must be thinking hair extensions supplied by wholesale hair vendors in New York came from local people. However, the fact is that the wholesale hair retailer in New York imports the hair material from Asian nations (e.g. Vietnam, China, India, etc.). In other words, hair extensions provided by these wholesale vendors in New York have the same quality as Asian hair extensions.

wholesale hair vendors in new york
Most hair raw materials come from Asian nations. Source: Daniel Alain

Hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors in New York could be classified into 2 ways: depending on the type of hair used for the extensions or based on the hair material used for the extensions. In the first way, there are 4 basic hair types in the market: virgin hair, remy hair, non-remy hair and synthetic hair. Secondly, some popular hair extensions from wholesale virgin hair vendors in New York are clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, weft hair extensions, i-tip hair extensions, wigs, and so on. 

The price of hair extensions in New York is quite expensive due to the high cost of labor and warehouse, and high taxes on imported raw materials. Therefore, it is more ideal to consider Asian hair extensions due to its affordability but still have the same quality.

5 Best wholesale hair vendors in New York

1. NYC Hair Warehouse

NYC Hair Warehouse, which is headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York’s inner city, is a black-owned wholesale hair vendor in New York. In 2019, the company was first established by three co-owners with the purpose of addressing hair-related issues for the women in the neighborhood. With exceptional hair quality and a dedicated workforce, NYC Hair Warehouse has been able to supply hair to diverse clients across the nation. They offer a wide range of products like wigs, bundles, frontals, closures, as long as accessories for special occasions.

NYC Hair Warehouse – 18017 Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY. Source: Popsugar

2. BUW Human Hair Factory Store

BUW Human Hair Factory Store has committed to use 100% human hair, 100% unprocessed hair. BUW insists on the M2C concept (from Manufacture to Customer) and offers customers the chance to buy premium hair straight from the production. Therefore, BUW retail location is not in the town center but rather in a quiet neighborhood to lower store rents. They have 7 warehouses in the US, among which is one based in New York city.

BUW Human Hair Factory Store – 5105 Flushing Ave Suite B, Queens, NY. Source: BUWUS

3. True Human Hair

True Human Hair is one of the most well-known wholesale hair vendors in NYC, Brooklyn and Jamaica. Its goal is to supply the general middle-class customers with the finest unprocessed Brazilian bundle hair products at the most affordable prices by cutting out the middlemen. By cutting the cost of store rents, True Human Hair offers customer quality products straight from the factories.

True Human Hair – 994 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Source: Brooklyn Hair

4. Bella Hair

If you are looking for wholesale virgin hair vendors in New York, Bella Hair is one of the most potential options. Located in Queens, New York. Bella supplies premium hair extensions in a variety of textures. The collection of choice varies from best hair bundles in NYC, 613 blonde hair bundles, lace frontal closure, full lace wig, front lace wig, etc. Besides, Bella Hair also has a variety of hair density and lengths in their products. In case you are too busy to go to the store, Bella Hair also provides dropping service for you.

Bella Hair New York – 8002 51st Ave, Queens, NY 11373, United States. Souce: Bella Hair Fanpage

5. Beauty Lucy Inc

Lastly, Beauty Lucy Inc, located in Manhattan, New York city, is ranked one of the best wholesale hair vendors in New York. They provide the top quality virgin unprocessed human hair such as Brazilian Hair at an affordable price with the best quality. Beauty Lucy Inc have more than 20 years of experience in the hair and beauty sector. As one of the best businesses on the east coast, they specialize in human hair wigs, designer wigs, lace wigs, braids, and weaving hair. Their quality check officers inspect each individual human hair weave, and their skilled professional stylists carefully plan and style each wig. To offer customers the best hair quality goods, Beauty Lucy Inc strictly collaborates with various manufacturers and professional hair stylists.

Beauty Lucy Inc – 46 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001. Source: Mapquest

What’s another choice for wholesale hair vendors in New York?

If you are still reluctant to choose one of above wholesale hair vendors in New York, there is another feasible choice for you. It is  obvious  that many countries today provide hair extensions besides wholesale hair vendors in NYC, including Vietnam.

Jen Hair Vietnam owns the largest factory in Vietnam. Source: Facebook

Jen Hair – a Vietnam wholesale distributor is the optimal choice for those considering buying hair extensions in New York due to its reasonable price and premium quality. Vietnamese hair extensions for New York hair vendors with a reliable and accessible source of raw materials for wholesale hair New York could ensure the supply of raw materials for wholesale hair vendors. Jen Hair offers a variety of hair extensions to wholesale hair merchants in New York so they may compete in this potential market. Jen Hair aims to elevate women’s beauty through  their magnificent hair looks by understanding their needs and wants. Besides, Jen Hair provides quick shipping service and 24/7 online assistance. 

Final thought

The article has listed 5 wholesale hair vendors in New York city, with both pros and cons. Carefully considering all factors would definitely help you find out the best vendors to go for your business. Jen Hair hopes that you can find this information helpful. Do you know any other wholesale hair vendors in New York? Feel free to leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you. 

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