I tip hair extensions wholesale: Everything you need to know

Are you intending to start your own hair business? Or, are you seeking to have more resources of knowledge for i – tip hair extensions wholesale?

Even if most individuals have already gained a substantial understanding of the topic of wholesale I-tip hair extensions, it is always a good idea to double-check critical information before moving further.

With that said, in this article, our priority goal is to clear up any questions you may have about selling hair extensions by providing comprehensive information about I Tip hair extensions wholesale.

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What are i Tip Hair Extensions?

I-tips hair extensions are a form of hair extensions that attach to natural hair with the help of metal cylinders or flattened microbeads. Although they are occasionally used interchangeably with micro links, they are actually distinct.

Known as hair extensions that use keratin to hold the air in place, the i Tip contains small hair tips that come together into bundles. These sections of hair are usually relatively small and neatly folded together.

I-tips differ from other hair extensions since they are made of individual hair strands that interlock with a cylinder piece to surround a person’s natural hair.

i tip hair extensions wholesale
What are I-tip hair extensions? Source: Google

The benefits of i Tip hair extensions

We will start by outlining the benefits of i Tip hair extensions. The numerous advantages and characteristics of purchasing these weaves will astound you.


You won’t need to purchase a new bundle or set of hair extensions if you ever desire to get them again because the I-tip hair extension can last longer with the best care. Using your previous I-tip hair, you can save more money while getting a hair extension.

Only I-Tip technology enables the reuse of particular hair extensions. Comparing the one-time adhesive method suggests considerable financial and personal gain for you.

Easy removal

Detaching these weaves will seem much easier if you find applying i-tip hair extensions to be uncomplicated. Look for the first bead. The bead must next be squeezed with pliers. The opening of all the beads will take a short while.

After the beads are removed, the I-shape tip will be simple to remove. The procedure for removing hair extensions is much simpler.

Excellent replacement for hot fusion

Cold fusion is the more popular term for I-tip hair extensions, whereas hot fusion refers to U-tip hair extensions. The extension process will take you close to three to four hours.

Additionally, you need a professional’s assistance to install the extensions. Regular maintenance is necessary for U-tip hair extensions. While wearing the U-tip hair weaves, you might experience a small pain. Because connections can melt under heat, hair strands can readily fall out. Therefore, the ideal substitute for the hot fusion technique is to use i-tip hair extensions.

The best feature is that I-tip hair extensions don’t require heat. The cold fusion process does not require glue, unlike U-tip hair extensions. Applying I-tip sticks is simple when using tiny beads. Micro or Nano rings are common names for these tiny beads. The size of the nanobeads is the only distinction between them and the microbeads.

Blend with natural hair

Your natural hair is able to move freely and “breathe” without being restricted by braids. Additionally, the extensions may be pulled into a fuss-free, natural-looking ponytail or topknot, increasing mobility. Click here to learn how to blend hair extensions naturally.

i tip hair extensions wholesale
Benefits of I-tip hair extensions – Source: Google


One of the safest options is using wholesale I-tip hair extensions, which don’t seriously harm the natural hair. The major benefits of i Tip hair extensions are that they look incredibly natural when added to your hair and have a long-lasting hold.

Stick tips can be attached at home

Without the assistance of a professional, those with the necessary tools and skills may install i-tip hair extensions at home easily. This is a major benefit for ladies who wish to save money on installation.

I-tip hair extensions wholesale overview

You’ve probably come to appreciate I-tip hair extensions wholesale as you may love using them or simply because you see there is a drastic high demand for them.

These hair extensions, which can be customized to meet individual consumers’ demands, are quickly becoming a staple in the cosmetics industry. Let’s look at some of the major points of this type in the wholesale industry:

  • Ideal clients: I-tip hair extensions are much sought after by American and European ladies alike. These people often have long hair; thus, they wish to make it even longer or thicker using i-tip hair.
  • Major suppliers: Most of the world’s wholesale I-tip hair extensions come from China and Vietnam. When compared to Vietnamese hair, which is recognized for its superior quality, hair extensions from Chinese suppliers are notable for their abundance and low cost.
  • Pricing: Because of the time and effort required for installation, the wholesale cost of I-tip hair extensions is often high. For instance, a complete head of hair in the ultra-short (shoulder length) I-tip style can set you back $300 with professional installation.

How to Choose the Right i Tip Hair Extensions For Wholesale

Choose The Right Hair

Before making a purchase, you should have a profound insight into the process of choosing I-Tip Hair Extension Wholesale. Depending on this understanding, you can avoid a lot of annoying problems.

  • Creating a list of the goods you want to buy: To help you organize your selling categories, each of the human hair extension types on this list should be given a name. You should start with medium-length, high-quality hair extensions because they are more affordable and make business promotion simpler.
  • Contacting wholesale hair suppliers: The factory’s management should ideally be contacted via the hotline provided on their official websites. To avoid being duped, thoroughly investigate a company’s history, production method, reviews, and certifications before contacting it.
  • Negotiating and signing a contract: Before concluding a deal with a wholesale hair supplier, talk about the quantity, standard, and price of the human hair extensions you plan to import. In order to get the most out of your hotel, don’t forget to look into payment choices and logistical services.
  • Making delivery and payment options: Skilled vendors will provide a variety of payment options. After signing the contract, you will nearly always be required to pay a 50% deposit of the whole cost. Remember that in order to prevent any surprises, you should regularly monitor your delivery.

Choose the right suppliers

Here are some noticeable points for choosing the right i Tip Extension suppliers:

  • The price: The cost of human hair extensions varies depending on each product’s length, style, and weight. Thus, to choose the suppliers that offer the best price, it’s recommended to compile a list and then ask for a price quotation to have a good comparison.
  • The buying location: Origin and destination will robustly influence the price of suppliers. Thus, looking at their location can help you identify whether they are suitable for your business.
  • Hair texture: “Quality comes first!”. To choose the right one, ask them to show you the texture (via video call or image) to know whether they sell high-quality products or not.
i tip hair extensions wholesale
Tips to buy I-tip hair extensions – Source: Google

Where to Buy i Tip Hair Extensions Wholesale?

As a modest and trustworthy hair maker since 2017, Jen Hair Vietnam has taken great delight in its position. Through 6 years of development, Jen Hair has grown to become Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of hair extensions. To better serve consumers’ requirements and preferences, we never stop trying to get better.

How special do i Tip Hair extension wholesale have?

  • High-quality products: We always prioritize the quality of the products first. Thanks to that focus, we can develop the chain of production significantly. The proof is that customers usually give positive and constructive opinions. We really appreciate that!
  • Various styles and quantities: Each bundle of hair from Jen Hair Vietnam comes in various styles, looks, and colors, so you can always be on trend. To better serve consumers’ requirements and preferences, we never stop trying to get better.
  • Reasonable cost: The cost of human hair extensions varies depending on each product’s length, style, and weight, yet, it will always be at wholesale price. Therefore, you are free to have your own choice.
  • Large factory with a professional sales team: We have made an investment in making the largest factory with a competent sales team that can address all of your concerns and inquiries when you contact us.
  • Fast delivery: You can order human i-tip hair extensions from any country via e-commerce, and we can be sent to you in no time.
i tip hair extensions wholesale
Jen Hair Vietnam will fascinate you – Source: JenHair

FAQs on i tip hair extensions wholesale

1. How to install I-tip hair extensions?

Although women can apply for these I-Tip hair extensions at home, a total procedure may be quite challenging. The beads and hair strands might easily confound a beginner. In this article, let’s learn how to attach i Tip hair extensions effectively.

Step 1: Parting your hair

Use your fingers or a tail comb to divide the section of your hair where the clips would go.

Step 2: Using a micro ring and the pulling needle

Onto the hook portion of a pulling needle, thread tiny rings.

Step 3: Determine locations to install hair

With the hook, seize a portion of your natural hair. Prepare to push the hair through the tiny ring with the other hand.

Step 4: Pull hair through the micro ring

Pulling the hair through the micro rings while holding the micro ring firmly in place requires the use of both hands and the pulling hook.

Step 5: Insert the pro tip extension

Insert the pro tip extensions between the micro ring and your natural hair after drawing your natural hair through the micro ring.

Step 6: Tighten the micro ring

A half inch or so should separate the mirroring from the scalp. With the extension tool, firmly close the ring while holding the ring and hair in place.

Step 7: Reapply pro tips to sought-after places

Apply the pro tips in the same manner to additional areas until the desired result is obtained.

2. What are the differences between i-tip hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions?

I-Tip Hair Extensions Clip In Hair Extensions
I-tips are a type of hair extension that uses keratin to keep the hair in place and consists of individual hair tips that are grouped together.

Micro rings and a tugging tool are used to apply I-Tip extensions to the hair. Then, for a cozy, secure attachment, the micro ring is pushed around the hair.

A full head of hair extensions can be installed using this technique in two to three hours.

The roots of your hair are clamped by hair wefts called clip-ins.

The best DIY alternative for temporary hair extensions is to use clip-ins, which you can apply and remove as needed for a weekend or a special occasion.

However, they do require some time, practice, and patience.

Final thoughts

Through this article, now you know more about i Tip hair extensions wholesale with some recommendations and advice.

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