How to store clip in hair extensions: Effective methods

How to store clip in hair extensions? Clip-in hair extensions go with the strength of fast fusion that is loved by girls. It makes your appearance fantastic and helps you say bye to unattractive hairstyles. 

Nevertheless, clip-in hair extensions have outstanding factors. The failure storage makes the hair tangled and frizzy. In this article, it is an honor for Jenhair to give girls tips on how to store clip-in hair extensions. The storing process below not only takes a few minutes but also keeps the hair extensions in the best shape possible.

Before How to store clip in hair extensions storage

It is worth saying that buying clip-in hair extensions is a type of investment since some items go at high prices. Before going with storing hair extensions, please point to some tips for maintenance before storing. Proper preparation helps much in boosting the lifespan of hair extensions.

Tip 1: Brush clip-in hair extensions

How to store clip in hair extensions? Brushing hair with a wide-toothed comb. Source: wikiHow

Before storing, girls must brush the hair extension carefully. To prevent the damage, you should brush gently with a wide-toothed comb. The process of brushing should start at the bottom. After the bottom is tidy, you go up with the root.

Tip 2: Washing before storing

Washing is a needed preparation before storing. Thanks to this step, the oil buildup or dirt shall be removed effectively. At best, using sulfate-free and paraben-free is friendly to hair. 

Tip 3: How to store clip in hair extensions: Dry the hair

Dry hair extension with a dryer. Source: ehowbeauty

If the hair extensions are wet, it is easy to get moldy when storing. You can use a clean towel or air dry to dry the hair. 

Tip 4: Sealing the clip-in hair extensions

Sealing the wefts before storing is a should. The step protects hair extensions from shedding. To start with this, girls can go to the hair salon to buy sealant for hair extensions. Then the sealant must be applied to both sides of the hair extensions. Sealing the clip-in hair extension maintains the thickness of the hair extension as much as the new.

Tip 5: How to store clip in hair extensions: Classify based on the color

Some sets of hair extensions have multiple colors. You can classify and mark the hair extensions following their color. 

Tip 6: Remove clip-in hair extensions every night

It is good to remove the hair extensions before girls go to bed. This nighttime helps protect hair extensions from tangled or breakage. For girls who usually deal with messy tangles in the morning, removing hair extensions at night is a solution. (If you still want to sleep with extensions overnight, you should check this post: How to sleep with your hair extensions the right way)

How to store clip in hair extensions?

After completing the steps of preparing, you can choose one of the below methods for storing the clip-in hair extensions.

Method 1: Original packaging

One of the easiest and quickest storage is keeping them in the original packaging. It can be a container or a bag. The packaging is appropriate if it is still in good condition. 

After storing, girls can store the storage in the bedroom or the bathroom, where it is convenient to get access. If you lose the original packaging, it is not a problem. You can use a resealable plastic bag or a box instead. This method of storage is suitable for both short and long storage.

Method 2: Professional storing bag for hair extension 

How to store clip in hair extensions?
How to store clip in hair extensions? Clear storage bag. Source: DHgate

Storing hair extensions in maintaining bags is the best choice for short storage. It is easy for girls to browse the needed ones. Moreover, it is space-saving. You can store it in the normal closet. The clear bag is the most suitable. Then you can see the insides. If you do not have a specialist hanger, you can use a pants hanger.

Method 3: Plastic tote and the extensions boxes insides

If girls want to maintain hair extensions for the long term, this is the best way. After putting the clip-in hair extensions in the see-through box, you put these boxes into the plastic tote. For fast searching, girls can label the box. Girls can write on the boxes the color or style. The same storage method can be applied to hair extensions stored in resealable plastic bags.

Method 4: Storage boxes

How to store clip in hair extensions?
Paper boxes for storing hair extensions. Source: AZ Hair

Specialist boxes, shoeboxes, or usual paper boxes are all good. This straightforward method keeps the hair in all good condition. After putting the hairpiece in the boxes, girls should place them in a dry and cool place. Especially please place them away from the sunlight.

Tips for how to store clip in hair extensions

  • Do not forget to close the container.
  • Focus on brushing the weft (you should start from the ends of the hair and then way up to the roots).
  • Ensure that the clips in hair extensions are away from the sunlight.
  • Dry the hair extensions completely before storing them.

FAQs on How to store clip in hair extensions

1. What is the lifespan of clips in hair extensions?

Clips in hair extensions can perform the perfect look from 3-6 months. If you do not use it frequently, it can last for over a year. If you wonder about the lifespan of other extensions, you should have a look at this post: How long do hair extensions last?

2. Can we reuse clips in hair extensions?

It is free to remove and re-attach hair extensions. 

3. How often does the hair extension need maintenance?

Taking care of hair extensions with deep conditioning once a week is a good habit. 

4. Which type of hair care product is appropriate for clips in hair extensions?

Girls should choose a natural product to not cause harm to their hair extensions. Hair shampoo and hair care extract from Argan or Almond Oil is lovely.

Final thoughts

Hair extensions lose their qualification from time to time if the correct maintenance steps are not applied. For a set of clips in hair extensions that are not in use, storing them in the proper container can help keep the perfect look after a long time. This article comes with various information about storing clips in hair extensions. However, if you have any further concerns about the topic, please feel free to put your comment below the article for assistance from Jenhair.

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