How to store hair extensions? Advice for beginners

Girls love hair extensions because they can help their hair long in a second. Choosing an appropriate hair extension is not a piece of cake. It is why girls search for how to store hair extensions to increase their longevity. Maintaining hair extensions doesn’t take as much time as you think. Let’s go through the best tips.

Why do we need to store hair extensions?

how to store extensions
Good storing helps extend the lifespan of hair extensions

Hair extensions shall be more wearable if you store them properly. If the hair extensions get tangled, the beauty of them shall go down and down each time you try to detangle them. Moreover, you need to work hard with your hands to open tangled hair extensions. It is not only annoying but also wasting time. Instead of wasting a ton of time with messy extensions, it only takes you some minutes to keep them tidy.

5-second Methods to store hair extensions

1. Store extensions with a box

Storing extensions in the box to prevent dirt
Storing extensions in the box to prevent dirt

If you do not use the hair extension much, storing hair extensions in the box is a perfect method. You can use a  box to store the hair extensions. A box that can prevent sunlight is the most suitable. The shoe box seems to be a frequent choice. Storing hair extensions with the box is easy with the below simple steps.

  • Open the tangled hair politely with your hand or the hair iron. 
  • Then brush the hair extensions until you can feel smooth.
  • Twist the hair in one direction.
  • Put the hair into the box.
  • Close the box.
  • Put the box into the closet or the cabinet.

2. Store extensions with the hangers

Storing extensions in the closet is appropriate for frequent use
Storing extensions in the closet is appropriate for frequent use

If you dress as a fashionista, you may change the hairstyle regularly thanks to hair extensions. In this case, storing hair extensions with hangers shall be the best way. You can easily take the hair extensions out whenever you want them.

You can use the hangers created specialized for hair extension or even the regular ones. With one hanger, you can store a ton of hair extensions. Guidance on how to store hair extensions with hangers is posted here for your reference.

  • Brush the hair until you feel completely smooth.
  • Hang the hair extension on the hanger.
  • Put the hangers into the closet to prevent the absorption of dirt.

3. A storage bag is a useful assistant

Salons like to keep the hair extension with the storage bag
Salons like to keep the hair extension with the storage bag

If you use hair extensions daily and they come from luxury brands, storing the hair extensions in the storage bag is the method designed for you. The storage bag made particular for the hair extension is easy to combine with a hanger. How to store hair extensions is simple as well.

  • Untangle the hair extensions.
  • Put the hair extensions into the bag.
  • Clip the hair extensions by the hanger.
  • Hang the bag in your closet.
  • A small note for girls

It is a must to hang the hair extensions in a closet or a drawer longer than the length of the hair extensions. Put a towel at the bottom of the hair extension to keep the drawer clean. 

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Advice on how to store hair extensions

A proper routine is the basis of all answers to the question of how to store extensions. Please take note of the below key things.

  1. Same as natural hair, hair extensions need to air dry. Please dry the hair extensions in one direction to avoid tangling them.
  2. Making the extension straight with a hair iron is a good habit. Then you can use a comb to make it more perfect.
  3. Drying the hair extensions before storing them is extremely important since wet hair can get dirty quickly. Moreover, wet hair is of favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. 
  4. In addition, to avoid the smell of hair extensions, it is a must to store hair extensions in a dry place.
  5. A storage case or box deem to be the best place to store extensions. It can help avoid the extreme effect of the UV dray on hair extensions.

FAQs on storing hair extensions

1. How to store extensions while traveling?

Traveling and taking pictures is the hobby of girls. Hair extensions shall bring the girl an amazing look. After a date of adventure, girls don’t forget to untangle hair extensions and maintain them. If you have a big suitcase, you can store the hair intensions in the box. And then arrange the box into the suitcase. If you have a small suitcase, you can buy a storage traveling designed for hair extensions. The above methods shall take you only a few minutes.

2. How to revive the hair extensions after the wrong storing?

Because of the inappropriate storage, hair extensions can get damaged. However, there is no need to worry because we can help you deal with this. The tip is shared with you below.

  • Prepare a sink or a big bowl. Fill the sink with warm water.
  • Add to the water some conditioner.
  • Soak the hair extension and leave it for about 12 hours.
  • Use cool water to clean the hair.
  • Hang the hair extensions and let them dry naturally. 
  • Pray to the extensions some hair care oil. This step helps the hair become smoother.
  • Brush the hair slowly and slowly to detangle.

The above steps help bring the hair extension back to life which helps you save money on buying a new hair extension.

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Final thoughts

Modern girls need to know how to store hair extensions fast and effectively. The good habit of maintaining helps to keep the quality of the hair. Rather than catching annoying with your wallet by buying new hair extensions, you can widen the life span with some free tips. If you have any difficulties in storing hair, please leave a comment. Helping you with your concerns is our pleasure.

If you have any questions on this topic, please leave a comment below!

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