How to apply tape in hair extensions to thin hair?

Changing the outlook with tape-in hair extensions is a new method. And tape-in hair extensions differ because of the advantages it brings to. It is popular for fast and gentle installation. Moreover, reusing is feasible. Even the friendly tape-in hair extensions attaching technique is that, to not damage thin hair, you should go with the right steps; the wrong procedure can cause stress or strand hair. However, no need to worry. This article of Jenhair shall help you with the concern of how to apply tape-in hair extensions to thin hair.

Hair extension fusion for thin hair seems to be the work of specialists. Fortunately, you can do it yourself with the help of this step-by-step guide. We built the guide based on the sharing of experienced hairdressers who are the most effective and save time.

How to apply tape in hair extensions to thin hair?

how to apply tape in hair extensions to thin hair
Applying tape in hair extensions to thin hair needs a proper technique

Step 1: Clean your hair

Cleaning hair is very important. This step helps hair extensions last longer. No special technique is needed for the step, wash your hair as usual and then dry it. 

Step 2: Divide hair into parts

Make a horizontal part on your scalp at the top of the head. The perfect line should be an inch from the neck. You can use a comb or a finger to part them. After you complete the attachment, the conjunctions of hair extensions are hidden by the upper hair.

Step 3: Tie up the top hair

Tying up the upper hair helps the process go smoother

Section off the part of the hair upper the horizontal part with hair ties or hair clips. If the hairpiece falls when you apply tape to hair extensions, the step completely secures the process of fusion hair extensions.( If you do not know how to tie your hair up with tape in extensions, you should follow this guide.)

Step 4: Make up thin hair portions

For the non-tied hair part, removing thin portions is a needed preparation for hair extension attachment. Each hair strand should be very thin. At best, it should be 1⁄8 inch (0.32 cm). Thin sandwiching hairs attach better with the adhesive tape of hair extensions. You can surf your hand through the hair and check if your hand can feel the hair of every movement.

Step 5: Measure the hair portions

By measuring the hair portions you take out, you can know how many hair extensions are needed for them. Using a ruler or a tape measure is all good. 

Step 6: Apply tape in hair extensions to thin hair

The step of applying needs patience

After having hair extensions with appropriate width, you attach them under the portion of natural hair. First, you open the strip covering the adhesive. Using your hand to press the part adhesive to make the fusion. Do the same procedure with the upper part of the hair portion to complete the fusion. There is a note that the top and bottom of the hair extension must be stuck together. 

When everything stickers well, you need pliers to fasten them. If your hair extension is still loose, the hair portion seems to be over thick. To deal with the matter, you only need a simple step of removing some hair.

Step 7: Go on with the other parts of the hair

Repeat the steps until the expected hair extensions are attached to natural hair. For a convenient process, preparing the precise number of extensions is important. Usually, it takes five rows of tape-in hair extensions. It may need more rows of hair extensions if you want a more voluminous hairstyle.

Note: It can destroy your passion hairstyle if the upper hair is too thin and can not cover the conjunction of tape in hair extensions. Leaving a thick upper shall is better for girls having thin hair.

Tips for caring tape in hair extensions

Hair extensions from Jenhair were outstanding because of their permanent look and long lifespan. Nevertheless, we encourage girls to take 10 to 15 minutes to look after their hair every morning. Small steps help your hair be out of tangle or strained.

Tip 1: Do not skip brushing your hair

It is prone for hair to be tangled. However, no need to worry. You can deal with this with a comb. Brushing the hair two times a day brings you a natural and fresh look and helps the hair extension be in place.

Tip 2: Secure the hair when you sleep

Braiding prevents the hair from tangling

Frequently, at night, people regularly turn left and then turn right before having a deep sleep. To avoid tangled hair, you can secure the hair by pulling it with a tie or braiding it. Besides, silk pillows are the most friendly to hair. Hence, it is the best choice for girls having thin hair.

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FAQs on applying tape in hair extensions

How much time does it spend applying for tape-in hair extensions?

For those who are professional or have experience before, it takes about 20 minutes. The accurate time depends on the targeted hairstyle and the amount of hair extension for fusion.

What is the lifespan of tape-in hair extensions?

After removing, you can store tape-in hair extensions for reusing

It depends on the growth of your hair. If the hair grows long, the hair extensions seem to be no longer appropriate to natural hair. In general, you should remove tape in hair extensions after every 3 – 4 months of use. The reason is that when the hair is longer, the tapes used as conjunctions move away from the hair root. At this time, the upper hair can not hide the conjunctions anymore. 

However, it is not the whole life of tape-in hair extensions. For girls, who know how to store hair extensions after use, the hair extension can be re-used from time to time. If you wonder how long tape-in extensions last, check this post: How long do hair extensions last?

Final thoughts

For those who are newbies, tape-in hair extension fusion is challenging. Determining the exact amount of hair placed between the wefts is worth the key point for success. Fortunately, you can follow our step-by-step guide and take away the tip. The technique brings bouncy to your hair naturally. If you have any difficulty when applying tape in hair extensions, please feel free to contact Jenhair for further assistance.

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