How to remove wig glue from skin? 5 Easy methods to follow

Do you think that glue is a perfect tool for maintaining alignment and has no annoying stuff related to your wig? The trouble lies in the final stage when you remove your wig from your hair. Can you guess it?  

Well, it is when you find it challenging to seek ways of how to get wig glue off skin. So, have you asked yourself how to remove wig glue from skin without ripping off the edges, harming your scalp and natural hair? 

Anyway, methods of how to remove wig glue from skin are not too complicated because we will provide you with a series of efficient approaches for removing wig adhesive in detail. 

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How does wig glue work?

Wig glue is an incredibly secure type of wig attachment. In the removal process, it could potentially take out your natural hair. It is advisable that you should avoid wig glue if you have hair or sensitive skin.

Thanks to its easy-to-use features, wig glue is a transparent, stain-free roll-on adhesive. Wig adhesive is malleable and may be readily removed with water; it will move with your skin rather than remain stiff in one place. Wig adhesive secures your wig so tightly in place that it can be simple to overheat. Avoid using wig adhesive if you experience overheating while wearing a wig.

Additionally, you can use your wig adhesive to fasten other items like nylons, shoulder straps, pantyhose, socks, orthopedic devices, and more.

how to remove wig glue from skin
Removing wig glue from skin is easier than you expect. Source: Cantik Cosmetic

How to remove wig glue from skin?

How to remove wig glue from skin without damaging the edges may be one of the most common questions asked by a large number of women around the world. Directly pulling a wig off your head can be uncomfortable and quickly inflate your skin. 

So, today we’ll provide you with some effective methods on how to rapidly remove the lace wig adhesive. 

Remove wig glue from skin by using warm water

Using warm water is the most popular, natural, and dedicated method of removing glue from your natural hair and is also the most time-consuming one. 

  • Step 1: Using a towel or tissue that has been rinsed in warm water, gently pull the lace wig away from your head while wiping the lace glue area on your forehead. Additionally, you can even combine warm water with salt, soda, olive oil, tea tree oil, or another flavoring.
  • Step 2:  After that, you can pour the mixture into an empty container and spritz it along your hairline.  The process can require several bottle refills to be completed.
  • Step 3: You can then put on a wig cap and let the water soak into your hair for ten to fifteen minutes.

The lace wig may be taken off quickly and safely with this technique. And the glue is also removed as well when the wig is taken off your hair. 

how to remove wig glue from skin
Using warm water is the most popular method of removing glue from your natural hair. Source: Lavivid Hair

Remove wig glue from skin by using oils

Oil can be a clever solution if your hairline has suffered enough damage and you want to use something that won’t make the drying issue worse. Any type of oil will work for your hairline, including ones for your skin, hair, and even babies. 

  • Step 1: Pour oil into a paper towel
  • Step 2: Then begin to wipe glue with it as if you were using a makeup wipe.
  • Step 3: To assist burn off the adhesive on the lace front, gently lift the lace and allow the oil to permeate.
  • Step 4: Continue using oil on your forehead to completely remove the adhesive from your napkin after the lace can be removed comfortably.
how to remove wig glue from skin
Oil can be a clever solution if your hairline has suffered enough damage. Source: ORS Hair Care

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Method 3: Using Vaseline or emollient oil

Vaseline and emollient oil are the best remedies for erasing lasting stains on our skin. 

  • Step 1: Vaseline should be applied sparingly and left to sit on the lace wig adhesive for a few minutes.
  • Step 2: In a similar manner, use the wet cloth to remove all of the Vaseline. You must make as many attempts to remove the glue in this way until it is completely gone.

Emollient oil can also be used as an adhesive. You can either wipe it open and massage it into the scalp for a while, or you can wipe it till the entire amount is poured in. This allows you to swiftly remove the glue from skin. If you’re seeking for a hair remover that will get rid of hair more quickly, keep in mind that it will be hazardous to your scalp.

how to remove wig glue from skin
The greatest solutions for removing stubborn stains from our skin are Vaseline and emollient oil. Source: Donmily

Remove wig glue from skin by using acetone

Without a question, the most popular chemical for removing dry wig adhesive is acetone. 

  • Step 1: Simply apply the liquid to the wig glue with a spritz or dab
  • Step 2: Allow it to sit for approximately a minute.
  • Step 3: Then gently comb the glue out. Please add some more if it doesn’t move.

However, it is quite damaging to the skin and should not be used for an extended period of time. Women who are expecting should avoid using it. Not to mention its dehydrating characteristics and its oppressive smells.

Remove wig glue from skin by using rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is possibly the most straightforward method of wig glue removal. Also known as isopropyl alcohol, it will assist in dissolving and washing away the potent adhesive, enabling you to remove the wig securely and with little difficulty.

  • Step 1: Rub some alcohol on a cotton ball and dab it around the hairline or spray some alcohol on the edge using a bottle.
  • Step 2: Put on a shower cap and give the adhesive five to ten minutes to absorb the alcohol.
  • Step 3: Once the glue has loosened, gently tug on the wig, removing small pieces at a time, until the complete human lace wig has been removed from your head. Remember to keep applying alcohol to help raise the wig if you experience any pain while doing so to prevent ripping or tearing.
how to remove wig glue from skin
Rubbing alcohol is possibly the most straightforward method of wig glue removal. Source: Lifehacker


1. Is it necessary to clean my skin after removing wig glue from skin?

When you have successfully removed a sizable amount of the glue, don’t forget to wash away any remaining bits with soap and water. Before putting the wig back on, it could be a good idea to take a shower and wash your real hair. The lace wig lasts longer when the skin is clean, the scalp is healthy, and the hair is natural.

2. Is it okay to use wig glue remover?

It is important to note that prolonged use damages skin and, in certain cases, causes redness and itchiness at the hairline in persons with sensitive skin or alcohol allergies. As a result, it is not advised that you employ this technique too regularly.

3. Is it necessary to wash and clean my wig after removing wig glue from skin?

To prevent harming the human hair in your lace wig, you must wash and condition it using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after wearing it for more than two weeks.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we hope you take enough time to practice all the methods we described above once you have learned how to remove wig glue from skin. Remember to wash, dry, and style your hairpiece each time you take off your wig in addition to caring for your real hair. After some practice, you’ll discover that using glue is actually not that difficult.

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