How to braid hair for wig? The ultimate guideline for beginners 

Braided wigs are ideal for people who desire a stunning long braided hairstyle but don’t want to wait till their hair has grown. If you have a wig, would you style it and change your hairstyles in a second? Is that your dream? 

However, have you successfully found any reliable resources of information to absorb how to braid hair for wig? 

Don’t worry! We are here today to help you investigate wig braiding in a very simple way that can fascinate you. 

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How to braid hair for a wig?

Once you own a wig, it means that you have extra space to work on your hairstyle. You may get braided hair whenever you like without wasting time at the hair salon. The braid is extremely simple to take out without damaging your natural hair.

how to braid hair for wig
Knowing how to braid hair for wig will benefit you a lot when restyling your hairstyle. Source: Morgan Taylor

What you need:

  • A wig cap
  • A piece of lace
  • A mannequin head
  • Spins and sharp scissors
  • Sewing needles
  • Thread
  • A comb
  • A hairbrush
  • Hair cream
  • A lighter

Step 1: Preparing your wig and your wig cap

Prior to beginning the braided wig process, you must prepare your wigs properly by cutting them to your liking. The cap is then secured to the mannequin’s head in the desired size. Use the thread and needles you have ready to adjust your hat if it is too big.

Step 2: Making the braided wig’s lace closure

You will cut a piece of lace, position it where you want it, secure it with spins, and then stitch it. You must make sure that the lace piece is securely attached. Because the braid’s weight might be too much for the delicate cloth to bear. You don’t want to harm your wig, do you?

Step 3: Making the braids 

To braid a wig, take a little section of your hair extension and thread it through the needle’s eye and the cap. Pull the wig’s end out and hang it from the wig cap after that.

After laying a foundation, add a bit more hair extension and start braiding or twisting it like you would actual hair. Continue until the cap is completely covered with braids. It is important to carefully fill the lace closure so as not to rip or tear the fabric. 

To lighten it up, you can braid the front less tightly. Additionally, you can braid the thread around the closure to complete it. The thread will lessen the tension on the thin lace and prevent it from ripping.

how to braid hair for wig
Making the braids is not as challenging as people have expected. Source: Allure

Step 4: Finishing braiding your wig

If you want to finish braiding your wig quickly and easily, just run a lighter through the end instead of trimming it. Then, you should put your wig in hot water for a while when you have finished.

Next, remove it, pay any moisture off with a towel, and use hair cream to give your wig a shiny appearance.


1. What is the most common style to wear my hair under the wig?

The most popular method to wear braid hair under a wig is Cornrows. It provides a flatter surface than braided hair. Even though it only provides a small amount of access to the scalp, the hair is safeguarded and is less likely to be lumpy or bulky underneath the wig. 

2. Besides cornrows, which one can I make use of?

The answer is the French braids. Despite not being as flat as other styles, braids allow for hair protection, making maintenance simpler for women. In addition, it makes it simpler to get to the scalp when you want to wash or nourish your hair.  

how to braid hair for wig
Cornrow is one of the most favorite hairstyles voted for by thousands of women in the world. Source: IPSY

3. What is the quickest style to wear under a wig? 

Although hair twists are said to be the quickest style to wear underneath a wig, they are also the least preferred. A twist is simple to make, but it tangles and frizzes more quickly than braids or cornrows. If you decide to use this technique, keep in mind to make them small so they won’t cause lumps below the wig.

4. Which type is suitable best for short hair?

If you have short hair, slicking back your hair with gel will work well. You just need to brush your hair and use gel to smoothen the hairline. Grab one of the two strands from your middle parting and pull it back as if you were attempting to pull it into a tight ponytail. Twist it until a snail-like roll begins to form. 

The hair may need to lie flat against your head’s back. We advise using a few pins to secure the flat bun. On the opposite side, repeat.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we believe that you now know the answer to the question about how to braid hair for wig. Simply said, braiding is the best method for laying a solid foundation for the installation of your new wig.

We hope that this article is extremely helpful for every woman who finds it challenging to restyle their wig flexibly. 

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