How to remove hair extensions at home?

Hair extensions are now a beauty trend among women because of its multiple benefits. From making your hair thicker and longer to hiding your bad haircut, hair extensions will help you achieve the hair goal that you have had from all time.

However, it is unfortunate to say that hair extensions won’t last forever (If you wonder how long hair extensions last, check this post). Depending on the type you choose, your hair extensions will be meant to stay for about 4 weeks or 4 months. After that time, you will need to replace or remove your hair extensions in order to protect your hair from damage. One of the most common questions we hear about is how to remove hair extensions at home. If you are wondering about this issue, check out this article to find out the easy ways to remove hair extensions while staying at home!

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How to remove hair extensions at home?

How to remove hair extensions at home

The first thing you need to do before removing your hair extensions is identifying the type of hair extensions that you have installed. Depending on the type you choose, there will be different ways to remove your hair extensions, so keep reading to find out the correct way to remove your hair extensions. 

Note: Before we start, please make sure your natural hair and any hair extensions you plan to remove are both clean and fresh.

Remove tape in hair extensions

Remove tape-in hair extensions

Tape in extensions are deemed to be the simplest sort of hair extension to be removed because of how dedicatedly the connection method applied to the hair. As some hair expert’s advice: Tape-in extensions should be removed and replaced every eight weeks. 

When it’s time to remove, all you need is a hand sanitizer or oil solution. Just by applying or spraying them to your hair extensions row by row, you can easily break up the tape. The trick is to thoroughly soak the band and work the product in. When the type is released, you need to use the comb to remove anything left. 

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Remove sew in hair extensions

As the name suggests, with sew-ins, the hair extensions are sewn into your cornrows. Two important things you will need to remove sew-in extensions are a scissors and a mirror. It is advised to use the mirror to see your back and then slowly take the scissors to cut the thread that’s attached to the weft of hair. After you have removed the extensions, the next step is unbraid your hair. In this stage you will need to make an effort to find the end of your braid and then start undoing them.

Remove sew-in hair extensions
Remove sew-in hair extensions (Source: Pinterest)

In the event that you are not confident doing the removal yourself, some experts advise you to go to a salon to seek the assistance of the professional because it is easy to accidentally cut your original hair while removing the sew-in extension yourself.

Remove micro rings hair extensions

This is one of the most popular techniques on the market today. The fact that micro ring extensions allow for the installation of hair extensions without the need of adhesive, heat, or braids. Therefore, some customers prefer this connection method over other techniques. 

Remove micro rings hair extensions

With micro rings removal, you will need to use a micro-extension piler in order to open the rings in the opposite direction from how they were installed. Once the rings are squeezed, you can pull the extensions out of the rings gently and pry out any knots with your fingertips before using a pintail comb to gently remove any build-up or remaining knots. 

Take care of your hair after removing hair extensions

Regardless of the type of your hair extensions, taking care of your hair in the post-extension removal stage is a crucial step. After removing all of your extensions, please ensure to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo. It is highly recommended to use a scalp detox treatment and double cleansing to wash your hair for the purpose of removing the dead skin as well as any buildup left on your hair. 

Moreover, a good hair mask or treatment to help your hair stay moisturized is a big need. You can take into consideration some soothing ingredients such as aloe vera. The post-extension stage will require you to take the time and a little extra care, so please be patient to get your hair healthy.

Final thoughts

Removing hair extensions can seem challenging. However, in the event that you are not able to go to a salon or to have a professional hairstylist do it for you, it is absolutely possible for you to remove your hair extension yourself while staying at home. If you are well prepared and simply follow the above removal methods that we have provided, removing hair extensions at home will not be impossible anymore.

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