How to put in tape in hair extensions in 2 minutes?

Do you want to change your hairstyle often?  You want to layer different hair colors? All can be done with tape in hair extensions. With this hair extension, your outfits will be transformed perfectly, changing hair color or hair length will no longer depend on natural hair. Moreover, you can do super fast hair extensions right at home without having to spend a few boring hours at the hair salon. You should follow this article to know how to put in tape in hair extensions

9 Steps to put in tape in hair extensions

We will break it down into small steps so that you can easily visualize in detail how to install tape in hair extensions. However, do not panic because the total steps only take a few minutes to complete. Without saying much more, let’s take the steps one by one:

Step 1: Wash your hair

Make sure your head is clean before you are trying to use anything on it. Wash and dry your hair completely before starting. That way, your extensions will last longer! 

If you’ve got dirty hair when you’re trying to stick the wefts, they’ll be off quicker, usually at the worst time possible. Like when you’re standing together with your friends and running your fingers through your hair, and suddenly an enormous patch comes in your hand.

How to put in tape in hair extensions in 2 minutes?
Should have a clean hair before styling and wearing hair extensions

Step 2: Make a part across your scalp

About an inch from the nape of your neck, use your finger or a comb to form a horizontal part. you may apply the tape in hair extensions near the road made by the part. This way, your upper hair will hide the clips.

Make a part across your scalp close to the nape

Step 3: Section of the highest hair for applying extensions

You can use a hair tie or hair clips to secure all the hair above the part line. Just confirm it’s completely secured. you do not want any hair falling down and entering into the way while you’re securing your extensions.

Section of the highest hair for apply tape in hair extensions

Step 4: Remove a skinny portion of your hair from the non-clipped part

The idea is to sandwich a skinny strand of hair below your part line between top and bottom extensions. The strand of hair you’re sandwiching must be very thin, about 1⁄8 inch (0.32 cm). This is often therefore the tape on both extensions can stay through the hair. Grab a really thin strand of hair from the hair below your part line about the length of 1 extension. confirm the hair is thin enough your fingers can feel each other through the hair.

Remove a skinny portion of your hair from the non-clipped part

Step 5:Measure the section

Before attaching the extension, use a cloth tape measurer to live the section of hair that you simply parted. This way, you’ll determine what percentage pieces of the tape in the hair extension you’ll have to add along that section of hair. try this for each section hair and tape

use a cloth tape measurer to live the section of hair that you simply parted

Step 6: Applying the bottom tape in hair extensions under the thin portion

It’s easiest to start out from the underside of your scalp and work your high. Start your first row in. or two up from the underside of your scalp. employing a comb, part your hair evenly. Pull the highest half up and secure it, leaving the underside half hanging down.

Applying the bottom tape in hair extensions under the thin portion

Step 7: Gather a awfully thin section of your hair

Take the top tape in hair extensions. After removing the tape covering that extension, endure the top of your strand of hair. the top and bottom extension should stay. Then press them along with pliers for a few seconds to secure them.

A good way to tell if your section is thin enough is to connect the underside extension in situ, flush against your scalp. Once you’ve done that, use your finger to work out if you’ll be able to feel the stickiness of the tape through your own layer of hair. If not, use your comb to carefully pull a number of your hair off of the tape. After you can feel the sticky, attach the top extension.

Just make super extra sure that they are stuck to every other, so water won’t get between them while you’re showering and make them start up.

check the strength of the adhesive joints

Step 8: Repeat the process to apply tape in hair extensions

Move across your side part, repeating this process until you’ve added all the extensions. The precise number of extensions you’re adding depends on the dimensions of your head. You may likely use about 5 rows of hair extensions or more, reckoning on how voluminous you wish your hairstyle to be.

If you intend to feature extensions on the perimeters of your head, leave 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair out horizontally, closest to the ear, then continue applying the extensions.

If you’ve got a skinny hairline, leave about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair out across your entire hairline before adding extensions, just to make sure that your hair has enough density to hide the tape-ins without making them noticeable.

Repeat the process to apply tape in hair extensions

Step 9: Cut and restyle

After completing your hair extension, the combination of the tape in extension and your own hair may not be natural. Therefore, you need to brush your hair so that they can combine perfectly, combining 2-3 times.

If your hair is a bit longer than tape in extensions, and already layered, you shouldn’t have problems blending your hair into your new extensions.  However, if you have a short, blunt cut, you’re going to have to do some to fix your hair to get a perfect look.

Extensions are prone to tangling. To keep your hair looking fresh and natural, brush your hair at least twice a day while your extensions are in place. And take extra time to take care of your hair.

Cut and restyle for your hair after install tape in extensions

Advice on putting in tape in hair extensions

In addition to the 9 steps to install tape in  hair extensions to the best. We just give you some tips below to ensure the longevity of your hair extensions:

1. Need a support

It would be better if you had an extra support person. This friend will help you adjust to safe positions behind your head where your vision is not clear. This way, the hair extension process will definitely go more smoothly. In case you do it yourself, you should still have 2 supporting mirrors. One for the front, one for the reflection of the back of the head.

2. Stick to stick

The basic principle of tape in hair extensions is that your real hair will be sandwiched between two pieces of glued hair. The tape will be strongest if it is properly positioned, it means the two pieces are parallel and equal. You should note this point to ensure the longest lifetime of hair extensions.

3. Be sure to a safe zone

Depending on different hair types, the safe zones will be different. Thin hair has another safe zone, short hair has another one. You should be sure about the safe area for your hair so that the hair extensions have a long life. If you do not know your safe zone, you can refer to some articles on Jenhair’s website.

Tape in hair extensions are the perfect hair extensions

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Final thoughts

Tape in hair extension is really a superior solution for everyone because of its convenience. After preparing well the preparation steps, it really only takes you 2 minutes to have beautiful hair with tape in. We hope that after this article you already know how to put in tape in hair extensions. If you have any other questions about applying tape in hair extensions, don’t hesitate to comment below to let us know.

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