How to cut hair extensions in the right way?

Hair extensions help your hair come from short to long after one sleeps. And blending them can help them be in harmony with your natural hair. To have a natural look of hair extensions, besides color match, perfect cutting shall help much. Hence, some girls find themselves in a salon to trim their hair extensions. It is ideal since they never struggle with preparing, cutting, or cleaning. Nonetheless, rarely, all of us have our favorite salon that is near our house. Then, some girl finds out how to cut hair extensions at home. The method introduced by us is an instant method which is timesaving, easy to follow, and effective. Now, let’s get started!

Cutting the hair extensions is necessary

How to cut hair extensions in the right way?

Cutting and trimming the hair extensions make them become in harmony with the natural hair. Every type of hair needs different techniques for trimming, cutting, and layering. For instance, the hairdresser often uses the layering technique to deal with the hair extensions of girls having short hair. Don’t be surprised if inches of hair extensions are cut off. This is a worthy and must-have step to achieving natural hair.

Cutting hair extensions and the preparation

Perfect preparation helps the next steps of cutting go smoothly. Make sure that the hair extensions are installed precisely with the style you wish your hair is. A girl should part her hair into some sections. This is a required step that simplifies the cutting. Standing up when cutting is in the right position. Girls can see well what their hair looks like after cutting.

Note: Don’t get into the trimming when your hair is wet. You cannot see the color or the shape of hair extensions thoroughly. It is wise to cut the hair when it is dry. You can easily know the accurate length and density of a small step of measuring. 

Regarding the tool for cutting, using a standard type of scissors should be avoided. Specialized tools for hair extensions are recommended. Generally, you should have the below:

  • A front and back mirror
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • Hair pliers
  • Hair ties
  • Hair clips
  • Hair shears
  • A tool kit for attaching hair extensions

How to cut hair extensions at home

Step 1: Attaching the hair extensions

This step is for girls who have not attached the hair extensions yet. You cannot know what the desired length of the hair extension is for cutting until you have a fusion of hair extensions since the curves and the buoyancy of hair differs from person to person. 

If the hair extension needs hot fusion, girls need the service from the hairdresser for attaching. On the other hand, if your hair extensions’ styles are tape-ins, halos, or clip-ins, you can have the fusion at home. 

Step 2: Brushing and parting your hair

After you install the hair extensions, brushing your hair is needed. Do the step gently to prevent damaging the hair extensions or their conjunctions. From there, you divide the hair into parts. How many parts depend on the type of hair that you wish to have. Generally, there are three choices. 

  1. For trimming, the hair is usually divided into four sections. Two sections are in the front of the head. And the rest are in the back. Pulling tight other quarters when you work in a quarter is shared by the hairdresser that helps the step go perfectly.
  2. This tip is for girls who want to have a bob style of hair. The hair should be divided into two parts that are down the middle. Let’s divide it into two equal parts.
  3. The layering technique of the hairstyle impresses people with a ton of contrast. For a layered haircut, you pull the hair in a ponytail style. Each level of hair ponytail gives a different look. You do not want sharp layers. Then the hair should be pulled low. A medium ponytail provides you with more layers. And last, you gain tremendous, flowing layers if you have a high ponytail. Moreover, it enhances the colour of hair.

Step 3: Cutting the hair extensions

Before enjoying the cutting, let’s go through methods that you can apply. This article gives you a collection of different methods used by professional hairdressers.

  • Blunt cutting

There is no cutting technique that is simpler than blunt cutting. Hence, people go with various styles to execute cuts. Generally, you place your fingertips to wrap the hair in the middle. Depending on the expected length of hair, move the fingertips to where the hair needs cutting and do the chop off.

  • Feathering cutting

Feathering cutting is also called point cutting. Good technique of point cutting ends of sharp, unsightly lines. Point cutting was used by hairdressers to bring the perfect outlook to girls.

  • Slicing

With Slicing, girls can reshape their face-framing. It is easier to get a dream face than any other ever. No one can neglect the soft and delicate face frame given by the technique.

To slice, first, you divide the hair into two parts. Hold your hair with one hand. Then move the scissor from the center to the end of the hair. Diagonal motion is needed for this technique.

  • Slithering

Slithering creates softer and smoother layers compared to Slicing. The move of slithering is simple. First, open the shear and place it in the middle of the shaft. Then move the shears down from the middle to the end. For the correct technique, the shear must be open all time. 

Tips for cutting hair extensions

Don’t cut it too short

The hair extensions may be out of use if you cut them too short. What you can do is shorten the hair slowly and slowly. Setting the scissors above 0.2 inches from where you want the level of hair is smart.

Curl your hair after cutting

Curls and waves of hairstyle can hide the blemishes effectively. You appear with a natural look nevertheless, which haircut techniques are applied. (If you do not know how to curl your hair extensions, you should read this post.)

Prevent too much natural hair appear on the head at the top

Don’t let yourself become a girl with mullet hair. Ensuring the mane is cut, the short natural hair will look perfect with the long extensions.

Mark the hair extensions

If your outlook needs lots of hair extensions, you can use the paper tag or marker to differentiate the wefts to prevent mass-up. It is convenient for girls who usually change their hairstyle. She will never be confused when re-installing the hair extensions.

Final thoughts

Are you unhappy with the length or the style of your hair? Cut it to get better. No matter the style of hair extensions it is, the above steps can work effectively. It is wonderful to be free to create your favorite hairstyle and receive the best result. If you have any concerns about the steps of cutting hair extensions, you can contact us for further assistance.

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