I-tip hair extensions pros and cons – Detailed analysis

Every girl wishes to have a shiny look like Ariana Grande. Then she shall look around to purchase proper hair extensions. However, which type of hair extensions is the best for multi-use? Is I-tip hair extensions a genius choice for anyone, suitable for short, curly, and locked hair? In this article, we shall share with you some analyses of I-tip hair extensions pros and cons.

What are I-tip hair extensions?

I-tips attach to the natural hair thanks to the conjunction of microbeads and metal cylinders. In some aspects, I-tips hair extensions are the same as micro links one. However, the fusion technique is a sharp difference. I-tip hair extensions are largely used for multi-purpose. If you have thin hair, it is a good solution for you.

I-tip hair extensions pros and cons

Thanks to the shape of waves, I-tip gives the user plenty of benefits. Some key pros are listed below for your reference.

The pros of I-tip hair extensions

1. I-tip hair extensions go perfect with short locks

Thick hair locks make a girl a gorgeous look. However, natural hair is often thin, dull, and looks lifeless. The hair extension was born with the mission of enhancing the captivation of hair. And I-tip hair extensions are the best choice for short locks. I-tip hair extensions are a good partner with your makeover. You can change to any look that you desire.

I-tip hair extensions pros and cons

Furthermore, it is easy for you to control the length of your hair. Your hair goes from short to long in a few seconds. It will not take you a ton of months to nourish the hair with nutrients. Moreover, the gloss and smoothness, which is the nature of hair extensions, can satisfy your expectations.

2. Cold fusion makes girls feel comfort

I-tip hair extensions pros and cons

There are two methods of fusion. They are hot fusion and cold fusion, between the two, no girl likes hot fusion since the extension procedure takes time. It usually takes at least 4 hours. Moreover, the heat from the hot fusion technique gives the girl some slight pain. 

Hot fusion is for the U-tip hair extensions type. I-tip is more friendly since the cold fusion technique is applied. Differing from U-tip hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions pros are that it does not need frequent maintenance or assistance from a professional.  

The Simple procedure of extending is an outstanding pro of I-tip hair extensions. With the cold fusion process, no glue is required. In the I-tip hair extensions, you can find tiny beads. These shall help connect the natural hair with hair extension.

3. You can attach I-tip hair extensions at home

I-tip hair extension goes with a cold fusion technique that is no need for a professional hair stylist or tools. It is easy for all girls to attach to the I-tip hair extension at home since the hair extensions have conjunction beads that are easy to tighten or loosen. Generally, this advantage shall help girls save more money to install hair extensions.

4. The easy Removal process may take only a few seconds

I-tip hair extensions pros and cons

There are lots of reasons why hair extensions are loved by KOLs who change their looks frequently. The weaves are detached easily by pressing the bead with the pliers. There is a fact that the I-tip hair has the easiest extension removal process among the various styles of hair extensions.

5. I-tip hair extensions have no problem with thinner strands

Talking about I-tip hair extensions’ pros and cons, we must go through the lightweight of it. I-tip hair extensions give natural hair a low level of strain thanks to the lightweight. Hence, professionals usually advise girls having thin and fine hair strands to choose I-tip hair extensions.

Additionally, I-tip hair extensions attach to the natural hair by cold fusion. Hence, natural hair will never be harmed by heat. I-tip hair extensions are friendly to thinner strands. According to the feedback of some girls, the volume and length of their hair seem to increase steadily. 

6. Semi-Permanent

I-tip hair extensions have a great feature which is terrific quality. There will be only a few shedding strands. This feature gains the favour of busy girls too much since girls needn’t take off excess hair every day. Girls only need to remove the stick-tip hair extensions twice a month. 

The cons of I-tip hair extensions

Besides advantages, I-tip hair extensions also have some disadvantages. Before deciding to add I-tip hair extensions to your collection of hair extensions, you should take reference from the below information.

1. You must spend money on beads and pliers

Although the attaching procedure of I-tips hair extensions is simpler than other types of hair extensions, you do need some tools to fulfil the fusion. It is impossible to wear I-tips hair extensions without beads and pliers.

I-tip hair extensions pros and cons

Fortunately, these tools are affordable. Moreover, you can buy them everywhere. You can find it in a salon or store. Girls are encouraged to buy a set of tools as they buy I-tip hair extensions. The reason is the end of hair extensions is easy to catch damage. And you need the tools to replace hair extensions whenever you want.

2. A newbie can damage her hair

Every girl can install her I-tip hair extensions on her own. Although the attachment procedure is simple, some girls find it difficult the first time. They usually confuse which is beads and which is hair strands. Before doing the installation, girls should learn the procedure thoroughly. Also, you can read articles or watch videos about how to put hair strands through the beads.

3. There are some difficulties in brushing the hair

I-tip hair extensions pros and cons

Girls shall see that it is incredibly difficult to clean or brush when attaching I-tip hair extensions. Girls should clean and brush cautiously to preserve hair extensions from damage. You should prevent yourself from staying close to the beads when you brush I-tip hair extensions. Brushing from the ends is a proper procedure. Besides, you should make it gently. Please do not pull or rub the I-tips hair extensions since they shall be damaged.


After analysing I-tip hair extensions pros and cons, they are the best choice for thin or fine hair. Moreover, the I-tip hair extensions also have a long lifespan, come at an affordable price, and are worth being a piece of your hair extension’s collection. Besides, if there are any other aspects you want to know about hair extensions, please leave a comment, we shall be eager to support you with your concerns.

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