How to do a quick weave? A step-by-step guide to follow

When you desire to change up your hairstyle, a quick weave is an excellent choice offering fun adaptability. Although a quick weave has a terrible reputation on account of hair damage caused by adding and removing it, it can be a stylish and easy method to get lively, gorgeous hair in a hurry.

But do you find it’s hard to do a quick weave? Do you have anyone to guide you on this?

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How to do a quick weave for beginners?

While a quick weave is easy to perform, some people struggle to do it correctly. If you want to make sure that your quick weave goes off without a hitch, use a piece of advice in the following sections. 

What  you need:

Step 1: Preparing your natural hair

Most people are unaware that natural hair needs to be prepared before being put in a protective style. Not only does this facilitate styling, but it also aids in maintaining the health of your hair both during and after installation.

Start by giving your natural hair a good wash and conditioning. Ensure that your hair is oil- and product-free, dry, and clean.

how to do a quick weave
Natural hair should be protected before doing a quick weave. Source: RevAir

You might choose to cornrow or braid your natural hair in a pattern that is near to your scalp. This lays the groundwork for the application of a quick weave. Choosing a side part, middle part, or deep side part, as well as whether or not to leave any hair out, should be done at this phase. 

Step 2: Applying the wig cap

You’re prepared to put on your wig hat once you’ve braided or straightened your hair. All of your hair should be covered by it. Inspect the cap to make sure that none of your natural hair is protruding from it.

To put a barrier between your hair and the adhesive holding the extensions to the cap, use the cap. To prevent your hair from coming into contact with the glue, some people use two wig caps. Make sure that it fits snugly and covers your entire head.

Step 3: Applying a quick weave

Bonding glue should be applied in a thin layer along the hair extension weft’s track. To prevent a messy application, take care not to use too much glue.

Starting at the nape of your neck and working your way up, press the bonded track into the weaving cap. Continue doing this until you reach the top of your head, leaving room for your hairline to grow naturally.

Cut away the excess wig cap and unbraid the area of your natural hair that you’ll be leaving out. Blend the extensions with your natural hair after they have all been placed. To smoothly mix the quick weave and create a natural look, use a comb or style tools.

how to do a quick weave
Doing a quick weave is not as challenging as you expect. Source: Lewigs Human Hair

Step 4: Styling as desired

Your quick weave is now ready for styling. To achieve various looks, you can utilize heat-styling products like curling irons or straighteners. Never forget to use heat protection products before styling your quick weave with heat.

Advice on doing a quick weave

Below are some additional guidelines and recommendations to think about when doing a quick weave:

  • Select durable, high-quality quick weaves: Spend money on durable, high-quality quick weaves that fit your preferred style. Quality extensions will enhance your natural hair’s appearance while also lasting longer and causing less harm to it.
  • Ensure your natural hair is properly prepared: Before using the quick weave, make sure your natural hair is dry, clean, and free of any oils or product buildup. Better adhesion and a clean foundation are both achieved as a result.
  • Apply glue carefully: Use a tiny amount and work in parts while applying the bonding glue or adhesive. To reduce irritation and potential harm, avoid applying glue straight to your scalp. Keep an eye on the amount of glue you use to prevent overuse buildup, which can make removal more difficult.
  • Take good care of your scalp: It’s critical to maintain good scalp cleanliness while wearing the fast weave. To avoid product accumulation and provide a healthy environment for your natural hair, frequently clean your scalp with a light shampoo and conditioner.
how to do a quick weave
You should take care of your scalp before doing a quick weave. Source:
  • Plan regular maintenance: The fast weave may need to be modified or reinstalled after a few weeks, depending on the type of bonding adhesive used. To make sure the extensions stay firmly in place and to address any potential concerns, schedule routine maintenance appointments.
  • If necessary, get expert assistance: If you’re unfamiliar with quick weaves or are unsure how the procedure works, you might want to do so. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to apply the extensions correctly, prevent harm, and guarantee a pleasing and natural finish.
  • Be delicate When styling: Be delicate when styling your quick weave to avoid putting undue stress or strain on the quick weaves. Avoid using harsh style equipment or excessive heat that could harm your natural hair or the quick weave.

Keep in mind that when wearing a quick weave, adequate care and upkeep are essential for the health of your natural hair. Any indications of discomfort, irritability, or hair damage should be watched out for and treated right away.


1. What do you need to do a quick weave?

A quick weave is a method of adding hair that entails bonding wefts of hair to a cap that covers your natural hair. You’ll need a wig hat or stocking cap, hair adhesive, scissors, a blow dryer, a comb, a brush, and the hair extensions of your choice to complete a rapid weave. 

2. How long does it take to do your own quick weave?

The length of the procedure, however, may vary based on a number of variables, including the kind and caliber of the hair extensions, the stylist’s expertise and experience, and the intended result. In general, a rapid weave can be finished in 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on these variables.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, although the quick weave hairstyle is not new, its popularity has increased significantly. This way to do quick weave instruction can help you attain salon-caliber results at home. Even though a rapid weave has a lot of steps, installing it takes far less time than other weave designs. Your initial DIY quick weave may be challenging, but we promise it will get simpler when time passes.

Hope that our beneficial advice that is offered at each stage of the installment can help you a lot. 

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