The Ultimate Guide Of Clip In Hair Extensions Wholesale

It’s undeniable that the clip-in hair industry is growing drastically, and so does the interests in supplying them for the market. Are you in the same boat? More specifically, are you interested in finding a reliable clip in hair extensions wholesale as well? If so, we are here and willing to help!

In this article, we will help you to discover basic information of clip-in hair, plus some secret tips to choose the clip-in hair extensions wholesale to get the best price.

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What are clip in hair extensions?

One of the simplest and most widely used hair extension methods is clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in extensions are unquestionably worth looking into whether you’re searching for adaptability, comfort, or a dependable ready-to-wear choice.

So what exactly are clip-in extensions? These reusable extensions attach to your hair with pressure clips. They are simple to put on and take off, completely match your real hair and available in several styles, lengths, and colors.

Many women adore clip-in extensions since they are ready to wear out of the box, saving us the trip to the salon. You can install them quickly and inexpensively to add dimension without a significant investment.

Want to create a one-off design with colorful stripes added? Or do you desire subtle highlights that will complement your skin tone? An excellent, simple substitute for more complex techniques like tape-in and fusion extensions is clip-in extensions.

We are sure that you will satisfy your new appearance. If you want to know more about this, you can visit our website Jen Hair.

clip in hair extensions wholesale
What are clip-in hair extensions? Source: Google

Advantages of clip in hair extensions

Are you tired of trying to decide what to do with your hair every day? Check out the following benefits of clip-in hair extensions to resolve it.

  • Natural looking: Clip-in hair extensions can help you to mimic your natural hair’s appearance perfectly. Finding hairstyles that suit your face shape and needs will be simple thanks to the seamless blend of high-quality clip-in hair extensions. Your hair should be at least 6 to 7 inches long if you want to get exceptionally natural-looking and undetectable results.
  • Long lasting: Your clip-in extensions can last anywhere from three to six months if you apply them correctly and take good care of them. It’s crucial to remember that how well you apply and take care of your clip-in hair extensions will have a significant impact on how long they last.
  • Simple maintenance: This hair extension procedure might best fit your lifestyle and hair routine if you constantly change your hairstyle. The clips are simple to take out and hang up when you wish to go back to your previous haircut. This indicates that individuals who lead busy lives are the ideal candidates for this low-maintenance hair booster.
  • Affordable price: The cost of clip-in extensions is far lower than that of other extension techniques, and you can save a ton of money over time. This hair extension technique is the most affordable option if you’re seeking for a solid long-term investment.
  • Enhanced Fullness: Using clip-in hair extensions allows you to design fashionable hairstyles that instantly give you fullness and volume. This hair extension technique is a reasonably priced solution if you have thin or fine hair.
clip in hair extensions wholesale
Benefits of clip-in hair extensions. Source: Google

Clip in hair extensions wholesale overview

Before understanding more about clip-in hair extensions, we will help you have a deeper insight into the overall view of clip-in hair extensions wholesale.

Clip-in hair extensions are a well-liked product on the international market for hair extensions that have been trusted and utilized by many clients for a long time during the market’s development. Therefore, it is quite evident that there are countless wholesalers that supply you a lot of products.

The demand for clip-in hair extension products has increased rapidly because of their convenience in many emergencies and make the user more perfect with perfect hair.

How to choose the right supplier?

When finding and shortlisting potential clip in hair extensions wholesale suppliers, there are a number of crucial qualities you should consider:

  • Quality and reliability: Your clip in hair extensions wholesale suppliers’ quality needs to be consistent so that your customers don’t link you with low quality. Additionally, if your supplier disappoints you by making a late delivery or providing defective goods, you might disappoint your client.
  • Value for money: The cheapest price isn’t necessarily the greatest deal. You must decide how much you are willing to spend for your supplies and the balance you want to strike between cost, reliability, quality, and service.
  • Strong service and clear communication: Your clip-in hair extensions wholesale vendors must deliver on time or, if they can’t, be truthful and give you plenty of notice. The finest suppliers will seek out frequent communication with you in order to learn more about your current demands and potential future needs.
  • Financial security: Make sure your clip in hair extensions wholesale supplier has a strong enough cash flow to deliver what you need and when you need it.
clip in hair extensions wholesale
Ways to buy clip-in hair extensions – Source: Google

Where to buy clip in hair extensions wholesale?

Vietnamese hair companies are consistently the first to be mentioned in the wholesale hair industry as the leading suppliers of wholesale extensions. Customers adore Vietnamese human hair for a variety of reasons. 

The greatest Vietnamese hair factory that can provide clip in hair extensions wholesale with the following benefits of Vietnamese hair is Jen Hair Vietnam.

  • Long durability and high quality: Due to the Vietnamese people’s robust hair, which can withstand tough climatic conditions, Vietnam is currently one of the biggest wholesale hair extension providers.
  • Reasonable price: Vietnam’s cash flow is quite low when compared to the global exchange rate. As a result, a lot of consumers select Jen Hair Vietnam’s clip in hair extensions wholesale, not only for the quality of the hair but also for the affordable pricing.
  • Positive customers’ feedback: Nearly all of the customers are happy with the Vietnamese hair from Jen Hair Vietnam because of the reasonable costs and excellent product quality.
clip in hair extensions wholesale
Clip – in hair extensions


1. How many types of clip-in hair extensions wholesale are there?

There are a wide range of types for you to choose a suitable clip-in hair extension. We will show you some significant types:

  • The Classic Full Head Hair Extensions: Instead of lengthening hair, this combination is ideal for thickening hair that is the same length. A double weft or ultimate quad weft is ideal for anyone looking to add a lot more length.
  • The Double Weft Hair Extensions:One of the main advantages of obtaining double weft extensions is that you get twice as much volume as you would with a traditional full head set (single weft), and they also come with the same amount of clips.
  • The Wrap Aroung Ponytail Hair Extensions: A sophisticated hair accessory called the Wrap-Around Ponytail may elevate any style into a sophisticated fashion statement. This elegant piece, seen on countless red carpets and in movies and fashion, is now yours.
  • The Quad Weft Hair Extensions: The quad weft, which is a thicker one-piece, can be used by itself to provide a little length and volume. You can use it as an add-on to any full headphone set to increase volume.
  • The Supreme Quad Weft Hair Extensions: With just a one-piece set, the brand-new supreme quad weft from Jen Hair provides more volume and thickness. This thick one-piece set is ideal for individuals who want more hair with fewer clips and without the hassle.
  • The One Piece Top Up Hair Extensions: The quickest method of hair extension is one-piece clip-in extensions. They are typically used to increase volume in addition to full headphone sets. All hair types can wear the one-piece top-up.

2. How to buy clip in hair extensions wholesale?

Before buying clip-in extensions wholesale, you should care about the following questions to avoid annoying problems.

What are clip-in hair extensions made from?: The quality of the hair is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing clip-in hair extensions. Investing in high-quality products ensures that your extension will last longer and remain neat. 

Natural hair or synthetic hair: Another crucial suggestion to think about when purchasing clip-in hair extensions is whether to get natural or synthetic hair. Plastic hair is the main component of synthetic clip-in hair extensions. They cannot be curled, straightened, colored, or styled. They look quite unnatural due to their extreme shine and are relatively cheap, but they also tangle easily. In contrast, human hair extensions seem quite real. They may be styled and colored to your preferences, and they are generally preferable to their synthetic version.

What are the clip-in hair extensions’ weight? :When purchasing clip-in hair extensions, the weight of the extension is one of the simple to ignore but crucial factors to take into account. Hair extensions are measured in grams and come in various weights. The weight of an extension would depend on how much hair was inside. You must select a weight that will blend into your hair, whether it is thick or thin.

3. Can I sleep with clip in hair extensions?

Sleeping with hair extensions is one of the crucial Ccip in hair extensions questions we must address. Once more, we advise against wearing clip-in hair extensions to bed as this could tangle or harm the clips. It’s still advisable to remove it after use to prevent harm to both extensions and natural hair, similar to the question of whether clip-in extensions may be worn every day.

4. Can I go swimming with clip in hair extensions?

You can, indeed! Make sure, however, that your hair is down or tied in a simple ponytail when you swim with hair extensions. Keep your hair extension out of buns since they can tangle. So there are no issues if you’re wondering if you can swim with clip-in hair extensions. However, keep in mind that seawater and chlorine dry out hair extensions, so wash your hair as soon as you are finished swimming.


In this article, we have given you a lot of necessary information related to clip in hair extensions wholesale with some advices. 

Hope that through this article, you can have more profound insight about this and find it helpful. If you love to read more, why don’t you visit our website and subscribe to keep updated? 

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