Wig length chart: How to measure wig length the right way?

Are you planning to purchase a wig for the first time? Do you find it challenging to seek the ideal wig that suits you best in terms of length, style, and texture? Have you come up with a solution for how to measure wig length correctly?

Well, we are here to offer you a simple solution that can spare you stress. You’ll discover in this blog post why choosing the ideal wig length is crucial and how to do so by utilizing a wig length chart.

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Wig length chart

When shopping for wigs, it is sure that you will see a wig length chart on the display. So do you know what a wig length chart is? A wig length chart acts as a visual tool to help you choose the right wig for yourself. 

wig length chart
A wig length chart helps you a lot when measuring the length of a wig. Source: Arison Wigs

Wigs are measured from the hair’s root at the crown to its ends. The same procedure is used to measure straight and wavy hairstyles, however in order to acquire an exact measurement, the hair must be pulled straight during the measurement.

Wigs often range in length from 8 inches to 32 inches. Given that these lengths offer just enough hair for rocking a bob to long, flowing tresses and all in between, this is nothing new.

To give you a profound insight into each of the above hair lengths, we will show you a wig length chart that enables you to assess whether a particular length is suitable for you or not.

Type of length

Short length 10 inches long or less
Medium/Shoulder length 12 inches – 16 inches
Long length 18 inches – 24 inches
Extra long 26 inches or longer

How to measure wig length?

Before we demonstrate to you how to measure wig length, we want to share with you one important thing to note that the majority of dimensions on wig packaging refer to the length of the hair once it is worn.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to measure your hair length in wigs in just three simple steps.

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How to measure wig length
Methods to measure the wig’s length properly. Source: Mejor Milagros

Step 1: Fix your wig’s position 

When it comes to using special tools, you should pull the cap of the wig over a wig stand or head shape in order to precisely measure the length of the hair on an existing wig. The hairline should be adjusted so that it runs correctly along the top of the forehead and behind the ears.
In case you don’t have a wig stand or head form, lay the wig on a flat surface.

Step 2: Conducting measurement

Measure the length of the wig by pulling tape from the crown correctly to the very tip of the wig. When measuring the wig, make sure that your chin and head are both straight.

If you’re unsure of where to start measuring, start at the base of your hair if it’s lower than the point where the head slopes downward.

Step 3: Ensuring the length

Please take note of the measurement. This is an essential step to make sure of your wig’s length. Especially, in case the unit has layers or is asymmetrical, you can accurately predict where the hair will fall after it is placed.


1. What are noticeable tips for accurate measurements of the wig’s length?

Asides from the aforementioned guideline of wig length, you should also consider several techniques to choose the proper unit. 

For example, if you’re shorter, the wig can make you look taller after it’s placed. It could appear shorter if you are taller. In the case of buying a curly wig, you might want to order one that is a little bit longer to make up for the curly wig’s shorter length compared to a straight wig. 

Please make sure that when measuring, your head is firmly fixed.

wig length chart
Tips to measure the length of a wig effectively. Source: House of European Hair

2. What is the most popular hair length of wigs?

The most popular wig hair lengths range from 16 inches to 28 inches. Do you know the reason why these lengths are preferred? 16 inches to 28 inches wigs provide a universal appearance by falling between your upper back and waist. It is reported that they are either too short or too long by a large number of users around the world. Moreover, they are also simpler to maintain and give users greater flexibility.

3. Why is choosing the density of your wig important when measuring the length?

Choosing the density of your wig plays an essential role in measuring the length because a wig with a higher density is more likely to be full all the way down the wig, whereas a wig with a lower density could not be. 

4. What are tips to know your wig is true to length? 

We have provided you with the instructions for measuring the wig’s length in the right way. However, you should also take inspecting the wig into consideration. From root to tip, a high-quality wig ought to be the same thickness. This implies that the majority of the hairs ought to be of uniform length. More short hair has been employed when the ends are thinner.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we have shown you a series of necessary information related to the wig length chart as well as how to measure wig length properly. Please be sure to check the wig length chart to get a glimpse of how various hair lengths will seem to be. Remember to try a few different wig lengths to see which will work best if you’re still unsure.

Do you find it helpful when it comes to choosing the most suitable wig for yourself?

Hope that what we have provided you can seek the best one that can change your hairstyle excellently.

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