How to restore a wig? A guide for both human and synthetic wig

Have you ever realized that after a long time of usage, your wigs have signs of spoiling? Do you come up with any solutions for how to restore a wig? Are you wondering which sources of information are reliable to absorb and follow?

To save your time and money, we are an excellent companion to help you handle the problems related to how to restore a wig. In the following article, methods of how to restore a synthetic wig and how to restore a human hair wig will be illustrated clearly for you.

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How to restore a wig?

It’s crucial to comprehend how to restore a wig, especially when you have used it for a long time. Therefore, we will offer a series of advice on both how to restore a human hair wig and how to restore a synthetic wig that has lost its bounce.

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how to restore a wig
Getting to know how to restore a wig is essential to prolong its longevity and maintain its quality. Source: Simply wigs

How to restore a synthetic wig?

This is a how-to guide on how to restore a synthetic wig’s quality with a view to maintaining it longer than you can expect. This method can be applied even when you are a newbie.

One thing you should consider properly is that this procedure needs to be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks to keep your synthetic wigs in good condition.

Step 1: Preparation

You need to prepare before brushing the wig to make sure that your wig will not be damaged during that time.

First, fill your container with warm water to cover the entire wig. Before doing this, you should use shampoo in order to ensure that it is well-hydrated. Then, mix the shampoo into the water properly and put the synthetic wig in the container. You must notice whether the wig is completely under water or not. 

Waiting for the synthetic wig in the container for 15 to 20 minutes is an essential step because during this time, the longer you leave your wig, the softer it will become then. After that, warm water should be used to rinse the synthetic wig of shampoo from the bottom to the top. 

Step 2: Brushing the synthetic wig

From the bottom to the top, brush your wig to get rid of tangles and knots when it is soft. You can use a hair detangler brush or a small-tooth comb on synthetic wigs with straight hair. If you have synthetic wigs with loose to wavy curls, a wide-tooth comb can be your ideal option.

how to restore a wig
Brushing the synthetic wig is a vital step in the guide of how to restore a synthetic wig. Source: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

Step 3: Moisturizing the synthetic wig

Until there are hardly any tangles or knots, fill the container with new, warm water again after removing the old water. Then, apply the hair conditioner with your preferred hair conditioner. You must notice that adding conditioner before and after applying the synthetic wig to the container is essential to ensure it is completely moisturized.

Wait for 20 to 30 minutes to leave the synthetic wig in the container. Then, wash the conditioner from your wig. Your wig should be rung dry of extra water. You can also choose to make one final pass through the wig with a comb or brush to ensure that there are no remaining tangles or knots.

Step 4: Drying the synthetic wig

The wig should be put on the mannequin head so that it can be in a fixed position while drying. In case you want to use the wig immediately, you can use the hair dryer in low to medium mode. 

how to restore a wig
A 9-step guide to revive your synthetic wig. Source: Diamond K

There are several tips for you to make your synthetic wig look brighter and newer as follows:

  • After drying, you should add hair spray to maximize the shine of the wigs.
  • For straight synthetic wigs, if you notice any tiny hairs poking out during the drying process, you can use a flat iron on medium to high heat.
  • For wavy or loose curl synthetic wigs: if you notice any tiny hairs sticking out, you can use a curling iron on medium to high heat. 

How to restore a human hair wig?

If you are confused about the fact that your human hair wig starts to be brittle and stiff, follow our instructions on how to restore a human hair wig and you can restore its softness and beauty.

Step 1: Detangling the human hair wig

Detangling your human hair wig is an important part because, after a long time of use, it can lead to hair strands clumping together. You can choose to use a wide-toothed comb or wig brush made for human hair wigs. Brush from the ends of the hair and work your way up. Make sure that you use a light touch since human hair wigs are sensitive.

Step 2: Washing off the human hair wig

The next step is to wash your wig to get rid of dirt, oil, or any product build-ups that may have developed over time. To do this, pour cold water into a sink or basin, gently submerge your wig, and spin it around until it is totally submerged. Then, apply the shampoo along the length of the wig gently. Next, wash your wig through cold water with carefulness, and don’t rub it aggressively to make sure that the shampoo is removed.

how to restore a wig
Washing off the wig is an important part of a 4-step journey of how to restore a human hair wig. Source: Wigs

Step 3: Moisturizing the human hair wig

Conditioning your human hair wig to replenish the moisture and smoothness of the hair is the next step of the procedure. Apply a tiny amount of wig conditioner to the hair and gently work it in with your fingertips to achieve this. The ends of the hair should receive special attention because they are more vulnerable to damage and dryness. 

Wait for the conditioner to dry for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you rinse it off with cold water. Make sure that step can free the conditioner residue on your human hair wig.

Step 4: Drying the human hair wig

Once your human hair wig is completely conditioned, you need to dry it. Use a soft towel and rub gently. You can alternatively use a wig stand or mannequin head to support the wig as it dries. Simply set the wig on the stand and let it dry naturally instead of exposing it to heat sources like hair dryers or direct sunlight, which can harm the hair.

how to restore a wig
Restoring a human hair wig is not as challenging as it is expected. Source: Joanna Kinuthia

There are a few things you should take into consideration when styling your wig after restoring it, especially when you want to style it. You must be sure to use a heat protectant spray to avoid damaging the hair.


1. What happens when using too much softener on a synthetic wig?

If using too much softener on a synthetic wig, this can make it greasy, which will attract more dirt and lead to further knots. Additionally, if you don’t fully wash off the fabric softener residue, your wigs may end up looking uneven and stained.

2. How often should I restore my synthetic wigs?

In fact, it depends on your frequency of use. However, we recommend that after using it several times, you should restore your wigs in order to ensure its best quality and longevity.

how to restore a wig
It’s important to restore a synthetic wig frequently. Source: Un-ruly

3. Will oil damage the human hair wig?

Oil will not damage your human hair wig if you use it properly. Make sure that you just use a mild, non-greasy oil and apply it sparingly. Further reading: The 5 Best Oil For Human Hair Wigs To Get Stunning Hair Look

4. Is it necessary to use a wig stand when storing it?

Yes. This not only helps keep your wig from getting tangled or flat between uses, but it also keeps its style and form. Your wig should ideally be kept clean, dry, and away from sources of extreme heat or flame.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have provided you with two guidelines on how to restore a wig with advice on revitalizing its stunning appearance. No matter which type of wig you use, through this article, you can easily change it into a new version. 

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