How to bleach knots on a wig for beginners?

Wigs can transform your look, so you can opt for a younger, more on-trend look. But have you ever been confused about the wig knot that makes your hairline so deceitful? How many times have you tried to hide it with a ton of makeup and concealer but still not gotten the best hair look?

If you’ve been struggling with these problems, then learning how to bleach knots on a wig might be your life-saving tip! Since a bleached knot on a wig may create the illusion of a natural hairline, no one will ever notice you’re wearing a wig, even when they stand next to you.

In this article on how to bleach knots on a wig, Jen Hair will give you the easiest instructions to achieve your desired hairdo. Now, let’s get started!

What are wig knots?

In simpler terms, wig knots are knots that appear where each hair strand is tied to the lace cap of a wig. The visible knots resemble tiny holes, which help secure the hair to the lace, preventing hair fallout and shedding.

There are two types of wig knots: single knots and double knots. The single knot on the wig has one hair strand per knot, whereas the double knot has two or more. Although single knots are quicker and easier to bleach, they can be shed easily. On the other hand, double knots are much stronger than single knots, and they also have less shedding from a wig.

There are two types of wig knots: single knots and double knots. Source: Mscici Hair

Why should you bleach knots on a wig?

Since the knot won’t be completely or clearly invisible, some people who don’t have the same skin color might recognize that they have to find methods to make the hairline as natural as possible. Therefore, bleaching knots on a wig obviously became the most popular way to make your wig look realistic.

The process of bleaching knots requires a lot of scrupulousness, which means you can severely damage your wig if it is not done correctly. Follow these step-by-step instructions below to learn how to bleach knots on wig.

Bleaching the knots
Bleaching the knots makes your wig look more realistic. Source: Yeswigs

How to bleach knots on a wig

Before you get started, you will need to prepare some stuff for bleaching the knots:

  • Blonde powder lightener
  • Plastic cap
  • 20 or 30-volume creme developer
  • Wig stand
  • Gloves
  • Non-metallic bowls (for mixing)
  • Applicator brush
  • Clips and T-pins
  • Aluminum foil wrap
  • Color-safe shampoo & conditioner
Tools for bleaching knots
Tools for bleaching knots on a wig. Source: Goodhousekeeping

Step 1: Mix the bleach and the developer

Firstly, wear gloves to protect your hands, and pour some of the bleach into the mixing bowl. Then pour some developer in with the bleach. Stir. You want your bleach mixture to be creamy so that when you apply the mixture to your wig, the bleach won’t seep through.

Step 2: Secure the wig

For an easier process, you should place the wig on the mannequin’s head instead of putting it on a table. Spray the wig lightly with water and protect the roots in case the bleach seeps through the lace.

If your wig has baby hairs, brush them smoothly and pin them with clips to make sure they are out of the way. Turn the wig inside out and secure it with T-pins to the styrofoam head.

Step 3: Apply the bleach

After the bleach mixture and your wig are both ready, gently dab the bleach onto the lace with an applicator brush. Make certain that you apply enough bleach to the lace to bleach all of the knots.

While you’ve finished applying the bleach, turn your lace closure right side up and wrap it in aluminum foil. Allow the bleach to sit for 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye on the time because it may vary depending on the wig texture.

how to bleach knots on a wig
Gently dab the bleach onto the lace with an applicator brush. Source: Ashley Bedeck

Step 4: Wash your wig

As long as you ensure that the knots turn a honey-blonde color. Use the purple shampoo on the ends of the hair until you’ve covered the entire unit. Allow the conditioner to sit for up to 60 seconds and rinse thoroughly. Once you’re done, the knot color will blend easily in with your skin.

Step 5: Dry your wig gently

Now let’s move on to the final step. Be cautious; it’s a bad idea for a wig to be dried through a blow dryer, as they can ruin the wig. On the other hand, gently squeeze the hair to remove the excess water. Place the lace flat on another clean towel and gently pull it into shape so that it can dry correctly.

Finally, hang the lace frontal on a wig hanger for easy storage, and don’t forget to maintain it in a cool and dry storage area.

Hang the lace frontal on a wig hanger for easy storage. Source: Nikki Smith Hair Collection

5 Expert tips to learn how to bleach knots on a wig effectively

Below are some tips from hair experts that you can use to bleach effectively:

  • You don’t need to pour out all the bleach powder, as the amount will depend on the size of the knot.
  • The bleach mixture requires a thick and creamy texture. If it is still a bit watery, continue stirring it until you get the desired consistency.
  • Before applying the bleach mixture, make sure all the strands and baby hairs are secured well and out of the way.
  • After covering the wig with aluminum foil, check the knots every 10 minutes, carefully flip the wig over and see if the knots are still visible.
  • Only use purple shampoo for the best result; avoid shampoos that have peppermint extract as they can discolor the knot.
The process of bleaching knots requires a lot of scrupulousness. Source: Pinterest

FAQs on how to bleach knots on a wig

1. How do you know when your knots are done bleaching?

In short, you will know that knots have finished bleaching when they aren’t noticeable anymore. Wait until the knot turns a honey-blonde color, then wash it to stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach.

Wait until the knot turns a honey-blonde color
Wait until the knot turns a honey-blonde color, then wash it. Source: Newtimeshair

2. What are the disadvantages of bleaching knots?

Although bleaching makes knots look exactly the same as wig hair growing from your scalp, it may cause harsh damage. In other words, the bleaching process could make the knots become dry and brittle over time, resulting in the breakage and shedding of the hair. Furthermore, the results can be uneven if not done correctly, and the shedding piece might eventually become too thin to wear.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, to achieve the most natural-looking scalp, learning how to bleach knots on a wig is a great solution. Generally, here is our tutorial about how to bleach knots on a wig for you to practice at home easily and conveniently. We have carefully prepared for you five steps to create the illusion of a natural hairline.

Jen Hair hopes you can follow these steps easily without having any difficulties. Help us share this article if you think it is useful to read and check out our posts for more information.

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