The 3 best wholesale hair vendors in Texas for your business

Thanks to the flexibility and gorgeous hair look, hair extensions are trendy among people all over the world, especially in big cities Texas is no exception. As a result, the hair extensions industry in Texas has been one of the most vibrant in recent years, particularly for the city’s wholesale hair distributors.

In this article, Jen Hair would like to provide related information about the situation of wholesale hair vendors in Texas, which includes the 3 best hair sellers here.

Wholesale hair vendors in Texas – An overview

In the first part, let’s begin with the origin and features of hair from Texas wholesale hair vendors!

wholesale hair vendors in Texas
Wholesale hair vendors in Texas. Photo: Queen Hair

    1. The origin of hair from wholesale hair vendors in Texas

The origin of hair is an interesting topic of discussion. Hair offered by wholesale hair merchants in Texas is sourced mostly from foreign countries to redistribute for retailers and salons. Hair vendors here primarily buy input materials from Vietnam, China, and India. Both countries are among the top hair-exporting countries in the world, and the supply of hair in these countries is abundant at a low cost.

    2. The pros of hair from wholesale hair vendors in Texas 

In terms of advantages, hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors in Texas are well known for their variety and quality.

  • Multiple options: Because of the city’s rapid and significant economic growth, Texas wholesale hair suppliers are producing more premium services to better serve their clientele, which includes a variety of colors and patterns, and types of hair extensions as well. Some of the highlights are clip-in, sew-in, and tape-in extensions.
  • High-quality product: The input material is often Southeast Asian hair such as Vietnamese hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair, which often offers virgin hair. All of them have gained a reputation for their natural, healthy and eye-catching look. The reason is that women here often keep their hair long and wash their hair with natural ingredients, so their hair is smooth and strong.

    3. The cons of hair from wholesale hair vendors in Texas 

Besides the pros, here are some cons of the hair from wholesale hair vendors in Texas you should take into account.

  • High price: High labor and warehouse costs, as well as import taxes on raw materials, make wholesale hair vendors in Chicago more expensive, especially when compared to importing hair goods directly from raw materials-sourcing countries.
  • Long waiting time during peak season: During the time near holidays, many people in Texas manage to buy hair extensions to improve their hair looks. Therefore, most items will be out of stock and need to be imported in large amounts from other countries. It lasts quite a few days to a week waiting for your suitable product.

3 Best wholesale hair vendors in Texas 

    1. Pelo Diva Hair 

wholesale hair vendors in houston, texas
Pelo Diva Hair, Houston. Photo: Pelo Diva Hair

PeloDiva is an authorized virgin hair extensions supplier and distributor that is currently based in Houston, Texas. It offers the best virgin hair extensions service to the retail market at a reasonable price. The brand specializes in Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions, Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions, and Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions, allowing you to experiment with your hairstyle while providing you with healthy, fuller, longer, and more beautiful hair.

    2. Hair World Beauty Supply

wholesale hair vendors in houston, texas
Hair World Beauty Supply, Houston. Photo: Hair World

Hair World Beauty Supply has been in business for over 25 years and has been one of the greatest hair vendors in Texas for all of those years by delivering high-quality hair extension items. They have the finest deals on hair care, weaved hair extensions, braided hair, various types of wigs, and also offer the most competitive pricing.

    3. BUW – One of the best wholesale hair vendors in Dallas, Texas

wholesale hair vendors in dallas, texas
BUW Human Hair Factory, Dallas. Photo: BUW

BUW is one of the most popular wholesale hair vendors in Dallas, TX. With high-quality human hair, and wigs, they have received lots of good reviews and recommendations for the next experience of customers.

What’s the other choice for Chicago hair vendors?

wholesale hair vendors in Texas
Jen Hair, the most reliable Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor. Photo: Jen Hair

In recent years, Jen Hair has become one of the most reputable wholesale hair vendors in the world. Officially entering the hair extensions market in 2006, our brand is confident to supply the best quality Vietnamese hair for many big corporations and retailers and Texas is no exception. With the priority of putting customers’ needs on top, Jen Hair commits to embracing women’s beauty through their gorgeous hair looks. We also develop the best customer service with 24/7 online support, fast shipping, and affordable price as well.

Final thoughts

Wholesale hair vendors in Texas can be mysteries for some people. In this article, we have brought a detailed knowledge of wholesale hair vendors in Texas and hope you enjoy the review. Additionally, keep following us to be notified of the latest articles!

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