Remy hair vs virgin hair: What’s the difference?

Remy hair vs virgin hair are both derived from 100% human hair, these are also the two types of quality hair extensions that are loved by many users. Due to the same root source, comparing them with each other has a lot of similar or similar properties. If you are not an expert in this field, you may be misled. Each type of extension will have different characteristics such as: styling ability, heat resistance, bleaching ability, … Following this article, you will be able to be aware of remy hair, virgin hair to have the best options for you.

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Remy hair vs virgin hair: The introduction

What is remy hair?

Remy hair vs virgin hair: The difference you may not know
Remy hair look like natural

“One direction” is the most important keyword you need to know about remy hair. Remember it like the way you remember the name of the famous British-Irish music band. You probably already know that your hair always grows in one direction, along with it, the cuticles will also be arranged in the same direction. This helps keep your hair smooth and minimizes friction.

A haircut from real donors, in other words, it is completely 100% real human hair without mixing with any impurities, synthetic fibers or nylon, … and most importantly, its hair strands are kept in their original direction is called remy hair. This hair may have been dyed, bleached, styled or any chemically treated, but it is still called remy hair because it is real human hair and the hair has its cuticle aligned in the one direction.

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What is virgin hair?

What is virgin hair

To distinguish remy hair and virgin hair, there is one rule you should remember that is remy hair does not always mean virgin hair, not all virgin hair is remy hair. Do these two terms drive you crazy? No, don’t give up, we’ll help you break them down in an easy-to-understand way.

First of all you need to know what virgin hair is. Virgin hair is remy hair that has never been tainted by toxic chemicals or dyes. Decades ago, we could easily collect virgin hair everywhere, especially from girls from Cambodia, China, Vietnam, India, etc. In those days, natural straight hair was very popular, so most girls tended to keep their virgin hair and take care of it by themselves. However, nowadays, virgin hair is becoming rarer due to the growing beauty industry, many hairstyles become trending by famous singers or actresses around the world. This makes more girls go to hair salons to change their hairstyle. Once the hair has been dyed, bleached or any chemical treated, it is no longer virgin hair. If it’s cut in a ponytail, it becomes remy hair.

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Why remy hair and virgin hair?

There is a reason why we choose remy and virgin hair instead of others. It is because they are all real human hair which are classified as the highest quality hair.

When it comes to synthetic hair, it’s easy to be found and bought because it can be mass-produced thanks to an unlimited source of raw materials. In addition, it can be fast produced with a variety of designs, colors and price ranges. However, the price comes with quality, wigs or hair extensions made from synthetic fibers look very eye-catching but quickly get tangled and when touching, we will feel rough and dry. When being used for a short time, they will go bad and seem to be irreparable. 

Unlike hair made from synthetic fibers, remy hair and virgin hair have the top quality of the world. They are very durable, giving natural beauty and can be transformed into a variety of hairstyles. They are the first choice of famous stars as well as hair salons around the world. Thanks to their arrangement of cuticles and non-chemical experience, their hair strands are really strong, smooth and healthy. Hence, almost all hair vendors always look for them to push their market. You can do many things to remy hair and virgin hair. You can wash, straighten, dye or bleach extensions with chemicals without worrying that they will turn bad. But this will not happen to synthetic or non remy hair. 

Remy hair and virgin hair are both derived from 100% human hair

Remy hair vs virgin hair: What is the difference?

We guess you have somewhat differentiated remy hair vs virgin hair. And if you are not sure about it or want to confirm it one more time, here, we will present it in a very short and clear way.


  • Being cut from donor’s head
  • Having strands kept in the original direction, while the hair is still on the scalp (cuticle aligned in the same direction)
  • Being classified as top quality hair with high price
  • Being best choice for dying, bleaching, etc


Criterias Remy hair Virgin hair
Quality  High  Supper High
Lifespan Approximately 6 months 12- 24 months
Price Expensive Highly expensive

Here are some of our suggestions for you based on the characteristics of each type of hair extension, you can refer to more information in the table above:

  • Quality: Virgin hair is a higher quality product than remy. With limited chemical treatment, remove the bad outer cuticle. Through this process, remy hair will be partially bleached. Of course both types of hair can be bleached, but this is not recommended for remy hair. When styling with virgin hair, it will look more like real hair.
  • Lifespan: Virgin hair has a much longer life expectancy than remy. Virgin hair has a lifespan of 12 to 24 months. However, remy hair only has a lifespan of about 6 months. If you often have to use hair extensions or you are a hair expert, I recommend you to choose virgin hair.
  • Price: Remy hair has a lower cost than virgin. This is based on many factors of quality and cost as mentioned above. In addition, the raw materials to make virgin hair are also quite scarce. The purchased human hair is a special type that has never been chemically treated.
Remy hair (the left) compares to virgin hair (the right)

Remy vs virgin hair: Which one should I choose?

Remy hair and virgin hair are both high quality hair extensions compared to others. I believe that by this part of the article you have a better understanding of these two types of hair. Frankly speaking, virgin hair has more advantages (especially Vietnam virgin hair) when it comes to styling, durability, quality, etc. However, remy hair still has a rather high advantage thanks to its cost and popularity.

Besides, the most objective factor to choose is still based on your usage needs. What’s good about your favorite product? What are the cons you may not care about? For the high quality products and best prices on the hair extensions market today, Jen Hair believes we have all the best items you are looking for. If you have any questions about the two types of hair extensions in the article, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below for the fastest response.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the above article will help you to make a purchasing decision through the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, the difference of virgin hair vs remy hair. If you are wondering, don’t worry because both are good quality products. If you are a beginner can try both of these, we believe they will not let you down.

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