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Vietnam virgin hair

Our Vietnam virgin hair is very full and thick from root to end with a top-notch hair source!

We are committed to using only one type of human hair: High-quality, clearly traceable hair. Jen Hair has three kinds of Vietnam virgin hair extensions: virgin bleaching hair, dark grey virgin hair, and white grey virgin hair.

In general, our virgin hair can be washed, styled, and dyed just like your own hair. This hair has a natural thickness, heat, and color that can be safely applied for a customized look, especially dark grey and white grey virgin hair. As the natural gray color of the hair creates a softening/brightening effect on the complexion, which is really flattering, especially compared to the harsher effect created by dyed hair.

While the general rule with hair extensions is that you get what you pay for, you can find affordable options that are of good quality with Jen Hair!