How to hide hair extensions in thin hair in 5 steps?

Hair extensions are considered an increasingly popular hair accessory these days. Starting from the desire to have thicker, more shiny hair, even in many cases you want to transform into a Rapunzel princess. However, your hair is not thick enough? You need a perfect extension to improve the thinning hair but don’t know how to apply it well? Don’t worry about these problems, we will make your childhood dream come true. Follow this article to know how to hide hair extensions in thin hair.

How to hide hair extensions in thin hair?

Right now, let’s take turns doing the following steps in order to hide hair extensions in thin hair, transforming thin hair into gorgeous. I promise you they are really easy to make:

Step 1: Choose the right type of hair extension for short hair

This is the most important step of all how to hide hair extensions in thin hair. There will be a lot of you who may misunderstand that thin hair needs a really long and thick hair extension. However, this is the biggest mistake you should avoid. You need to understand the general nature of thin hair, there will be less coverage for hair extensions and there may be a weak hair condition that is easy to break due to the nature of the hair. Everyone wants their hair to be best protected even when using hair extensions. Therefore, we need to choose the correct type for thin hair. When using hair extensions many times, it will not affect your healthy hair.

Extensions that are between 16 and 22 inches in length will work best. Regarding weight, you should choose a bun with a weight of 100g, the maximum level can fluctuate up to 150g, but this level is not recommended. A medium hair extension that is not too large will easily blend with real hair. The moderate pulling force due to hair extensions will also minimize breakage.

How to hide hair extensions in thin hair in 5 steps?
Choose the right type of hair extension for thin hair (Source: Pinterest)

Step 2: Mess up the horizontal border hair part

Messy up is a familiar method to add volume to hair before wearing extensions. However, if not done carefully, it can easily damage the hair. You should equip yourself with a good quality puppet comb. It will greatly support the running paths of the comb on unbroken hair. You only need a small hair tie for each tangle. Raise the ends of the hair up and move the comb in the opposite direction from the ends to the roots. Do this a few times and then stroke your hair in the opposite direction for a natural look. Do the same with the curls around the head. A small note, you should use more hair gels to keep the hair longer, especially in case you are connecting your hair for a long day.

Mess up the horizontal border hair part before install extensions for thin hair

Step 3: Suitable hair extension position

The main cause of problems with thinning hair is the difficulty of finding the right hair extension positions. The bobby pins or joints may be exposed due to incomplete coverage of the actual hair. The suitable places for extensions we call safe zones. These areas are most appropriate just behind the head or below the circumference of the eyebrow. Depending on the weight of your hair extensions and real hair, you should consider one of these positions.

Suitable hair extension position for thin hair

Step 4: Prepare your extension

You should choose a suitable horizontal length, not too long to hit the case where the hairline is exposed. This width will depend on each individual’s hair. Besides, you can trim through the hair extension, removing any tangles or knots that may still be left on the hair extension. Use a specialized comb to smooth the hair extensions so that the blanket does not have any errors on the hair. You should also use specialized hair care products for hair extensions to give your hair natural bounce. 

Prepare your hair extension

Step 5: Wear hair extensions for thin hair

For different types of hair with different thicknesses, we can have many ways to wear the wig on the head. Particularly for thin hair, we recommend braiding the hair for the safe area. This will somewhat make the crown hair more voluminous. Of course, your original hair should be cleaned and dried completely before hair extensions to avoid damage to the hair.

All Jenhair’s extensions are made from 100% human hair. Therefore, after wearing the hair extension to the safe area, combing your hair for a smoother shine, you can comfortably style it. Styling your hair to match your real hair will definitely make your extensions and human hair blend together.

Results after choosing right extensions for thin hair

3 Tips on hiding hair extensions in thin hair

Having worked with hair experts for many years, we have a few important tips to help you hide extensions in thin hair:

1. Fixing baby hair

The baby hair on the nape of the neck can reveal many hair defects, or it is more annoying to make the hair extensions unnatural. And most of all, most of us have baby hair that can’t be removed. But fortunately they can be hidden. First you divide this hair into 2 parts and roll them back on both sides, then secure them with small pins. Depending on the amount of baby hair, we only have to use 1-3 small bobby pins. Thus, the part to correct the baby’s hair has been completed.

Treat the hair at the nape of the neck

2. Do bouncy hair

As we mentioned above, to have bouncy hair, you should still thicken your real hair, even if you have used our hair extensions. Simply put, it will increase the contact area and coverage. However, a lot of people are afraid of backbrushing or tangling, don’t worry we have another solution for you. You can also quickly curl the crown hair to give it a certain bounce. Note that you should only bend, not the ruffled stamping method. Styling ruffled is a wrong method that can cause damage to hair.

You should do bouncy hair

3. Prepare a healthy hair

Preparing healthy hair is a very important step to hide hair extensions in thinning hair. When you want to have beautiful makeup, natural skin determines a lot. Hairdressing is similar. We should clean and dry the hair before doing it, to avoid stickiness. A dirty hair, of course, makes the overall look thinner. In addition, you can style your hair to your liking before connecting your hair. Believe me, this preparation not only makes the hair more perfect, but also a primer for the next steps to be done quickly.

Prepare a healthy hair

Final thoughts

We hope our sharing on how to hide hair extensions in thin hair will help you to have beautiful and bouncy hair. Too thin hair will not be a problem for your look anymore.  A beautiful haircut will add fashion to your outfit every day. You should consult Jenhair’s hair extensions, we believe that we can guarantee the best service and product quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the fastest advice. And do not forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you think about this article!

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