10+ Best Quick Weave Bob Styles

Change your personalized appearance with top 10 quick weave bob styles which are trending for whether you are an elegant lady or a bold girl.

Bring to you a pretty personality hairstyle for girls who love short hair, quick weave bob styles allow you to try various styles from straight and short to curly and long curly in any colors you desire. Here are the top 10 best try quick weave bob hairstyles you need to know. 

Top 10+ quick weave bob styles you should try in 2023
Top 10+ quick weave bob styles you should try in 2023

What is a quick weave bob?

A quick weave bob is a creative and personalized hairstyling method. It involves attaching hair extensions to a protective hair cap or your natural hair by using adhesives or bonding materials to eventually cover your head. If you always pursue newness and creativity, the quick weave which is easy-to-install and remove hairstyle adapts to your passions. 

Unlike the regular wig, a quick weave bob style is more unique because of its more different and customized style. Simply said, utilizing the countless quick weave bob styles, you can select one of various best hair for quick weave bob flexibly. 

10+ Quick weave bob styles trendies

Trying a quick weave bob hairstyle is to create a stylish and versatile look. Let’s browse top 10 quick weave bob hairstyles trends in 2023 to enhance your appearance and embrace your next favorite style! 

Inverted quick weave bob with bang

As one of the impressive quick weave bob hairstyles, bang bob quick weave involves using hair extensions to create a layered bob with a fringe or bangs through glue or tape to attach the wear to your natural hair. It is worthy of beautiful bangs at the front which are always flawless to appeal differently. Furthermore, you can easily cut off the hair to your desired length for bangs and it only takes a few minutes. 

Inverted quick weave bob with bang (Source: Youtube)
Inverted quick weave bob with bang (Source: Youtube)

Deep wave 

Instead of straight and sleek quick weave bob style generally, you possibly love deep waves or curly bobs which are so gorgeous. With the deep wave quick weave bob style, creating a side part and slayed edges at the front is impressive. Additionally, you are able to cut the hair into an angled bob shape for your unique hairstyle. 

Deep wave bob (Source: Pinterest)
Deep wave bob (Source: Pinterest)

Swoop Quick Weave Bob

Promising the cute and baddie vibe, the swoop quick weave bob which allows you to try this style by yourself, looks neat and sleek when properly done. Using the aid of a rat tail comb, freeze spray and a blow dryer, you can create a swoop style after setting the tracks following the side of the head. Besides, if there are some unruly hair strands, you can also use bobby pín to set them as well as create highlights for the hair for the best outlook. 

Swoop bob ( Source: Pinterest) 
Swoop bob ( Source: Pinterest)

Half Bob Quick Weave

No matter what you enjoy shaved hairstyles, a half bob quick weave enables you to do it flawlessly and personalized. It is easy to create this style because it just creates half or side-parts instead of your entire head. To make the half bob quick weave more interesting, you can use blonde or a few colorful hair what you want.

Half quick weave bob style (Source: Youtube)
Half quick weave bob style (Source: Youtube)

Quick Weave Bob with Leave Out

Not only suitable for formal but quick weave bob with leave out also use informal occasions because of its seamlessly blending with your natural hair. Actually, there are pre-designed styles like side-part bob, asymmetrical and blunt bob you can choose without cutting your long hair. However, to highlight your bob style, you also refer to the amazing color of the hair.

Quick weave bob with leave out (Source: Pinterest)
Quick weave bob with leave out (Source: Pinterest)

Curly quick weave bob style

It is a fact that curly hairs always create elegant and gorgeous impressions on their own. Therefore, if you have trouble growing or boring with your natural hair, you can choose tight curls, loose waves, and hair length you desire. You also add layers if your hair is not too thick to turn straight hair into beautiful curls. 

Curly quick weave bob hairstyle (Source: Pinterest)
Curly quick weave bob hairstyle (Source: Pinterest)

Short quick weave bob hairstyles

Almost all bold and baddie girls tend to choose short hair to express their confidence level. There are various short hairstyles you can try. For example, with a cropped bob, the hair is cut to around chin-length without being too perfect or neat. Or, you also can try this short hair with bangs. For a short quick weave bob, the pixie quick weave hairstyle is the reasonable choice which uses 27 piece bump hair for quick weave with single color or mixed color options.  

Short bob  (Source: Pinterest)
Short bob  (Source: Pinterest)

Long quick weave bob styles

If you are not a fan of short bobs, you can try the long quick weave bob. Normally, long bob hairstyles are suitable for various occasions with elegant ladies. When using long quick weave bob, you can easily do a side ỏ a middle part long bob if you want. This style allows you to combine the leave out bob style or cut the hair in a long bob shape with slight curls in the tail. 

Long bob quick weave ( Source: Pinterest)  
Long bob quick weave ( Source: Pinterest)

Bob quick weave side part

Popular for a classic style, the bob quick weave side part is trendy and stylish. Consistent with different styles and colors, ladies can place bob leaves out on the side. You should choose hair extensions matching your natural hair color and strengthen the leave out to set your style. Ensure that both your natural hair will leave out seamlessly to create a neat and exquisite look.  

Side-part bob (Source: Pinterest)
Side-part bob (Source: Pinterest)

Quick weave bob hairstyles no leave out

Do you want to try quick weave bob hairstyles but not leave out your real hair? You can try a black wig cap which uses a U-formation, reach the top, start attaching the tracks in a horizontal way. Make sure that you install the wig cap securely to your real hair. You also use a straightening machine to flatten your hair. 

No leave out bob (Source: Pinterest) 
No leave out bob (Source: Pinterest)

What makes quick weave bob styles stand out?


Quick weave bob styles bring convenience beauty for girls who have short hair but want to change. In case your hair is thin you want to either increase its thickness or create new changes, a quick weave hair can adapt to. Actually, the hairstyle includes human hair or synthetic fiber. With hair made of human hair, you can easily and conveniently dye shampoos, conditioners like your natural hair. Furthermore, it is easy for you to remove a quick weave bob anytime you want without affecting your real hair. 

Quick weave bob denote confidence

Combined with the baddie of short quick weave bob style or side part, you can add a sunny copper hair color and elegant layers to create a picture-perfect look. The quick weave bob hairstyles go well with any occasion, so you are always confident and free to make an impression. 

Add versatility with bob 

Since using a quick weave bob style, you won’t have to keep a particular look for months. This allows you to change to flexible look short and sweet or rock long-flowing curls. Besides being easy to style, you can also change any hairstyle you want without spending too much time while your hair quality is still guaranteed.

Benefits of quick weave bob styles (Source: Pinterest)
Benefits of quick weave bob styles (Source: Pinterest)

Which face fits the quick weave bob styles

Don’t worry if you haven’t known to choose the best-suited quick weave bob style for your hair yet. Generally, this quick weave hairstyle is suitable for most face shapes. Below is the top first-face to boost the power of this style:

Oval face

Known as the most perfect face, the oval face is a shape that suits many different hairstyles including the quick weave bob. The hairstyle is curled slightly at the tail or the foot to create a soft, gentle curve for your hair. Thus, you can achieve feminine style with beautiful short hairstyles. 

Round face

It will be wrong if you think quick weave bob hairstyles will make your round face more plump. Because most bob hair is trimmed or curled slightly in the tail plus the deflated bang, this allows you to conceal imperfections. At the same time, it is the best choice to enhance the advantages of the round face to be confident.

Long small face

It is generally a long small face with a narrow width that makes the face less balanced. Fortunately, you can consider the quick weave bob with neatly trimmed bangs, slight curls or wavy water will cheat the size of your face, creating a complete face effect.

Angled face

The shape of the angled face, which is square and angular, makes the face slightly masculine. Compared with other hairstyles like curled long hair or long layers, regular bob styles are not really the best choice. But, with a little technique like trimming the tail hair layer or curling the tail freely, it will help you hide imperfect edges and add a feminine touch.


How to take care of your hair after using the aesthetic styles? 

Because of the convenience of quick weave bob styles, you do not need to take time or specific products to take care of your bob hair. You just use the common shampoos and conditioners like your natural hair. Additionally, if you want to nourish your hair, make it stronger and shinier, you can use conditioners if needed.

How much is a quick weave bob?

The cost of a quick weave bob depends on various components including materials (human hair or synthetic fiber), shapes, length, etc… Each style possibly has different prices. This range is 95$-165$ you can refer to choose the best-suited hairstyle. 

How long do quick weave bobs last?

Most quick weave bob hairstyles last for one month. Thus, if you want to choose the long-time hairstyles, you can reconsider. 


The quick weave bob styles become increasingly common for girls to achieve the new and versatile hairstyle. With the advantages of its, the quick bob styles will bring to you impressive experience without affecting healthy hair. Furthermore, if you are seeking for your hairstyle, you can refer to our comprehensive guide with top 10+ quick weave bob styles. 

However, there are various places selling or creating these styles, you should search for the best branded buying places to ensure high-quality. Get in touch with Jen Hair to turn your desired hairstyles!