How to tie your hair up with tape extensions?

Tape in extensions are a type of hair extension that use advance technology and the perfect way to add luxurious length and thickness to your hair in a short time, lasting one to two months. In addition, the extensions are painless and very flexible. You can wear them in different ways to get different looks and turn them into chic hairstyles. However, the most asked question is How to tie your hair up with tape extensions? Are the joints exposed? But don’t worry we have the exact answer to your question, please refer to this article!

Can you put your hair up with tape in extensions?

You can completely put your hair up with tape in the hair extension. There are a lot of beautiful bangs you can try. Just be careful not to pull the hair too tight.

If the tape in hair extensions are installed professionally and firmly, the adhesive sections will not be problematic over time. Tapes in the wefts are designed to lie flat, invisible and flexible and if installed properly. However, do not tie your hair too tightly as this will put too much stress on the roots and your natural hair, especially if you have a rather thick extension. This will make you uncomfortable and damage your extensions and hair.

There are so many gorgeous hairstyles that you can try the adhesive tape in hair extensions. You can create a simple, gorgeous bun, or even just a stylish ponytail. Since the tape in hair extensions has small wefts and lays flat, they are flexible and can be easily coordinated with any hairstyle. However, the hair cannot be pulled up into a high bun or pony as the tape may be exposed out.

how to tie your hair up with tape extensions
You can create a stylish ponytail with tape in extensions

Tie your hair up with tape extensions to a ponytail

With the tape extensions, you can tie your hair up to a ponytail. However, when you’ve just put the tape extension on, you can not have tied your hair up in a high ponytail. A high ponytail can expose the tape in your hair. You will have to wait for more hair to grow in order to better cover the blemishes. A low or medium-height ponytail is best when you’ve just installed the tape extension You can follow the steps below for a ponytail:

Step 1: Dry your hair by fingers

Make sure your hair is dry. Gather all the hair and the hair extension towards the back of the hair.

Step 2:  Comb your hair by your fingers

Gently run fingers through hair to comb hair and hair extensions in one direction.

Step 3: Use a comb to brush your hair back

Once you’ve got all the hair in a perfect place on your head, use a comb to brush your hair back. This step will also hide the tape extensions under your hair

Make sure that when you are holding your hair, make it tight. Find exposed parts of the tape and then hide them.

Step 4: Hide the tapes of extension

Tuck the tape under the hair and stick it back in place before tying the hair into a ponytail. Recommendation: How to hide extensions in very short hair?

Step 5: Use hairspray

You can use hairspray to make sure your hair stays in place

Step 6: Keep hair in place with dry shampoo

Before doing these steps, you can also use dry shampoo for better hold and texture. After that, you can use eyeshadow of the same color to cover the visible parts of the tape on your head.

how to tie your hair up with tape extensions
You can totally put your tape extensions in a ponytail

Tie your hair up with tape extensions to a bun

The bun hair extension can be combined in many outfits with a dynamic style. The tape extension is able to fully fit a bun, although it may be a bit tricky the first few tries. You should follow each step below exactly for best results.

Step 1: Gather your hair

Carefully gather your hair onto your head before combing to smooth it out.

Step 2: Use your hands to hold the hair

Each time you brush, use your hands to tighten around the hair.

Step 3: Secure your hair extension with an elastic band

Once all the hair extension with the tape has been hidden, secure it with an elastic band or a thin hair band.

Step 4: Your hair should be wrapped around the knot

Wrap your hair around the part you just tied up

Step 5: Leave a small part of hair to create a messy bun

If you want a messy bun, leave a small section of hair at the end of the hair tie instead of threading your hair through the hair band. Then pin in place.

how to tie your hair up with tape extensions
Tying your tape hair extensions to a bun is quite easy

Final thoughts

Now we have the correct answer to the question on how to tie your hair up with tape extensions. Tying your hair up with tape in extensions gives you confidence and dynamism. Feel free to get creative with your hairstyle as long as you cover the tape’s flaws skillfully.

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