How to make synthetic hair soft again?

Although synthetic hair wigs have a series of significant advantages, they quickly become frizzy, rough, and dry. It is reported that a lot of women find struggling to soften them. What about you? Have you come up with any ideas to soften your synthetic hair again and again? 

If not, the following article is for you. We are here to provide you with a variety of ways to make synthetic wigs appear more fresh and real along with several tips to make them even softer. 

For additional information on how to make synthetic hair soft again, continue reading and you will be fascinated with all of them!

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How to make synthetic hair soft again

There are a few straightforward methods you can do along with materials you might already have at home, to bring back the softness and beauty of your synthetic hair. However, we will just give you a simple 6-step instruction that all of you can apply at home. Hope that they can work well!

What you need:

  • Synthetic hair
  • A wide-tooth comb or a wig brush
  • Conditioner
  • Cold water
  • Shampoo
  • A towel
  • A wig stand or a mannequin head

Step 1: Detangling your synthetic hair

First, gently detangle your synthetic hair with a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb. Don’t pull or tug on the hair as you make your way up from the ends to the roots. If you run into any knots, lightly loosen them with your fingertips after spritzing them with water or an appropriate amount of leave-in conditioner.

How to make synthetic hair soft again? 6 simple steps to revive your wigs
Detangling your synthetic wig is an essential step to make it softer. Source: The Aesthetic Egde

Step 2: Washing your synthetic hair

Use a gentle shampoo that is made specifically for synthetic hair to wash your synthetic hair in cold water. 

Additionally, you might use a sulfate-free shampoo or a mild baby shampoo. The synthetic fibers can be damaged and made more prone to frizzing by using hot water or normal shampoo.

Step 3: Rinsing your synthetic hair

Then, don’t forget to rinse your synthetic hair with cold water to get rid of all the shampoo.  Avoid twisting or wringing the hair as this can lead to tangling and breaking. Use a towel or a t-shirt to gently squeeze out the extra water.

Step 4: Applying the conditioner

This is one of the most important steps in the guideline of how to make synthetic hair soft again. Concentrate on the ends of your synthetic hair and ignore the roots while applying a silicone-based conditioner or serum. 

Your synthetic hair will get hydration and gloss as well as assist seal the cuticles. For this stage, you can either use a leave-in conditioner or a spray-on conditioner.

how to make synthetic hair soft again
Condition is an evitable element of your reviving process. Source: BigG Hair Extensions

Step 5: Drying your synthetic hair

Air-dry your synthetic hair entirely on a mannequin head or wig stand. Avoid using heat-styling products like blow dryers since they can melt or harm synthetic fibers. Use a chilly temperature on the blow-dryer or fan if you need to accelerate the drying process.

Step 6: Styling your synthetic hair 

Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to style your synthetic hair whichever you choose. To keep your style in place, you may also use some hairspray or gel, but be careful not to use too much because it will weigh down your synthetic hair and make it appear greasy.

These steps will help you prolong the life of your synthetic hair and restore its softness. Keep in mind to handle your synthetic hair delicately and to keep it away from friction, chemicals, and heat. You can enjoy your synthetic hair for a long time if you take good care of it and know how to make synthetic hair soft again.

Tips to make synthetic hair soft

Besides several instructions on how to make synthetic hair soft again, you should also build a good routine in order to maintain its softness. To do this, you must drop any negative habits you may have and adopt new, more beneficial ones. Let’s discover it right now!

  • Regardless of good intentions, improper maintenance might harm your wig permanently. Make certain you’re specifically employing the proper products in a way that will help synthetic wigs.
  • A synthetic wig should never be softened or styled with extremely high heat because doing so will lead to melting or even burning the wig. First, make sure the wig is heat-resistant before applying any heat to it. Then, while holding your style tool away from your wig, use it on a low setting.
  • You should also wash your synthetic hair in cool or lukewarm water. Hot water can overheat the fibers, destroying the wig’s appearance and quality.
  • A comb or brush being forced into your synthetic wig might cause far more harm than good. In order to prevent any damage and keep your wig looking lovely and lasting longer, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to detangle a wig.
  • Make sure you are not attempting to hand-dry a wig after washing it. Instead of wringing it out or rubbing it with a towel, we advise gently blotting some water from the wig before placing it on a wig stand to finish drying.
  • You should brush your synthetic hair softly. You might believe that combing has no effect on how soft synthetic hair is. But combing really stops the hair from tangling. As a result, the hair has a smoother texture and seems softer.
  • When you have to wear your hair outside, be sure to always keep it adequately covered from elements like heat, wind, rain, and other elements. Additionally, you should use less harmful techniques like French braid and flexi rods.
how to make synthetic hair soft again
Making your synthetic hair soft again could surprise you a lot. Source: Nairaland Forum


1. Does fabric softener revive synthetic hair?

Yes, but with a few restrictions. The softness and smoothness of synthetic hair can be partially restored with fabric softener, but any damage or frizz that has already taken place cannot be fixed. 

Fabric softener should be properly washed after use since it might leave a residue on synthetic hair that attracts dirt and dust. Additionally, fabric softener should only be used occasionally and sparingly because too much of it would weigh down synthetic hair and make it appear greasy.

2. Does vinegar soften synthetic hair?

It may depend because different synthetic hair kinds will respond differently to vinegar. After soaking in a little vinegar solution, some synthetic hair may grow softer and easier to handle, while others may turn frizzy, tangled, or damaged.

Therefore, it’s crucial to test a little piece of synthetic hair before treating the whole item with vinegar. Additionally, it is preferable to use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar because they are less acidic and less prone to irritate skin or produce discoloration.

how to make synthetic hair soft again
Before using vinegar, you should take it into consideration. Source: Makeup

3. Does coconut oil soften synthetic hair?

Unlike natural hair, synthetic hair does not ingest oils or moisture. Coconut oil cannot, therefore, be used to soften or improve the condition of synthetic hair. Actually, applying coconut oil on synthetic hair can harm it by making it clump together, lose its shine, or melt when exposed to heat. 

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, we have shown you all of the steps on how to soften synthetic hair along with a wide range of tips to make synthetic hair soft again. We sincerely hope that you can adhere to the instructions we have given you.

To make your synthetic hair wigs lustrous and silky, treat them with all the love and care possible. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start and make synthetic hair soft!

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