How to find good hair vendors to start a business?

Years ago, finding a good hair vendor was tough, you might have to pack a bag of cash and fly across the ocean just to have a slight clue of where you can see some hair extensions.

Luckily in this digital age, discovering a great hair vendor is made easy for you by the great Internet. Anyone determined to start a hair business can easily find thousands of hair vendors online just by googling on their computer or scrolling through Instagram.

Otherwise, there are many things to consider before choosing a good hair vendor for your business . In this article, how to find good hair vendors to start a business” will tell you how to do. Scroll down and discover now with Jen Hair!

How can we identify a hair vendor to be a good one?

When looking for hair vendors, there are a few things that you should consider before making your final decision. These include the company’s reputation, quality of the hair, customer service, and price. Let us analyze what is needed for a good hair vendor, and what we need to do to find the best hair vendor for your hair business.

How To Find Good Hair Vendors
Choosing a good vendor can save tons of trouble and avoid bad reviews.

1. The quality

Good hair vendors will put quality control as their priority. Quality means all in the hair industry and you must try the hair first when you get the new hair vendor, if your hair supplier is selling low-quality bundles which get shedding too much, and tangle a lot, you must leave it and find a new one.

Good hair vendors will put quality control as their priority

2. The price

Try different hair vendors’ samples, always prefer the one which is the lower price for the same quality hair. Furthermore, you should request the hair vendor to compromise the stability of their price before you decide to cooperate, in case some hair vendors change their prices frequently, which is not a good sign for a long-term business relationship.

3. After-sale service of the hair vendor

No need to detail much about that, after sale service is important not only in the hair extension business but in all types of businesses.

In case there is any problem throughout the collaboration, a hair vendor who has righteous after-sale service brings more advantages for your business and consumers. Customer satisfaction is influenced by after-sales care. After-sales service not only creates loyal customers and raises brand value but also creates profit and sales maximization.

After-sales service creates loyal customers and raises brand value (Source: Freepik)

How to find good hair vendors?

1. List down questions to ask hair vendors

Before you start researching for the best hair vendors, list down all your possible questions or all the information you need to know. Using targeted search criteria is one recommendation for sorting out bad-quality vendors. Then, your task is to get in touch with each vendor and ask questions. For example, Do they produce it on their own? It’s cautious if they say something too good to be true.

List down all you need to know about hair vendors

2. Do a research about hair vendor’s profile

While taking note of your consideration, doing research about hair vendors’ profile can tell a lot about how they operate their business.

It is a fact that most beautiful hair bundles wholesale come from vendors who understand what they’re speaking about, not just websites with images of models. Furthermore, over half of the world’s population uses social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter a natural place to reach new and highly targeted potential customers.

Pay attention to the validity of the vendor’s website and social media information. They have spent more time mastering their industry knowledge if they seem very competent. It demonstrates that they are taking their hair business seriously. 

Pay attention to the validity of the vendor’s profile. Sources : creatives

3. Become acquainted with the selected vendors

After you gather the hair sellers’ contact information, start sending an email or call them and check if they can cater to your needs. If you see any potential problems like non-responsive vendors, sloppy websites, or sellers promising more than it seems feasible, you might have to pass them on to someone else even if the prices are high. It can save you much difficulty. You will avoid the headache of missed orders or not getting your chosen products.

Having a strong relationship with your vendor can prove to be beneficial in numerous ways. Establishing and maintaining a strong vendor relationship is important to customer service, quality, cost efficiency, and market development. 

4. Read the fine print before signing the contract.

Getting to know your vendor is a convenient way to understand more clearly about the contract. Every company has a fine print that you need to check constantly. These fine prints are the real deal maker or a deal breaker. This is where the company puts all the “catch” when you place an order with them.

For example, the landing page of the vendor’s website says 100% money-back guarantee, but in the fine print, it might say 100% money-back guarantee IF you return the item within five business days.

The fine print holds the details, conditions, and terms – which means that the terms of the deal can’t be hidden in tiny font. It’s important to read and understand the fine print.

Read the fine print before signing the contract

5. Remember to ask for samples

Before officially importing hair from the vendor, ask for a sample if you can not visit their warehouse or the company. This is a trick to know if a vendor’s sales and marketing is similar to their product.

Also, you’ll find out their delivery policy, and how they use the packaging materials for each product so that it reaches the customer intact and in good condition.

Remember to ask for samples

6. Flexible payment plans and channels

After all, payments also play a crucial role in the overall customer experience, but they can sometimes be an afterthought. However, investing in a flexible, customer-focused bill payments experience can help businesses get paid faster, reduce the risk of bad debt, and adapt quickly to changing customer expectations.

Flexible payment is the final step of “how to find a good hair vendor”

Final thoughts

In conclusion, finding a good hair vendor requires knowledge, patience and risk-taking characters. If you are looking for a reliable hair vendor, no matter if you are newbie in the hair business or a hair stylist, hair store owner or you are doing virgin hair online business, Jen Hair will be always at service for you.

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