How to dye a wig? A guide for both human and synthetic wigs

Are you feeling bored with your current hairstyle? Do you desire to express yourself through different hairstyles with a series of hair colors? But have you managed to find ways on how to dye a wig?

Don’t panic because we are here to help you seek the solutions to dye a human hair wig and dye a synthetic wig. Are you afraid of encountering risks? In the following article, we will also show you a series of tips and recommendations when dyeing a wig.

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Can you dye a wig?

For those who use wigs, they will definitely want to renew their hair by dyeing a different color. However, can you dye a wig? Check out the details below!

Can you dye a synthetic wig?

Of course yes! With a synthetic wig, it is still possible to dye but the color will be accurate and irregular. It will be challenging to obtain the proper color if you dye it yourself at home. But if you are going to a salon, it would cost a lot more to dye synthetic wigs. To save money, you could choose a new wig with a suitable color rather than dyeing a synthetic wig.

how to dye a wig
How to create a wig by yourself. Source Cosplay Advice

Synthetic wigs are easier affordable than human hair wigs and are available in a wide variety of colors and traditional colors. The best thing to do if you are getting tired of the current wig collections is to get a new one in the color you love. However, if you want to do a quick DIY job and are prepared to take a chance on an old wig, keep following!

Can you dye a human hair wig?

Unlike synthetic wigs, you can easily dye your human hair wig. Human hair wigs can be colored to a darker shade because they are produced from 100% real human hair. We usually advise hiring a professional hairstylist to assist you with the dyeing procedure. 

But if you feel confident doing it, you can color your human hair wig at home. Dyeing your own wig the color you desire is more affordable and enjoyable!

How to dye a synthetic wig?

Maybe it seems confusing that you can’t dye a synthetic wig with regular hair dye, it’s totally doable. Follow these below steps to do it confidently.

how to dye a wig
Use a wide-tooth comb to smooth your wig. Source wikiHow

Step 1. Taking protective measures.

To avoid getting dye on your hand or your clothes, you could use some old clothes or an apron and put on a pair of disposable gloves. You can remove the dye from your hands easily by washing them with soap and water. To protect your floors, we also recommend you place newspapers all around your dye’s space.

Step 2. Mixing the dye

Mix alcohol-based ink and water in a 1:1 ratio into a spray bottle. Then, screw the lid on and shake it up so that the mixture inside is homogenized.

Step 3. Securing the wig

As long as they are light colors like white, pale blonde, or pastel, pick whichever wig you prefer. The dyeing procedure can be untidy, therefore pick a place where there are no valuables because it should be empty.

After putting the wig on a wig rack, set it down on a table covered in old newspaper or a tablecloth.

Step 4. Applying the dye

Use your hands to distribute the dye as much as you can after applying color in small parts to your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair from root to tip multiple times to ensure equal color.

You should wear old clothes because it will be impossible to prevent the dye from going on them throughout the dying process. Additionally, wear gloves when handling the dye to keep your hands clean and reduce mess.

Step 5. Washing your wig

After dyeing the wig, let it dry completely. This process can take an hour or more if your wig is too long or thick. Continue drying your wig if the color is still visible on your hands when touching. 

Once you are certain the hair is totally dry, rinse it with water until the color stops fading. 

Step 5. Drying your wig

Then, place your wig on a hanger or your head. Use hairspray in small sections, use a wide-tooth comb to keep your wig from tangling.

Finally, use the dryer at the lowest temperature to make it dry and style it as desired. Remember to set your dryer between 93 and 121 degrees Celsius to curl your hair. 

How to dye a human hair wig?

There are various wig coloring methods available, and each one has a unique charm. To help you get the most stunning results without causing any harm to your wig or staining your lace, we’ll guide you through each dyeing procedure in this section!

how to dye a wig
Custom your human hair wig at home. Source Cosplay Advice

Step 1: Preparing 

If you are going from extremely dark to light, which we do not recommend, you should bleach your wig before continuing with the other processes. We suggest consulting a qualified colorist if that is the case.

  • Choosing a dye color: Determine your skin’s undertones and select a hair coloring that matches your skin tone if you want a more natural appearance. For example, warm skin tones are suitable for gold and caramel hair tones, cool skin tones work well with blonde and yellow hair stones, and neutral skin tones look good with every hair color.
  • Mixing up the dye: In order to use permanent dye, you must combine the color with a developer based on the directions in the dye’s instructions. As a general rule, when using permanent color, combine hair dye and developer with a ratio of 1:1. You should stir with the tinting brush until the mixture does not lumps. If your hair dye has different directions, follow it. Remember to wear gloves during this step.

Step 2. Securing the wig

You need to place the wig on a stand and secure it with T-pins inserted into the stand inserted into the wig cap and the stand because it can help you work with the hair and maintain the wig’s shape and style. 

The wig may have dye dripping off of it. You can wrap the wig stand in a towel or plastic cloth to prevent stains on your chair.

Step 3. Applying dye on your wig

Make four buns on the wig using hair ties: 2 at the front and 2 at the base. This will make it simpler to handle while you brush the wig. If your wig is longer, you need to divide it into many parts which makes you feel comfortable handling the hair.

Apply the texture to a small part of hair by your fingers or dye a paintbrush. Try it out at an obscure location. Apply it to the remaining portions of the wig if you like the color. Try an alternative hair dye color if you don’t really adore it.

Most dye brands usually take about half an hour to an hour. You can wash it after the desired color is achieved. If you don’t have a wig stand, let the wig dry in the bowl while keeping it wrapped in plastic.

how to dye a wig
Make you more shining with the colorful wig. Source: Mayvenn

Step 3. Process and rinse your wig

Use a wash formulated especially for wigs made of human hair first. Before foaming the wig with shampoo, rinse off any excess dye with warm water. To prevent hair damage, please handle your hair softly and refrain from pulling.

Apply conditioner next to give your wig shine. Conditioners should not be applied close to the roots because they will harm the hair retainers. After that, rinse the conditioner off with warm or cool water as desired.

In order to eliminate extra water, gently squeeze your hair with a towel. Reattach it to the wig holder, then blow dry it in sections while using low heat. You can style your hair whatever you please while it’s drying.


1. Does it deserve to dye a synthetic wig?

A synthetic wig can be difficult to dye, and the method is not always successful. Even though the results can be very satisfying, we do not advise coloring synthetic wigs. 

Before deciding to dye a synthetic wig, you should think twice and visit a wide range of sources of information. Moreover, instead of this, you can choose to purchase a human hair wig to enjoy more different hairstyles without fear. 

how to dye a wig
Are you ready to change your wig color? Source: Lewigs Human Hair

2. What will happen if I dye a synthetic wig?

It is not advisable to dye synthetic wigs temporarily; instead of permanently coloring the strands. It can alter the nature and condition of the synthetic fibers that make up the wig in addition to providing a variety of effects. A synthetic wig that has been dyed is quite likely to sustain permanent harm, noticeably change in appearance and condition, and have a shorter lifespan. 

3. How many times can I dye a wig? 

For a synthetic wig, you can dye it up to 5 times. However, each time, the color can get darker. We advise against dyeing synthetic fibers, then bleaching or lightening them once more because this could harm the fibers.

For a human hair wig, if it is of the high-quality, it can stand up to 5 dye processes or more before becoming too damaged. The key to maintaining your wig’s quality is regular and proper treatment. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you can choose one of the methods listed above to transform your old hairstyle into something gorgeous and iconic. Along with ways of how to dye a human hair wig and how to dye a synthetic wig, we also illustrate some recommendations with the hope to help you avoid some risky cases.

Hope that through this article, you can dye your wig properly and own dazzling looks after applying these methods.

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