An amazing change with 22 Inch hair extensions before and after

If you are looking for longer and thicker hair quickly to go to events, meet friends and impress your lover. 22 Inch hair extensions will be the optimal choice as this is considered a pretty good length for any style of outfit.

However, you still can’t imagine how 22 Inch hair extensions look like When applying. Please refer to the following article: An amazing change – 22 Inch hair extensions before and after, we will help you see the difference.

What do 22 inch hair extensions look like?

The hair extensions of 22 inch are the most common length, and a natural length. These hair extensions are considered a long hair extension equivalent to 55.88 cm, as the hair extends to your waist or longer.

22 inch hair extensions before and after

These hair extensions will bring many surprises to you. Let’s say goodbye to short hair temporarily, you will transform into a stylish girl with 22 inch hair extensions.

22 Inches hair extensions: The characteristics

The 22 inch length is for average height customers. It makes you look more impressive, but still makes a dramatic change. When curling, it still retains the right length to help you look special, but the hair is still long and attractive. The hair length of the 22 inch hair extensions are equivalent to 55cm, but in terms of body proportions, it can be down to the down to your waist or longer.However don’t worry that length is proportional to weight, average can be 100-200g depending on how thick you want it to be

22 Inch hair extensions before and after

The change of 22 Inch hair extensions before and after the applying is that you will look more feminine, tender and elegant. These hair extensions with the length of 22 inch are becoming more and more popular and used by customers around the world regularly due to their moderate length and many attractive hairstyles.

With so many types of hair extensions on the market, surely the quality of hair extensions will be different. It is very difficult for users to imagine which type is right for them because they cannot imagine how 22 Inch hair extensions will bring about real changes.

Below we will mention the different kind of 22 inch hair extensions that make a further difference to your hair

 22 Inch clip in hair extensions

When talking about  22 inch clip in hair extensions, you may think it will have some lumps and bulges because these hair extensions are quite long and require a lot of hair extensions. But actually clip in hair extensions of 22 inch will give you a perfect change, your hair will be very smooth and silky with bounce

Clip in hair extensions of 22 onch are the perfect choices for those who want longer hair within minutes. After hair extension, the clips are not exposed. The biggest difference of this type is that you will have a longer and thicker hair as you want.22 inch hair extensions before and after

A huge difference of 22 Inch hair extensions before and after 

 22 Inch halo hair extensions

Halo hair extensions are one of the newest ways to add length and volume to your hair. Halo hair extensions is a simple one-step type to get longer and fuller hair. They’re perfect for first-timers and are simple enough for everyday use in just a few minutes. Instead of cropping or sewing into curls, the Halo extension rests gently on top of your head, secured with a thin string.

22 Inch halo hair extensions will transform thin to medium hair into a thicker and more natural look. This is the only hair extension that doesn’t stick to your hair. Here is the big change of  22 inch hair extension before and after from using this type

22 inch hair extensions before and after

22 Inch tape-in hair extensions

The tape-in hair extensions are a less damaging type because it’s light and doesn’t pull your hair to the point that it could cause hair loss. Removing  tape-in hair extensions is quite easy and does not affect your real hair.

The tape-in hair extensions is reusable, once removed you can replace it with a new and reusable tape. After you have 22 Inch tape-in hair extensions , you can style it as you like with braids, ponytails or any hairstyle you want.

The results of before and after hair extensions using this type make a magical difference. let’s have a look:

22 inch hair extensions before and after

Do you want to try when you see 22 Inch hair extensions before and after?

22 Inch sew-in hair extensions

The 22 inch length using this type for hair extensions is perfectly suitable. 22 Inch sew-in hair extensions will also make your hair more beautiful and natural. Sew-in hair extensions of 22 inches is to create a connection for the real hair and the hair to be connected directly, the connection is a braid braided from two parts of hair with a rather soft and painless connection. Don’t worry too much that this type will not be suitable for 22 inch hair extensions, but It is sure that after you see the change before and after hair extensions you will be confident to apply this type:

22 inch hair extensions before and after

Where to buy 22 inch hair extensions?

Are you looking for  22 inch hair extensions that will bring you a natural thickness and shine? Currently, there are many hair extensions suppliers, but Jenhai is considered as the top quality hair extension address in Vietnam as well as has been strongly approaching the world market. Our hair extensions are perfect for bouncing your curls while remaining completely hidden in the hair. Made from high quality remy hair, our 22 inch hair extensions come in a wide selection of colors to match your hair for an incredibly natural look. Let’s discover a magical world of hair extensions by exploring the “Products” category on our website and you can find your ideal extensions from our collections. 

Final thoughts

For short-haired girls who want to have long and thick hair quickly to have a new appearance, 22 inches hair extensions are an effective way, because the 22 inch length is still suitable for almost outfits.Hopefully, the answers from Jenhair in the above article about the transformation of 22 Inch hair extensions before and after will help you prepare for the first hair extension. 

If you have any questions or would like advice on choosing hair extensions, let us know by contacting us or leaving a comment below.

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