All about 20 inch hair extensions before and after

How many times have you always wished to wake up the next morning with long, shimmering hair? Or do you want your hair to grow longer and thicker day by day? With 20 inch hair extensions, you only need a few hours to get an amazing change, but there are many things to keep in mind when using this method as well as not knowing what the actual hair extensions will look like. Try to read to the end of this article about the change of 20 Inch hair extensions before and after to imagine and apply to your hair!

What do 20 inch hair extensions look like?

20 inch hair extensions are said to be one of the suitable and great choices for you to look more attractive with this lifelike long hair. In fact, a 20-inch extension is waist-length, which means this 20-inch extension should reach your waist. Talking about the length will also depend a lot on the style of your hair extensions, wavy curls will be shorter by 3cm to 4cm

20 Inch hair extensions: The characteristics

Normally, a 20 inch hair extension will have a length equivalent to 50 cm. This is the right length if you want to increase the look of gentleness but still stand out. In addition, weight of  20 Inch hair extensions may vary according to quality or different products by 20 inch hair suppliers. On average can weigh from 100g to 300g

20 Inch hair extensions before and after

20 Inch clip in hair extensions

When you apply the way of clip in hair extensions, your hair extensions will still look very natural as the sections are cleverly hidden, your hair will be noticeably thicker. Actually, It make a big difference. 

Clip in 20 inch hair extensions are hair extensions that are attached at the base of your natural hair and then secured with small clips. Clip-in 20-inch hair extensions are a popular choice for their easy implementation. Thanks to this temporary attachment, customers with 20-inch hair will spend less time and effort in styling and care.Let’s take a look this amazing change below:

20 inch hair extensions before and after

20 Inch hair extensions before and after is a big change 

20 Inch halo hair extensions

The hair will be perfectly hidden compared to other methods. Real hair and hair extensions will merge into one. These hair extensions will let loose naturally, look sharper and definitely thicker than before without anyone knowing you’re getting them.

Halo hair extensions attach to your head with a string, so no clips, tape, or glue are needed to hold the halo extension to your head. Since the hair is held in place with a wire, there is no risk of hair loss. 

If you are wondering about how 20 inch halo hair extensions look, let’s refer to the difference of 20 Inch hair extensions before and after below. Your hair will look natural, with just the right length, but people won’t know you’re wearing extensions

20 inch hair extensions before and after

There is no risk of hair loss with 20 Inch halo hair extensions

20 Inch tape-in hair extensions

The 20 Inch hair extensions by using this method will not be easy to see because the hair appearance is very natural. It will make a big difference in length, thickness and give your hair a new style

If you are looking for a simple hair extension that can be done quickly in just a few hours, then the tape is just what you need. Each hair extension comes with 2- or 1-sided tape to match its size. Sticky hair extensions are very easy to do as no heat or other tools are required. The 20 Inch hair extensions after will create a transformation for your whole body, maybe you will look more feminine or attractive. Below is the actual photo:

20 inch hair extensions before and after

Tap-in ​​hair extensions

20 Inch sew-in hair extensions

This is one of the perfect methods, because 20 Inch hair extensions before and after will make you so gorgeous, it will look so bouncy and thick. This method has no gaps between the joints, so 20 Inch hair extensions before and after is very natural. People with short and sparse hair should choose this method. It helps to increase the thickness of the hair. 

Your real hair will be braided into a small horizontal braid close to the scalp. Then they will braid the real hair and wig together. If needed, hair extensions will also use specialized glue to increase certainty. This method does not require heat or specialized glue, thus reducing damage to your hair. You can see this image below to see a huge face change after applying these 20 Inch sew-in hair extensions

20 inch hair extensions before and after

Where to buy 20 inch hair extensions?

Jenhair is proud to be a distributor of remy hair. Our hair is totally  gathered from Vietnamese ladies, so the quality of the hair is always guaranteed. To find and order 20 inch hair extensions in various designs, you can contact us to find the best match.

Jenhair’s vision is to bring Vietnamese products to the world and export made-in-Vietnam branded hair extensions, so we always strive to bring quality products and perfect service to customers

Final thoughts

20 inch hair extensions have been and continue to be a popular beauty trend. Because this is a common length and easy to apply. To make the best decision, weigh all the benefits of the hair extensions methods listed above for 20 inch extensions. This will assist you in getting naturally beautiful 20 inch extensions. 

Hopefully you will have a new and more suitable choice in the process of choosing the right 20 inch hair extension. Don’t forget to contact us immediately when you have any questions

For now, If you haven’t chosen a suitable style for yourself, you can visit to find suitable 20 Inch hair extensions




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