How to curl hair extensions? 3 Fastest ways to do

One of the perks of hair extensions is being able to create different hairstyles. You can curl, straighten and even dye it. Among them, the curly hairstyle is a popular extension style favored by many women, because it will make the hair attractive, bouncy and cover the joints, bringing softness and naturalness to the part. hair extensions. 

However, going to a hair salon probably won’t fit your budget, so you should read this post: How to curl hair extensions, this will help you own an impressively beautiful and bouncy hair like your wish!

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Which type of extensions can curl?

You really want to have a wavy curly hair extension, but do not know if the type of hair extension you are using is suitable for curling or not? The answer is yes if your hair extensions are high-quality hair extensions from real hair and must be very strong, have the effects of chemicals to a minimum. Low-quality extensions are extremely sensitive to heat and can be damaged instantly if you use a hot curler, or even just use a roller. If you try to curl your synthetic hair extension, it will basically become mushy and break, you will damage the extension and waste your money.

3 Fastest way to curl hair extensions

Using the hair rollers to curl hair extensions

The method below won’t damage your extensions and doesn’t require any expensive equipment or products. This can be said to be the fastest way to curl your extensions

You need to prepare: your hair extensions, hair rollers, crocodile clip, comb specialized for combing hair extensions, hairspray.

Step 1: Separate the hair extensions. Take one of the sections and comb it through making sure there aren’t any tangles. Hold it in place by clamping on the cabinet jam to hold your hair extensions firmly.

Step 2. Take a section of hair and twist it around the roller, starting at the ends of the hair extension. You should curl small parts, don’t be greedy to curl too many extensions in the same batch

Step 3: Use a clamp on the top of the roller and use a layer of hairspray, spray it on the hair roller.

Step 4: Repeat with different sections of hair. Leave it on for at least a couple of hours as soon as the hairspray is completely dry (usually about 30 minutes for it to dry completely).

Step 5: Remove the clips and hair rollers and carefully pull out the hair from the roller. Don’t pull too hard or you will mess up your curls

Step 6: You can spray hairspray on the finished hair extensions. You can twist them with your fingers to create more natural looking waves. Then simply attach the hair extensions to your hair.

how to curl hair extensions
Using the hair rollers is common way to curl the hair extensions


  • Do not wrap too much hair around each roller. For long or thick extensions, curl smaller sections.
  • Small rollers are recommended to create a tighter curl.
  • This method only works well on dry hair.
  • Removing the curler requires more care than ever – pull it out gently instead of pulling it out forcefully.

Using heat and hairpins

This is a method of using heat and hairpins to help hair extensions when permed to stay for the longest time. However, you should not abuse the temperature to curl your hair, you should keep the temperature at an average level to both effectively curl your hair extensions and protect your hair extensions.

Step 1: Turn on the curling iron to medium temperature

Step 2: While the curler is heating up, comb through your extensions to make sure there are no knots and tangles.

Step 3:Take your first extension of hair and prepare it for curling. The best way to keep your curls in place while styling is to use a hanger, which will hold your hair securely.

Step 4: Next, spray over the heat protectant and take a piece about an inch wide to wrap around the curler.

Step 5: Hold for 5-8 seconds before releasing the hair and sliding the curler out of the curls.

Step 6: To keep your curls in place day and night, spray a light mist of hairspray and secure hair in place with bobby pins.

Step 7: Let the hair extensions cool down for at least half an hour, but overnight is ideal for best results!

Step 8: Once it’s cooled down, you can gently brush it with a wide-tooth extension comb and finish off with a bit of light hairspray!

how to curl hair extensions
Using heat and hairpins is one of the best ways to curl hair extensions

Using the pin clips to curl your hair extensions

Curling hair with pins is one of the very simple ways with just a few tools such as pins and hairspray. You won’t have to use any heat-related tools. This will help protect your extensions to the maximum while still creating your favorite hair extensions.

Step 1: Divide the hair extensions into small sections. Use hairpins to keep other sections of your hair out if your hair is already attached in the head.

Step 2: Thoroughly comb the hair with a wide comb specially designed for hair extensions. Make sure there are no hair knots.

Step 3: Apply conditioner to the hair. All sections of the hair should be coated in hair conditioner, but not too much, making sure the hair is still damp.

Step 4: Take the wet hair and start wrapping it around the hair with a finger curled up to the hairline.

Step 5: Secure curled hair with pin clips.

Step 6: Repeat this process for all other extensions.

Step 7: If possible, you can attach hair extensions to your head and use a headscarf when you sleep through the night.

Step 8: The next morning, remove pin clips. Be careful and gentle when you remove pin clips.

Step 9: Spray hairspray on your hair.

 Step 10: Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb the curls

how to curl hair extensions
This method is so simple to do

Final thoughts

Curling hair extensions requires a little more time and effort than natural hair, but it will give you the glamorous bouncy hair you want! With the simple steps above about how to curl hair extension, you can get a gorgeous curly hairstyle whenever you want!

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