Elevate Your Look with the Timeless Appeal of 16 Inch Hair

The current hair fashion trend is for lengths of 16 inch hair or more. Because of its attractive natural appearance and simplicity of style, this hair length seems to be beloved by many women around the world.

If you’re curious about 16 inch hair looks and whether they’d be a good fit for you, this is the perfect guide! Jen Hair will not only tell you how long it is visually but also what hairstyles would look best on it, so you know what looks to try on first.

Let’s not waste any more time and get started right now!

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How long is 16 inch hair?

A 16-inch hair is equal to 40 centimeters, according to the hair length chart. But what does 16 inches of hair look like? To make it simpler to picture, 16-inch straight hair often stretches across the chest and over the shoulder and falls to mid-back and armpit. With a length between 14 and 16-inch hair, you may style it in a nice and tidy medium-length cut.

Even if you don’t wear your hair straight, for instance, a 16-inch of curly hair, will still reach at least the peak of your shoulders (or what we often call the collarbone length).

How long is 16 inch hair?
16 inch hair is over the shoulder. Source: Outside the Box

What hairstyles are best for 16 inch hair?

1. The bob haircut

16 inch hair
Selena Gomez’s in the bob haircut. Source: HelloGiggles

This hairstyle is ideal if you want to maintain a low-key appearance while yet being fashionable. Moreover, the bob haircut is always a good choice for those with 16-inch long hair. The layers and soft waves mimic a natural wavy texture, creating a casual look that works for any event. 

2. The side-parted bob

Curly hair is beautiful and should be celebrated, and a side-parted bob is a perfect way to do just that. The separation can be subtle or dramatic, depending on how much margin you want to give the opposite side. The divided bob draws attention to one side of the head, making it a great choice for highlighting 16-inch braiding hair, an undercut, or just your best side. 

And the best part of it? If you wake up with a horrible hair day, all you have to do is fetch some water and shake it off; your hair will appear as if you just left the salon!

16 inches of hair
The side-parted bob is a trendy hairstyle. Source: Glamour

3. The silk press

16 inch hair length
A silk press look. Source: Black Beauty

If you like 16 inch braiding hair but don’t want to damage it with heat, a silk press is a great option. Actually, this hairstyle was inspired by the well-known actor Zendaya when she first featured it on the red carpet!


1. Is 16 inches hair short?

No, it isn’t. The 14 and 16 inch hair length is likewise considered medium. This is the perfect length of hair for most people. It’s the ideal length for hair that’s somewhere between short and long.

2. How long does it take to grow 16 inches of hair?

Many, many factors can delay or speed up the process of hair growth. For instance, If you compare the follicles of curly and straight hair, you’ll see that straight hair grows significantly quicker. However, on average, a month is enough time for hair to grow by around half an inch. So, 32 months are equal to 16 inches.

When time is of the essence, hair extensions might be a great solution. Any length between 2 and 16 inch hair extensions will do as long as it complements your natural hair.

3. Can hair grow 16 inches in a year?

A reasonable rule of thumb is half an inch every month, so you can roughly predict if you will attain the target length within the allotted time frame. For instance, if your hair is currently about 10 inches long, there is a reasonable probability it will be 16 inches long by the end of the year. If you want your hair to grow quickly, 16 inch hair extensions can do the trick just fine.

4. 16 Inch hair vs 18 inch hair: What’s the difference?

When you have short hair, 16-inch strands will be less of a hassle to deal with and yet look great. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to shorten it. It’s also not a good idea to wear them if your hair is longer than shoulder-length.

On the other hand, 18-inch strands will look great with long hair and help bring out its natural texture and shine. If you don’t style the strands nicely, though, they may stick out like a sore thumb and seem unnatural.

Final thoughts

To sum up, the length of 16 inch hair is often excellent for creating a broad variety of looks, from sleek and fashionable to dramatic. In this article, we have gone through what you can expect to look like with this length and help you decide on a suitable style. We hope that you have found it helpful!

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