Top 3 best wholesale hair vendors in Michigan

There are many hair dealers in your region because of the wig and extension market’s rapid rise, and any of them can be a potential wholesale hair vendor for your business.  If you want to  stay on top of your game, here are our top 3 picks for wholesale hair vendors in Michigan that you can take the sources from. Let’s find out now!

What you need to know about wholesale hair vendors in Michigan

Since hair is a necessity today, wholesale hair vendors in Michigan often gets it from a number of places all over the world to lower the cost with higher quality. In particular, nany wholesale hair distributors in Michigan get their hair from countries in Asia, South America, and Europe, as well as other regions, and from countries with a strong tradition of hair production, such as India, China, and Brazil. Among them, Asia is the major originated places, because:

  • They have a large supply of high-quality hair: Many countries in Asia have a strong tradition of making hair, and many people in these countries have good hair.
  • The input cost is competitive: In Michigan, people who sell hair products can import hair from Asia. This allows them to sell more products at a lower price and meet the demand.
  • They adapt customer demand well: Some hairdressers will only sell hair from certain countries because that is what their customers want.

Top 3 wholesale hair vendors in Michigan

1. Lee Beauty & General Merchandise

Lee Beauty & General Merchandise is on the list because they are one of the rarest suppliers in Michigan that sells premium items with reasonable costs, along with quick shipping, and first-rate customer service. They are a premier customer-focused business that competes in both domestic and foreign markets. 

Up to date, Lee Beauty & General Merchandise is one of the most reputable hair suppliers in Michigan and in the world because of its extensively credible reputation in the hair industry. The company has partnerships with people in the United States, Nigeria, North and South America, and Europe. With its top-notch and unmatched quality goods, Lee Beauty & General Merchandise undoubtedly meets the needs of its clients, thanks to its strong position in the market.

wholesale hair vendors in michigan
Lee Beauty & General Merchandise sells premium hair at low price. Source: Lee Beauty & General Merchandise

2. J.C Hair Factory

This Chinese hair business – J.C Hair Factory, has been operating for 20 years, and it is presently ranked as one of the most successful companies on the list of virgin hair merchants. Their field of expertise encompasses a wide variety of hair types, including Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian hair, and in a diversity of styles.

In order to provide every aspiring hair merchant with assistance, J.C. Hair Factory reimagines the traditional sales method: They avoid depending on intermediaries as much as possible and instead offer their products straight to the end users directly. Thus, it is not hard to understand why J.C has always been the favourite of all time!

wholesale hair vendors in michigan
J.C Hair Factory is one of the credible virgin hair vendor. Source: J.C Hair

3. SGI Hair

SGI Hair is best known for having some of the greatest weaves and extensions made from raw human hair. They obtain hair mostly from South India, Europe, the United States of America, and Chennai, which is located in Tamil Nadu.

They have a wide variety of hair extensions, including lace closures, raw frontal, tape extensions, clip-ins, and raw human hair weaves. In addition, they provide styling solutions for hair that are designed to last longer, give you the best possible experience when it comes to fashion, and offer you excellent customer service. What’s more? They are one of the rarest that produce hair for both men and women!

SGI Hair sells wigs and hair extensions for both men and women. Source: SGI Hair

What’s the other choice for Michigan hair vendors?

Thanks to the high quality of Vietnamese hair, Vietnam manufacturers are where wholesalers get the majority of their wigs, with benefits like numerous hairstyles, a variety of basic hair hues, affordable costs,…

If you are a seller who wants to expand your market and want to find other best choices aside from Michigan hair vendors, Jen Hair is the most suitable match that you should take a look at! 

From a tiny hair-buying establishment to the present, Jen Hair has expanded and exceeded expectations to become the largest hair supplier in Vietnam. Known for being a source of the greatest hair products available, Jen Hair’s hair extension products have been available on the market and are favored by well-known hair salons and department shops in many countries all over the world, including Europe, North America, and South America.

wholesale hair vendors in michigan
Jen Hair supplies a wide varieties of hair extensions with high quality

Choosing Jenhair will prove to be among your best options ever, because:

  • Quality paper-based guarantee: Jen Hair’s reputation for reliability in terms of product quality, return policies, costs, and delivery schedules are all paper-based that you can always rest assured of their professionalism.
  • Rapid shipping: Jen Hair works closely with all major shipping providers and be their best partnership, including DHL, FedEx Express,… to achieve the fastest shipment speed even to the global customers.
  • Affordable wholesale price: Regardless of destination, Jen Hair provides the best cost for all wholesale vendors globally that it is always worth it to import hair from them and make more profits out of it.

Final thoughts

To sum up, this article has provided you with the top 3 wholesale hair vendors in Michigan that should assist you in making the best decision possible if you decide to purchase hair from a vendor.

Hope you have found it to be helpful, and if you have any inquiries about wholesale hair suppliers, do not hesitate to comment below, and we are always at most welcome to help!

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