Human hair weave: Which human hair is the best?

With the development of society, people’s beauty needs are increasing day by day. Therefore, the hair industry emerged as a trend and meet everyone’s needs. One of the most outstanding products in the hair industry is human hair weave. And because of the big demand of the market, there are many countries in the world famous for exporting this item. So do you know which human hair is the best? Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, India, or Vietnam, etc? This article will help you answer the above question. 

Difference types of human hair

First of all, let’s take a look at the characteristics of some of the most famous human hair types in the world:

Vietnamese human hair weave 

For a long time, Vietnamese women have been famous for their black, long, smooth, natural and unprocessed hair. This is considered the highest quality natural human hair. Vietnamese human hair is appreciated for its shine, strength and quality.

Vietnamese women take care of their hair very carefully. Besides chemicals such as shampoo and conditioner, they also use natural ingredients to wash and care for their hair. Therefore, you can be completely assured that Vietnamese human hair is always healthy and has the best quality on the market.

With Vietnamese human hair weave, you can do a lot of styles: bleaching and dyeing (from easy colors like brown to hard colors that need to be bleached like blonde), making bone straight, making curl wavy, etc and still ensuring the quality of human hair.

which human hair is the best
Weave hair from Jenhair

Brazilian human hair weave 

Brazilian human hair weave is considered the most famous hair type in the African market because it suits the preferences, appearance and natural hair characteristics of African girls.

In general, Brazilian human hair has a natural curl, strong and shiny. The natural color of Brazilian hair is also black and you can easily style it into wavy curl hair or bleached and dyed hair. Wavy curly style is probably the hairstyle that people do the most with Brazilian human hair.

Brazilian human hair weaves
Brazilian human hair weaves

Indian human hair weave 

Indian human hair weave is considered as the thickest hair type in the hair world market because it has a very natural texture that is suitable for every girl all around the world. Indian natural human hair is one of the best human hair weaves if you are looking for a versatile and flexible hair type for styling. It is mostly silky and coarse in texture and has a natural luster. 

People love Indian natural human hair for its bright colors. This hair type can be made easily to give a wavy, curly, bone straight or natural straight look. Originating from India, this hair type is the most popular and readily available. They are naturally dense and have a plump feel. They are considered as one of the best human hairs.

Indian human hair weaves.
Indian human hair weaves.

Peruvian human hair weave

Right from the name, the origin of this hair is told to us – this type of human hair is collected from natural hairs of Peruvian girls. If Brazilian human hair weave is very popular with African girls, Peruvian human hair weave is loved and bought by American girls of African descent.

This hair type is the perfect combination of coarse natural texture but still feels soft, comfortable and natural. Because of its coarse texture, Peruvian human hair will create volume, making the hair look thicker, more natural. Some people comment that it is a combination of Brazilian and Indian hair, making it a top choice in the world hair market. Peruvian human hair is naturally black, dark brown, and light brown. With hair quality and natural features, you can style it easily, as well as bleach, dye or make wavy curly hair. 

Malaysian human hair weave 

Along with Vietnamese human hair weave, Malaysian human hair weave comes from South-East Asia. With the soft, thick and airy texture, this hair type is an excellent choice for women that are looking for silky and good hair texture. They are easy to style and have a natural shine and luster to the hair. They are thicker, heavier, softer than Indian hair, so it will give you a complete look. 

Wavy curly Malaysian natural human hair has a different texture and can easily keep the curls for a long time. This hair combines well with a more relaxed hair texture. This hair is also very economical because of its short use. It can lose the shine after a few washes, but the thickness still prevails. Its natural color is available in black and brown, likely Vietnamese human hair. 

Malaysian human hair weaves.
Malaysian human hair weaves.

Eurasian human hair weave

Eurasian human hair comes from individuals with a mixture of Asian and European origin. Despite this hair type is very rarely found, it is thick, smooth, and best suited for fine relaxed hair. It has a natural luster and suits most African American hair types.

Although there are many types of human hair weave, each with its own personality characteristics, there are basically a few notes on how to care for them:

  •  Washing hair with sulfate free shampoo and remembering using moisturizing conditioners
  •  Combing your hair by paddle brush or wide tooth comb
  •  No using too much of oils on your hair
  •  Consulting with a professional before using chemicals on your hair
Eurasian human hair weave
Eurasian human hair weave

Which human hair is the best?

Among so many types of hair on the market, do you wonder which human hair is the best? From my point of view, The answer that we suggest to you is Vietnamese human hair. 

Vietnamese natural human hair is one of the best quality human hair on the hair market that comes from Vietnam. The high-quality hair strands are the result of the kind of diet and hair care that Vietnamese women do every day. Many Vietnamese women love growing their hair very long and natural, without using too many chemicals or styling with heat. Thanks to that, Vietnamese human hair is silky, shiny, raw, and unprocessed. 

Vietnamese human hair is very rarely found because of its thick and raw texture, but it can be styled to all kinds of hairstyles. Almost all Vietnamese human hair is healthy and durable, you can use it for up to 2-3 years or even 10 years or forever if you take care of it well. You also can find luxury hair or baby thin Vietnamese human hair, but that is rare and there aren’t too many. 

Where to buy Vietnamese human hair?

After determining that Vietnamese hair is the type of hair you should buy, another problem appears is that in Vietnam there are many hair companies, so where should you buy to get the best Vietnamese human hair?

We would like to introduce to you Jenhair  – one of the biggest hair companies in Vietnam. Jenhair supplies 100% natural human hair with best quality grade 12A. Raw hairs are collected from mountain girls with very long, healthy, unprocessed hairs then classified and tested one by one bundle to make raw materials for products such as colored hair, bone straight hair, curly wavy hair, etc. Besides, Jenhair has 2 large factories with an area of ​​up to 4000m2 with a strong team of experienced workers, so it can supply 10 tons of goods a month. And most importantly, Jenhair offers the best quality hair at the best price in the market. So don’t hesitate to contact Jenhair today to get advice as well as buy high quality products at the best prices.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, one of the best natural human weaves is the Vietnamese natural human hair thanks to its flexibility and high quality. No matter which kind of hair extension you choose from natural human hair, you have to take good care of your hair so that it can be used for a long time. Combing your hair extensions gently by hands and wide tooth comb, and never sleep when your hair is still wet. You can use shampoo, condition, oil, serum, and other hair care products regularly to retain its natural texture, shine and beauty.

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