What is a Upart wig? The fabulous protective style

In recent years, it seems that more and more hair gurus appreciate how wigs enhance their appearance. As a way to satisfy the demands of beauty, scalp safety, and reasonable pricing, people often go for a protective and cost-effective hairstyle option.

For this reason, Upart wigs have obviously become one of the most popular products in the hair market. Moreover, both celebrities and beauty enthusiasts adore this hairstyle trend.

While most of us have probably heard of the term “Upart wig”, what is a Upart wig meaning? What are the characteristics of this kind of hair extension? In this article, Jen Hair will help you find out what a Upart wig is so you can achieve this flawless look.

What is a Upart wig?

Upart wig is the ideal transition style if you’re thinking of jumping into the wig game. It’s a kind of wig with a Upart opening at the top or side of the hair wig. As a result, you’ll be able to blend your natural hair with the wig and cover the extensions to achieve a more realistic hairline.

Since its construction creates the illusion that the hair grows on your scalp, a Upart wig is perfect for women who want a versatile hairstyle that can be worn for many different occasions.

what is a upart wig
A Upart wig is perfect for women who want a versatile hairstyle. Source: Alipearlhair

What are the characteristics of a Upart wig?

Different from the other kinds of wigs, Upart wigs have their own characteristics. They can be made out of human hair or synthetic hair, and each of these Upart wigs comes with a free wig cap and instructions on how to style it. 

It’s a fact that you can create thick, full hair in only 3 minutes with a Upart wig. As it has clips and adjustable straps on the back of the wig, you can secure your wig stably by clipping and adjusting the size to fit your head. Without glue application, your real hair will get no harm in no time.

Furthermore, because the Upart wig doubles as a protective style as well as being completely machine-made, the bulk of your hair is wrapped and hidden underneath the wig, which makes the wig cap breathable and comfortable.

Because Upart wigs come in many different colors and hairstyles, ensure that you choose the same color as your natural hair for the best look.

what is a upart wig
Upart wigs come in many different colors and hairstyles. Source: Elesis Virgin Hair

A Upart wig: The pros & cons

In every story, there are two sides to the coin. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. And so do Upart wigs. Although highly valued by many hair experts, Upart wigs also have their drawbacks. Let’s dig deeper into the pros and cons of Upart wigs.

1. The pros

Following the characteristics of Upart wigs, they are not only known as a great choice for anyone who wants to add some length but also brings a lot of benefits that not every kind of wig can support.

Non damaged

As Upart wigs are typically less tight, they are less likely to result in hairline thinning or breakage. In addition, because of the glueless application, Upart wigs are highly recommended for anyone who has sensitive skin or wants to avoid scalp damage. 

what is a upart wig
Upart wigs are recommended for anyone who wants to avoid scalp damage. Source: Unice

Easy to install and remove

Unlikely a glue-on lace front wig, the Upart wig is one of the fastest and easiest methods in the installation and removal processes. Within 3 minutes of working with the clips, you can take your wig on and off immediately.


Another pro of Upart wigs is that they are much more affordable than other types of lace wigs because they are non-lace wigs. For this reason, Upart wigs can meet the budgets of everyone without burdensome costs.

Comfortable wearing

As mentioned above, this kind of wig has a U-shape, which allows for free airflow, making it less sweaty, more breathable, and more comfortable.

Natural effect

Since the U-shaped part is constructed at the top of the wig, you can wear your natural hair through the leave-out area. As a consequence, you’ll be able to blend your natural hair seamlessly and cover the wig to create a more realistic hairline.

what is a upart wig
Upart wigs create a realistic hairline. Source: Fixxd Beauty Bundles

2. The cons

Purchasing a complete Upart wig can save a lot of time and money; however, each thing has two sides. Although Upart wigs have a ton of outstanding benefits, there are 2 drawbacks that still need to be considered:

Styling problem

Using heating tools to blend your hair with the Upart wig will help your hairstyle come up with a natural-looking effect. But if you constantly heat style your real hair and Upart wig, it can cause severe heat damage, breakage, and split ends.

Therefore, remembering to use heat protectant spray before styling and maintaining the hair after using heating tools is key.

Choose your size carefully

To satisfy customers’ demands, Upart wigs are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Therefore, you should ask the wig seller carefully and provide them with information about your head size and hair color to choose the most suitable wig. It will be the worst if you have to use a tight Upart wig, as that will cause scalp damage and hair loss.

what is a upart wig
Remember to use heat protectant spray before styling a Upart wig. Source: Elfinhair


1. How long does the Upart wig last?

According to hair experts, the longest Upart wig can last up to 12 months, depending on the wig material and the way you maintain it. Particularly, a human hair Upart wig can last up to a year, but the synthetic one will only last for six months.

If your scalp tends to get dry quickly and needs to be washed frequently, the wig will only last so long.

2. Can you sleep with a Upart wig?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to sleep with wigs since they can probably cause more hair breakage at night than during the day. On the other hand, although you can easily remove your Upart wig before sleeping, it’s possible to sleep with it with proper care.

Whenever you decide to sleep with a Upart wig, ensure that your real hair is braided down to prevent frizz, dryness, or split ends. Moreover, don’t forget to wear bonnets and other protective tools to protect the wig.

3. Does a Upart wig shed easily?

As the wig construction was sewed by hair weft on the lace cap, the hair wefts were double machine wefts, so Upart wigs normally won’t shed easily.

Upart wigs are typically more durable than their enclosed counterparts. With good maintenance, Upart wigs are very durable and strong. However, shedding of 4 or 5 hair strands is normal after a few wears.

what is a upart wig
Upart wigs are typically more durable than their enclosed counterparts. Source: Elfinhair

Final thoughts

Despite the fact that Upart wigs are not new products in the hair market, they have been highly ideal products due to what they can accomplish.

To sum up, Upart wigs are a protective style; they can promote hair growth and offer freedom to change hair without damaging it. Most importantly, Upart wigs can serve as a form of personal expression.

Now that we clearly know what is a Upart wig, Jen Hair hopes you find this article useful and keep following us for the latest hair news! Moreover, do not forget to like and share this helpful information with your friends!

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