How to remove glue in hair extensions? 5 Effective ways

If you’ve applied hair extensions or wigs, it is probable that you realize how essential hair glue is to maintain your desired haircut. Thus, are you also wondering how to remove glue in hair extensions? While hair glue works well for anchoring wigs and other hairpieces, it might be difficult to remove them when needed 

There are different options to solve this problem. Going to the hair salon to take out the glue of hair wefts is considered to keep it simple, but you may not know that you can easily learn how to remove it by yourself. This article will help you find out the best step-by-step ways to remove glue in hair extensions.

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What is hair extension glue made of?

Hair adhesive is made of various ingredients such as latex, keratin polymer, and acrylic.

There exist several kinds of hair bonding glue containing latex, which starts off as a viscous liquid but dries to have a rubber-like consistency.

Other glues are created using keratin polymer, which when heated, softens and becomes flexible before cooling and returning to its solid state.

The last bonding material that can keep your weave or extension in place for a long time is acrylic hair glue, which is usually utilized in fusion weaving.

Care is a must while removing any bonding agent that has been applied to your hair, regardless of the type.

how to remove glue in hair extensions
Hair extension adhesive. Source: Walmart

How long does glue removal in hair extensions last?

The hair glue removal process may take from 25 minutes to 1 hour. However, as frustrating as it might be, the answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. Every head of hair is unique. How long they last depends on the type of hair extensions you go for, the quality of the hair fibers in the extensions and the way you look after them. But in a general sense, these timeframes are reasonable.

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How to remove glue in hair extensions? 

Depending on the particular hair adhesive that was applied, it can be essential to test out various removal techniques. The sort of hair removal procedure that will work best for you will depend on the texture, type, and condition of your hair in its natural state.

Since there are so many choices, we’ve chosen to put them below in ascending order of product accessibility and ease. Now, let’s dive into some following methods of bonding glue removal in hair extensions.

1. Remove glue with acetone

Before beginning this method, you need to prepare 100% pure acetone, a cloth to take in all the excess spills and splashes and wear latex gloves to protect your hands.

Remove glue in hair extensions with acetone
Using acetone to remove hair extensions adhesive. Source: Lippiehippie

Step 1: Apply acetone

Pour the acetone carefully over the weft. Pay extra attention to areas affected by the glue. Acetone may dry out your hair, producing it to become brittle and break.

Step 2: Acetone incubation

Leave it in for a few minutes to break the bond of the glue. At first, the glue will become stiff and hard, then after that, you can take it off from the weft.

Step 3: Removing glue

Rub at the glue of your hair extension then it will gradually remove from the track. Use a bath towel to rub along the track gently to absorb excess acetone. Simply use your finger to take off the hardened glues from the weft because when it becomes stiff, it is much easier to remove by using your fingers.

Step 4: Hair care with conditioner

Because the acetone will make your hair extension dry, therefore, if you want your wefts to always be in good condition to reuse, apply oil or conditioner to your hair extensions to add more hydration and moisture to replace the loss.

2. Remove hair extensions glue with dish soap

One of the best remedies when removing hair extensions glue is using dish soap. You should choose from the best products on the market. Now, let’s continue with a step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Wet your hair

Soak your hair with plenty of warm water to saturate it fully.

Step 2: Shampoo your hair

Apply a certain amount of dish soap to your hair and take some time to massage it into all of the areas containing glue. 

Step 3: Hair incubation

Using a shower cap or plastic bag, cover your hair and allow the dish soap to sit for forty-five minutes, up to an hour.

Step 4: Get hair adhesive out

Rinse the dish soap out and use a comb to work out any glue that may still be stuck. Remember, don’t pull too hard as this may cause damage to your hair.

Step 5: Nurture your hair

When you feel that all of the glue has been removed, use your preferred shampoo and conditioner to clean and moisturize your hair.

3. Remove hair extensions glue with hair oil

Remove hair extensions glue with hair oil
Hair oil to take your extension out safely. Source: Elle

Except for acetone, dish wash, oil also is a great choice for you, such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond, olive, or baby oil.

Step 1: Apply hair oil

Apply a small amount of the oil of your choice to the weft

Step 2: Oil absorption

Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for about 30 minutes for penetration. 

Step 3: Rinse the glue off

Gently comb out the glue away from the track to avoid hair breakage or damage.

Step 4: Apply conditioner 

Wash and condition your hair when you completely remove the glue residue.

4. Remove hair extensions glue with hair conditioner

Remove hair extensions glue with hair conditioner
Hair conditioner for removing extensions. Source: InCountryValueOman

Hair conditioner is not typically recommended for removing hair extensions glue, as it may not be effective at breaking down the adhesive bond. However, you can still try this technique by using the best hair conditioner.

Step 1: Apply hair conditioner

Apply hair conditioner on your wet hair, paying more attention to the parts most affected by the bonding agent.

Step 2: Hair incubation

Using a shower cap or plastic bag, cover your hair and let it stay for about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Get rid of hair adhesive

Rinse it out and use a comb to eliminate any glue that may still be stuck. Repeat it until the glue is completely removed.

5. Remove hair extensions glue with bonding glue remover

Remove hair extensions glue with bonding glue remover
Hair glue remover set. Source: Joom

Hair glue remover is one of the most common choices for hair extension brands because it’s designed for removing glue from your hair strands.

There are also generic hair glue remover products that will work with any kind of bonding glue. These items are available at most pharmacy shops, salons, and beauty supply stores. Besides, you can order them in Amazon. For more, you should read this post: Best hair extensions glue removers

To attempt this procedure, follow the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the box. On the market, there are various hair glue removers.

The downside of this way is that it costs more than others and requires technical expertise in use which may cause challenges for beginners.

Final thoughts

With hair extension adhesive, keep your wig securely in place without worrying about your wig and still maintain your hair appeal. Nevertheless, the removal process takes much more time when you have no idea about its techniques and tips. Thus, we hope that by following the easy ways above, removing the traces of bonding glue from your natural hair now is a piece of cake. You can quickly release adhesives and minimize damage to tresses.

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