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Standard bleaching Vietnam virgin hair

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Standard bleaching Vietnam virgin hair

Our standard virgin bleaching hair is remy hair that has not been altered by chemical processes. They can be washed, styled, and dyed just like your own hair. Because of its superior quality, durability, and reasonable cost, Vietnamese virgin bleaching hair has quickly become a global favorite.

Name of Hair  Standard bleaching virgin
Material  100% Human Hair, Non-Processed
Texture  Virgin black hair
Type  Vietnam hair
Hair Grande  8A,9A,10A
Hair Advantages 1. 100% Human hair, Virgin hair, Remy Hair

2. Can be dyed, Bleached and Restyled

3. Soft and Smooth, No Tangling, No Shedding

4. No Chemical Processed, No smell

5. Keep wave after washing

Length  8-32 inch
Weight  100g each bundle
Place of Origin  Viet Nam
Payment  Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent
Delivery Time  7–14 days after payment received
Way of Shipping  UPS, DHL, Air Way, and Ocean Shipping
Supply Ability  5 tons per month

Why choose our bleaching Vietnam virgin hair?

According to many sources of research, both hair experts agree that bleaching hair that is not virgin (meaning hair that has previously been colored or processed) may result in irreversible damage. For this reason, our bleaching Vietnam virgin hair is an ideal choice for people who want to have a lighter-toned hair color but don’t want to damage their real hair.

Jen Hair’s standard bleaching virgin  hair is chemically unprocessed human hair that is collected from a single donor. The hair is gathered from highland women between the ages of 13 and 35 and has a healthy, shiny black effect. Vietnamese bleaching virgin hair is suitable for everyone, especially anyone who wants to change color or perm their hair. Currently, many women are using too many chemical-heavy products. Or they use heat-involving hair appliances that can damage the natural hair. With our bleaching virgin hair extensions, you will have a layer between your natural hair and the products or appliance, which can decrease the damage to your real hair.

In simpler terms, bleaching virgin hair extensions are ideal for those who are suffering from hair loss because they can add volume to the hair. Or who have thin hair naturally, bleaching virgin hair extensions will make it look thicker. More importantly, customers can use our extension products to change their hairstyle without actually cutting and changing their natural hair.

Standard bleaching virgin hair products from Jen Hair Vietnam

With six years of experience in the hair industry and an affordable price, Jen Hair is proud to become the most reputable human hair wholesaler in Vietnam. Our standard bleaching virgin hair products are sold by major hair salons and retail stores from Europe to North America and South America.

Our Vietnam virgin hair is all made with 100% human hair without being processed. The hair materials are collected from highland women, as they use natural hair care products like locusts and aloe to maintain healthy, lustrous hair. Jen Hair procures and manufactures hair extension products through our monopoly factory, which gives us complete control over the quality. Jen Hair pre-selects the absolute best quality hair before it’s sold to the rest of the world. Our bleaching virgin hair will last over 24 months and still remain manageable, lustrous, and strong if maintained properly.

In terms of hair color, there are plenty of options for customers. For both products, you can choose Vietnam virgin hair with natural color, two-tone color, highlight color, or mixed color. Additionally, you can choose a specific Jen color or Jen classic color. For more information about Jen’s hair color, visit the website https://jenhair.com/.

Moreover, the length of hair is available from 6 inches to 38 inches. When it comes to hair texture, you can opt for one among different types: full and thick, a few short hairs mixed, healthy, shiny, and soft. As you demand, the hair density can be 120%, 130%, 150%, or 180%. Your minimum order quantity for each product is 0.5 kg. If it is in stock, the delivery time will be 2 to 3 days. However, if it is customized, you need to wait for about 2–7 days until your products are delivered.

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  1. Elena

    This type of hair bleached to 60 is very beautiful. I will buy more to bleach to colors 10.1, 613 and see how it goes

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