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Luxury Color Bulk Hair #20c

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Choosing Luxury Color Bulk Hair #20c of Jenhair can make you younger and more attractive.

Why to dye your hair?

There is no doubt that your hair color plays an extremely important role in improving your appearance. And this is what drives the demand of hair dyeing, the process of changing your hair using a special liquid. Many people, on the other hand, still prefer their natural human hair because, according to them, what is natural is better than the things affected by human. However, it cannot be denied that there are many people look less beautiful and attractive in their natural hair.

The hair color #613C. 

When determining an appropriate hair color, there are several things to consider, including your eye color and skin tone. And, as you might know, the world of color is extraordinarily complicated. For the same color, light shade or dark shade has different effect on your hair and your appearance as a whole. When choosing hair color, you should consider what you want to accomplish and the duration you want it to last. If you are just confused choosing an appropriate hair color to suit you, why not going to find your desire?

Jenhair will grant your hair color wish

The hair color #18. 

The remy hair sold at Jenhair is not going through any process and is made of 100% human hair. For this high-quality human hair, you will pay the cost of $302 to $1,221 for each kilogram, depending on the size you wish. For the hair with virgin cuticles face the same direction, shed and tangle-free, this price is reasonable.

The hair length offered to this hair color of #613c is from 6 inches to 36 inches. The hair color sounds perfectly suitable for the one who loves natural beauty. Natural color, two-tone color, highlight color and mixed color are available so that you can make a wise choice based on your demand. What is more, you can choose the color #2, ##, #4, #5, #60,…or Jen classic color. All of them are ready for use, just with some clicks. Just visit the website Jen Hair to get what color you want.

The hair texture is just beyond your expectation: full and thick, a very few short hairs mixed, healthy, shiny and soft. The lace material and lace color that you can choose from include: Swiss Lace and Transparent, light brown, middle brown, dark brown. About hair density, this remy hair is customized to satisfy your demand, including 120%, 130%, 150% and 180%.

Jenhair has built a consumer-friendly website so that you can easily go to the web, choose the remy hair available here, add it to cart and wait for it to be delivered to your house. The excellent packaging of human hair at Jenhair has always pleased consumers. Your chosen hair color will be packed in a strong box in order to best avoid the damages due to shock and rough handling, which is extremely suitable for long-distance transport.

The delivery time is normally within 24 to 48 hours for products available in stock. If you want it to be customized, it may take a longer time of two to 7 days as it is not available and Jenhair has to process your order and manufacture it. About payment methods, direct payment has not been available yet. So, if you have demand for the best remy hair from Jenhair, your payment can be done through bank transfers, western union, money gram, master card, visa or PayPal.

The hair color collection contains:

The hair color #20C. 

The hair color #17C.


Who is Jenhair?

The hair color #8C.

Founded in 2017, just in 2 years, Jenhair has developed enormously and become a brand which is well known for its remy hair with diverse hair color. Jenhair was established and imposed the vision “Bring the top quality made-in Vietnam and made-by Vietnam products to over around the world, and become the leading export company in Vietnam”. With a determined and deliberate attempt by not only the CEO Hoang Hao Yen but also all the staffs, Jenhair is now one of the top companies in the hair industry in Vietnam. The website is now popular to both domestic and international consumers, accompanying the beauty of women all around the world.

If you are looking for a provider with remy hair products, Jenhair is obviously an ideal choice. With its wide range of natural hair color, Jenhair provides happiness and satisfaction to any consumers.

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    Fast delivery, good hair quality. Beautiful color, long lasting

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    very beautiful hair

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