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Embracing Timeless Sophistication: Standard #14C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk in Dark Brown

In the realm of hair hues that exude classic elegance, the Standard #14C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk stands tall with its captivating dark brown shade. A timeless color that embodies sophistication and versatility, it offers an ideal palette for various style expressions, ensuring a chic and refined look.

The Essence of Timeless Elegance

The #14C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk introduces a rich and luscious dark brown tone that emanates an air of understated refinement. This hue boasts versatility, seamlessly complementing diverse skin tones and fashion preferences. Whether aiming for a demure, everyday style or a glamorous, statement-making look, this color effortlessly adapts, making it a wardrobe essential for anyone seeking sophistication in their hair.


Unparalleled Quality for Unmatched Confidence

Crafted meticulously from premium Vietnamese human hair, this product promises uncompromised quality that surpasses expectations. Each strand embodies durability and a luxurious texture, providing a smooth and silky feel that enhances your confidence with every wear. The natural luster and manageability of this hair bulk empower you to explore a myriad of hairstyles, from sleek and polished to voluminous and elegant, all while maintaining its exceptional quality.

What Makes Standard #14C Stand Out?

  • Timeless Dark Brown Hue: Embrace a refined, dark brown shade that epitomizes elegance and adaptability in styling.
  • Premium Vietnamese Hair: Experience the superior quality of Vietnamese human hair, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.
  • Versatile Styling Palette: From casual to formal, this shade complements diverse styles and fashion preferences effortlessly.
  • Confidence in Natural Excellence: Revel in the assurance of wearing chemical-free, premium hair bulk with no unwanted odors.
There are many color bulk hair for you to choose in Jen Hair
There are many color bulk hair for you to choose in Jen Hair

Elevate Your Style Game with Standard #14C HUMAN HAIR VIETNAM_ COLOR BULK

Imagine the endless possibilities that unfold with the Standard #14C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk. Elevate your everyday style or delve into new, sophisticated looks that define your individuality. Whether it’s subtle changes or bold transformations, this shade empowers you to express yourself with confidence and timeless elegance.


The Standard #14C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk isn’t just another hair color; it’s a celebration of enduring sophistication. With its exceptional quality, luxurious dark brown tones, and adaptability, it becomes a canvas for limitless styling possibilities. 

Elevate your beauty to new heights with this stunning hair product that promises timeless elegance and confidence in every strand. Choose excellence, choose Standard #14C at Jenhair Wholesale – where quality and style converge effortlessly.

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